Episode 43

that’s what really happened on that day. Mr Robinson explained everything to them. It was then Sarah and madam Susan realized Mr Henry was not the one behind the incident. “That was how it happened. Mr Henry was not at fault”Rachel said looking at them.
“That day was the saddest day of my life as an attorney. What he really want from me was a file containing their corrupt and evil acts. I got that from a man working in their company. That file was the only solid evidence to reveal their acts. The man that gave it to me was murdered the following night. That man came to get the file from me and threaten to kill my family if I refuse to hand it over to him. I was so scared of losing my wife and son. So, I handed it over to him already. Just as he was threatening me with a gun, a sound came from behind and we both looked at the direction. To my surprise, I saw Rachel holding her phone standing by the door. He got so annoyed thinking she was taking pictures of us. He moved closer to her but I stopped him by holding his arm. He hit me until I was not able to move and went ahead going after Rachel.
After I heard Rachel got into an accident, i planned to reveal everything and report the case but they threaten to kill my family if I do. I decided to keep my mouth shut due to that. Am so sorry for been selfish, I only care about myself and family. With that, I kept the whole thing for the past 9years. I never reveal the truth because I don’t want to lose my family. Am so sorry for that. I hope you could forgive me.”he said feeling bad towards them. “It’s OK. It’s not your fault. Everyone would chose to keep the secret than to lose their family. You need to stop blaming yourself”Rachel said looking at him. “I think everything would be put back in places now that you woke up. The culprit has been arrested that was why I came back home. But the problem was there is no solid evidence to prove he’s guilty of the offense. They’ve took care of everything and gotten rid of every single evidence. Now I think he would be released in the next court if any solid evidence could not be provided.”Mr Henry said. “You mean a bastard did that to my wife? I promise he won’t get away with it. I’ll make sure he rot in jail”mr Robinson said looking angry. “There’s evidence. I would testify to what I saw in court. And the memory card…”Rachel stopped as she remembered she left it somewhere in the car. “Where’s the car I drove in on that day of the incident?”he asked Mr Robinson. “why? Its at the garage at home. Nobody rode in it since that day.”he replied.
“OK. There’s one more evidence there. The video I recorded on that day.”Rachel said. “That’s perfect. If we could provide the video of him threatening me and your testimony in court, That would be a very good evidence”Mr Henry said.
Three days later, evidence were provided and Mrs Robin was sitting on a wheelchair in court as she testified to what happened. The man and his accomplice were sentenced to life imprisonment. While Mr Henry was also blamed for keeping everything all this while. He was also sentenced to five months imprisonment or pay a fine of 500,000thousand dollars. He agreed to pay the fine while the men were taken to prison for their punishments.

The end…

Not now, what about Sarah and Justin?

At royal high school. Justin and Sarah were sitting beside each other on a bench holding hands. Sarah was resting her head on his shoulder. “Was that the reason why you acted that way towards me?”Justin asked. “Uhm. Am sorry for blaming it on you. I felt really bad because I thought our relationship can’t work if it really was like that. But thank God everything is revealed. I’m here right beside you”Sarah said smiling. “Am also happy things turns out well. Am really happy”Justin said smiling.
“I remembered when we first met. Anytime I think of those moments it always put a smile on my face.”Justin said smiling. “Those moments were so funny. Especially the day you came to the store.”Sarah said laughing. “Oh that day was so bad. I was sad and happy on that day. I was sad to lose the chance of seeing my mum and I was happy I got to meet someone like you. I fell for you at first sight. Even though our meeting was crazy and funny. I always find you amusing and cute. I never fell so much in love with a lady before but I think you’re special and different from all kind of girls. It was funny when I noticed I fell for you. I think fate brought us together”Justin said smiling. “That’s true. I now believe in fate and destiny”Sarah said smiling. Sarah raised her head from his shoulder looking at him. “I love you Justin”she said staring at him. “Me too. I love you more than you can imagine”Justin said smiling. “In fact i can’t even wait for us to get married. I feel like living together with you already. Am looking forward to that day.”he said holding her hands. Sarah smiled looking at him. He kissed her hands smiling. Sarah looked around the compound and saw as students were moving around. She turned to Justin to remind him they’re in school and people might see them. “People mig…”Justin shut her mouth with a kiss. Students passing by started watching them. “Oh my God. That’s so cute”a girl said looking at them. Sarah smiled and kissed him back. After a while they stopped and saw as people were staring at them. “Oh my God. Am so embarrassed right now”Sarah said covering her face. “Come on, don’t be like that or you want me to do that again?”he asked laughing. “No. I can’t even raise my head up yet”Sarah said laughing.
Daniel and Hanna came to them holding some cards in their hand. They both looked up as they stood in front of them. Hanna looked at Daniel and he gave her a go ahead node. She removed two of those cards and handed them over to Sarah”here’s my birthday invitation card. I would really love to see the both of you present at my event”Hanna said smiling. Sarah received it wondering what came over Hanna to invite them to her birthday. “And am sorry for everything I’ve done to you in the past. Please forgive me and accept my apology”Hanna said looking at her. Sarah stood up smiling”I have forgiven you Hanna. Thank you for inviting us”she said and they both hugged each other. Daniel looked at justin nodding his head. Justin smiled to see the both of them getting back together.

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