Legs held down by my sight.
What I have seen made it heavy and it bits
Deep into my soul
Filled with lots of things like pepper soup bowl.
For my eyes have perceived how rotten I am
And my nose has seen a mystery.
*Capital D*


Who was there to give me bread,
While hunger rampages till I’m almost dead?
The world held it things to itself not ready to share
I begged, till I stopped and hatred became my dear.
I will spread my wings in the market square
Gather wind and make all fear.
*Capital D*


Insecure, the young lad is.
A raw hope of tomorrow is he.
With potential, so eager to prove,
But for criticisms, he’s got no love.
Ahead, destruction lurks,
And enemies at you will mock.


Stop !!! Oh Mirror of Erised!!!
The terror you reflect
Deflects my ambition ball
Why did no one tell me
That love is the key to greatness?
Please make this cup pass over me
I pray thy like Jesus.
*Capital D*


Lad, I tell you and I say again.
Beyond you is a golden land.
Where you’ll never see rubbles.
And you say bye to all struggles.
On the road to your destination,
Are obstacles to be conquered with determination.


Walking on the golden street like King Solomon
Will let no discouraging word hunt me while I move on.
My future is clear
The huddles u can bear
Since the end of the tunnel is near
Not human nor arrow of misdirection shall I fear
*Capital D*


I, the mirror of Erised,
The giver of the deepest innermost desires,
Stand before you as you view your future in full details,
The head I am and never once have I been derailed.
My words always hold water, never has it lied.
Just believe my word cause it has never died.


What say does the mud have when judged by the potter?
My destiny is set and made my default settings
Now I can see my real reflection
Who knows if the future ever change?
Who dare tell what tomorrow holds?
I know Erised’s mirror sees all.
*Capital D*


Take heart, brave and courageous lad.
The future holds a lot for all man. You, out there that are still contemplating,
Don’t be left out in this enlightening viewing,
To see what the future holds for you,
To make man a worthy and worthwhile soul.



Inspired by Harry Potter


*Duet by Mojisola Josephine and Capital D.*


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