A date with a poet
That born river of joy
On my dry hoping face.

Hmmm, it all started that day, on our first date , I was introducing him to my friends , they greeted him, and he was to reply,

*His response: “The world will laugh at you,*
*Even when enemies rock in Gucci,*
*You will defeat them unknowingly,*
*And own the world.*
*Your back, Your front*
*Will make sales in recession ,*
*Even when you are ugly.*
*Let us flow in the river of enjoyment,*
*And see where it Leads us.”*

My friends were surprised , they wanted to ask me what caused the scene but because my boyfriend was present, they had to abandon it indefinitely

Few minutes after, the most talkative one of my friends asked my poetic boyfriend what he sees in me that conclude his mind to date me?.

*His response:* *”Because of her name*
*My friends: Enitan?*
*My boyfriend: Yes Enitan*
*My friends: Hmmm”.*

My poetic boyfriend knelt before me and said:
*The one that has story to tell*
*Tell me the story*
*Hidden behind*
*The admiring beauty of yours*
*That clip my eyes to you*

*As your name claims*
*Tell me the story*
*Beyond what they will mock*
*And give me hope*
*That I am yours forever*

*As your name calls*
*Dash me some lines*
*Of your story*
*That I will reminisce*
*When the sun frown at me*

*I heard you are,*
*Abundant of untold stories*
*Come sit on my laps*
*And tell me the tales*
*That make heart rollicking*

*Enitan, Enitan,*
*Even when haters*
*Put on agbada of charms*
*I shall become tsunami*
*And ride them to hell*

*Enitan, Enitan,*
*The flowing river will never stop loving you*
*Even when it’s blocked*

*No matter how furious is lioness*
*My sheep will always sleep on her laps*

Now all my friends want to date my poetic boyfriend ,

*What am I going to do?*
*I want to own him alone.*
*I’m confused.*

*By Ajibade Abdullah Pentalk*
*Dec.3 2017*

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Author: Judaisky

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