many people think its to forgive and forget.To me,I couldn’t say its that easy with the human flesh ifnot for the grace of God.
To say the truth,its easy to forgive but its not easy to forget at times,many people may do you wrong and you have nothing to than to keep him or her in mind or have the kind of hatred to the person.
I’ll like to share this,There’s this neighbor of mine,her name is Toluwani, she is a young girl of 18 years old,she lives with her mother but not with her father,even though her mother was there but she’s always busy,she had less time for her kids.
Toluwani does not like the way her mother remarry because her father death was only two month.Her father was complaining about her mother lateness that’s when they fought,father gives her mother a slap,when her mother had to run to get pestle in the kitchen( LET ME MAKE IT PERSONAL HERE)
I only heard Gbam from the sitting room
I couldn’t help myself, when I saw what happened, I saw my father in a pool of blood,my mum Was shedding tears like a baby.what will I say?,
My mother killed my father?
Ooh No!!
I can’t, I just had to keep was in the mid night so my mother had to lied that we are robbed.??

My father was taken to the mortuary only for my Mom to bring another man inside.that shows my mom already had him before my fathers death.I couldn’t help myself than to narrate this to on of my neighbor. She prayed with me and I left .
The man whom my mom bought started given me a serious problem at home.well,its none of my mom business because she wouldn’t believe me if I tell her.
It was a sunny day,when he came home and gave me hollandia youghurt.I was happy cos its my favorite, he said my mom sent him to me.I took it to my room and drank to my satisfaction, after some minutes. I felt dizzy,Thank God I have nothing to do
All I could do is too sleep in my was a ad incident when I woke up and find myself naked.
As I looked down,I found blood .I need no one to tell me what as happened, I cried bitterly,because have promised myself that my husband will disflower me.I went out to look for my step father but its a pity he’s not in.
That shows I drank an injected yougurt.
Two month later,I found out that m pregnant,my no beat he’ll out of me.
My step father who is responsible for the pregnancy beat me also and told my mom to send me away for lieing aqainst him.I was prisoned.ahh! Its a memories that can never fade.i spent. Five month imprisoned.I was released and went back home, my mom sent me back like a dog, my mom never remembered she gave birth to me,that shows she’s under a spell.I went out and worked.I later gave birth after 9 month.and my step father took my son away,ooh! I cried,only to hear the sad news that my baby died.
After 3 years, my mom came to me and ask for forgiveness, her husband too apologized (chapter close)
*Do you think Toluwani can ever forgive her mother with the cruel man?*
If yes,,can she forget?
If it we’re to b you in her condition, what will you do?
*Titus 3:3-for we ourselves also were sometimes foolish,disobedient, deceived,serving divers lust and pleasure,living in malice and envy,hateful ^4*
*But after that the kindness and love of God our savior towards man appeared.*
Uhmm!Grace of God* is needed .
*Drop your comment below*
*Can she forgive?if yes, can she forget.*

*©PRINCESS Adebola Paulina*

*@phikky4christ books201

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