Episode 42

After Mrs Robinson asked the question, Justin phone rang from his pocket. He excused himself to pick the call. After he left, Mr Robinson just realized Sarah was putting on the same Snickers and faze cap as Justin. Then, he sensed that something was going on between both of them.
Justin took the call as he saw it was his dad calling. “Hello dad”he said holding his phone to his ear. “Hello son. I just arrived at home”Mr Henry said. “Oh dad am at the hospital. Mrs Robinson just woke up.”he said to him. “Really? She did?. I’ll be right there now.”Mr Henry said sounding very surprised on the phone. Justin brought down the phone wondering why his father was acting that way.
Few minutes later, Mr Henry was at the hospital. He got to the Ward Mrs Robinson was. When he got in, everyone’s attention went on him. “I was about calling you”Mr Robinson said when he saw him. Sarah was staring at him as he came closer to her mum. Rachel looked at him and tears dropped from her eyes.
“Rachel. Am so relieved you woke up. I blamed myself all this year for your condition. Am so sorry for everything. Please forgive me.”he apologized as he got to her. Sarah got so angry to hear him say he was the reason of her condition. Justin was just confused to see his dad act that way. Mr Robinson was also confused. “What do you mean by that? Do you mean you truly caused the accident? Do you mean you made mum and I like this? How could you? What have we done wrong to deserve that?”Sarah asked almost in tears. “I never caused any harm to both of you sarah. My only fault and regrets were just that I couldn’t stop that from happening. Because of that, I was blackmailed by those people. They threaten to harm my family if I refused to do what they want.”Mr Henry said feeling sad and hurt. “But now that you woke up, everything would be put back in place because he has being caught.”he added looking at Rachel. “Mum I can’t understand any of his words. Can you explain what happened on that day?”Sarah said looking at her mum.
Rachel sighed looking at Mr Henry”what he said was true. It was never his fault. I know he wanted to protect me then but he has no power to.”
On the day of the incident..
Rachel left the house with Sarah to visit her friend Mrs Henry. She never told her she’s coming for a visit because she want it to be a surprise. When she got to Mrs Henry’s building, she packed her car at the garage and got down from it. She opened the door for Sarah to come down also. “Uhm my daughter is so cute” She said dressing her hair properly. She took her hand and walked to the building smiling.
When they got to the living room, Justin was watching cartoons. As he saw Rachel and her daughter, he dropped the remote and quickly went to hug her. “Oh that’s my boy”Rachel said smiling as she took him in her hand. Sarah quickly went to the couch as she saw the cartoon showing on the tv screen. “Oh I love sponge Bob square pants”she said smiling while watching. Rachel put down Justin and he also went to join Sarah. “I love it also”Justin said sitting beside her. “They’re so cute and adorable”Rachel said heading towards Mr Henry’s room as she brought out her phone to call her she’s here already.
When she almost got to her room, she heard Mr Henry’s voice talking to someone in his room. The door was not closed properly, so she peeped through the opened part wondering what’s going on inside. A man was inside with him, he was holding a gun at his head. “If you refuse to hand it over, your wife and only son would be in danger”he said in a harsh voice. There back were turned on her so they didn’t notice her peeping. Immediately she saw this, she gasped in shock covering the mouth with both hands. “I need to do something”she thought to herself shaking in fear. She unlocked her phone to call the police but her hand was shaking in fear. Her hand hits the video recorder button, and it started recording them. “If you don’t want to lose your family, hand it over now or they’ll die”he threatened. “OK. I’ll do that. Just don’t touch my wife and son. I will hand everything over to you”Mr Henry said shaking in fear.
