episode 45

He released her from the hug feeling happy. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a packet of lollipop. “Here. Happy birthday”he said stretching it out to her. Hanna looked at him before receiving it”am I a kid? Why buying a bunch of sweets for a birthday present?”Hanna asked looking at him. “Today is the pretty girl’s birthday, so I bought the sweets she love. But I don’t think she like it today”daniel said smiling. Hanna now get she was the pretty girl he has been talking about. She thought it was another girl. She stared at him smiling”you mean me?”she asked him. “Yes you. I was referring to you.”he said smiling. “Wait and one more thing”he said and dipped his hand in his pocket again. Now he brought out a small box. He opened it and removed a silver leg chain from it. He bent down and put it on for her. Hanna smiled looking down at her leg. “Wow I love that. Thank you so much”she said smiling. Daniel took her hands smiling. “Will you be my girl?”he asked staring at her. “Yes I will”Hanna replied happily. He touched her chin lightly staring at her. Hanna was also staring at him smiling so happily He moved closer lifting up her shin. He pressed down his lips on hers and they started kissing.
After the party, Justin took Sarah in his car to drop her home, when they got to the car, he opened the door for her smiling. Sarah get in and sat on the seat”what a romantic boyfriend”she said looking at him. The door wanted to close but he drew it back looking at Sarah. They both bursted into laughter. He closed the door and turned to sit down. He sat down and put the seat belt on. “Oh am so tired”Sarah said looking stressed out. “Really? Oh sorry baby”Justin said patting her back. “I don’t know why am feeling so sick and tired these days. Could that be fever?”she asked looking at Justin.
He smiled and moved closer to her ear. “Or could it be pregnancy?”he said smiling. Sarah pushed his head away. “Are you kidding me? How could it be?”she said looking at him. “Please let’s go”she said. “Ok ma’am”Justin said smiling. He started the engine and they left.
When they got to Mr Robinson’s house, he stopped the car and Sarah got down. Justin also got down to see her off.”Goodbye”sarah said waving at him.
“OK bye. But wait”he said when she was about going. She stopped looking at him. “No goodnight kiss?”he asked looking at her. Sarah smiled and walked up to him. She kissed him lightly on his lips and waved her hand moving backward”goodnight. Drive carefully”she said looking at him. “Alright. Go easy with my baby”Justin said smiling. Sarah laughed on hearing that. She went on not looking back anymore. Justin went into the car and drove down the estate.
A year later, they graduated from school.
Without wasting much time, Sarah and Justin got married to each other. They were so happy the day finally came. It was a big wedding party. Friends and relatives were present on that day. Justin could be count as the happiest man on earth that day.
After five months of their wedding, Sarah and Justin could be seen standing at the balcony of there new home. The house was so big and beautiful. It was practically a mansion. Justin stood in a position he was hugging sarah from behind wrapping his arm around her body. The atmosphere was cool and refreshing. Sarah’s tummy has grew bigger due to the five months pregnancy on her. “The weather is so cool”Justin said looking around. “Uhm”Sarah nodded her head. “I think it’s making me more hungrier”Sarah said. “What? You’re hungry again?”Justin asked. She turned back staring at him. “Yes I am. I’m seriously hungry this time and I feel like eating pizza”Sarah said looking at him. “Sarah that would be the 7th food you ate this morning. Why? You’ll add more weight if you continue eating this way”Justin said holding her shoulders. “It’s not my fault. I think that begger here was the one eating it all”Sarah said pointing to her stomach. Justin looked At her stomach then looked back at her. “Do you just call my son a begger? Sarah stop blaming the innocent poor boy, he’s too tiny to eat all those food”Justin said looking at her. “Oh my tummy. Am starving”Sarah pretended touching her stomach. “Am sorry dear. I’ll get you the pizza now”Justin said reaching for his phone. He made a quick delivery on it through his phone. “Sorry how does it feel? It will arrive here shortly OK?”Justin said looking worried. He took her hand and they both went back in. Sarah smiled to herself looking at him as they left the balcony.


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