As Rachel phone continue recording this, a message notification came in thereby making the man turn back. He turned back looking at Rachel as she held the phone up in her hand. His eyes went wild as he saw her. Mr Henry also saw her”rachel!”he called silently looking at her. The man smiled moving closer to her. Her whole body started trembling as he almost got close. She turned back to leave but her phone fell to the ground. “Don’t harm her please. I’ll sacrifice everything to you. please don’t touch her”Mr Henry pleaded. The man stopped and faced him”since she saw me, she can’t get away with it. She was taking picture of us”he said laughing. Before he could turn back to Rachel, she has left. The man wanted to follow her but Mr Henry held his cloth begging him to stop. He punched his face angrily telling him to let him go. He fell to the ground groaning in pain. “Please you guys can’t do this”he pleaded holding his leg. He kicked him off with his shoe in annoyance. He moved closer and hit him hard at his stomach. Mr Henry held his stomach coughing and groaning in pain.
When Rachel got to the living room, she quickly went to Sarah who was busy watching the cartoon and laughing with Justin. When she got there, she looked at Justin and took Sarah’s hand. “Sarah it’s time to leave”she said smiling. “Already? I want to play stay longer with Justin”she said looking sad. Justin’s face also went sad when he heard she’s leaving already. “Don’t worry, you’ll come back to play with him tomorrow OK”she said smiling. “OK mum”Sarah replied and took her hand. she could feel Rachel’s hand trembling seriously. She looked behind her and saw the man standing there. “Let’s go”Rachel said and they both walked out of the living room. When they got outside, Rachel quickly took Sarah inside the car putting the seat belt on for her. She also turned to sit down. She put on the seat belt and started the engine. She looked through the side mirror and saw the man also getting into his car. Her body began to tremble more. She drove out of the compound in speed still looking at her side mirror. When she got to the high way, she could still see the car following her. “Mum drive slowly my head hurt”Sarah said looking at her. “Sorry dear. We’ll soon get home”Rachel said. When the car almost get close, she increased the speed again. This made Sarah cry out as she saw her face not looking good. She also noticed someone was following them. “Mummy my head hurt so much. Mummy why are you like this?”she cried more and more. “Please don’t cry. We’re almost home. Sarah please”she said in a pleading tone. She took her phone and called Mrs Henry but she was not picking up. She then sent a message to madam Susan. The first message said they’re almost home. After a while she sent another one saying someone is following them.
As she was busy typing and driving, the car drove fast passing their car and went to block them in the front.
When Rachel got there, and saw the car, there was no where to pass again so she stopped her car looking more scared. She removed the memory card in her phone, and dropped it somewhere in the car. Sarah continue crying knowing something is going wrong. The man came down smiling. He got to the car and asked her to open the door. Rachel refused to open it for him, so he brought out his gun and pointed it towards the direction of Sarah. She got so scared he might shoot her daughter. She opened the door immediately with a trembling hand. He commanded her to get down from the car and she obeyed.”Hand over the phone to me or I’ll kill the both of you now”he threatened Rachel. “I don’t have anything there on my phone. I was only calling my friend. Please don’t do this to us”she said crying. Sarah opened the door and also came down crying. “Mummy. Mummy who’s this man? Why is he threatening us?”she cried looking at Rachel. They were both on the floor crying. The place was silent no car pass through the road by that time, which makes it more easy for him. She hugged Sarah crying also. “Please let me and my daughter go. I promise not to tell anyone what I saw today. I’ll give you any amount of money you ask for. Just let us go”Rachel pleaded crying. The man moved closer to them and bent down touching Rachel’s face. “I want nothing from you. Just hand over the phone to me already or I’ll waste both of you here right now.”he shouted on her angrily pointing the gun to her head. Sarah stood up as she saw how the man was treating her mum. “You’re a bad man. Get away from us”she said and bit the man’s hand with her teeth. “Ha ah ahh”the man shouted pushing Sarah to the ground angrily. He pointed the gun at her to shoot. “Sarah no Oooooo”she screamed and protected Sarah with her body. The bullet hit her waist and she fell down groaning in pain. The man opened her car and saw the phone there. He picked it up and quickly rushed to his car before anyone could find him. As he was about going in, he looked back at Rachel and pointed the gun at her”for wasting my precious time on this”he said and shot another bullet at her. It hit her right shoulder and she screamed in pain again. The man left the scene immediately driving in full speed. Rachel turned to Sarah with tears on her face”are you OK?”she asked as her waist continue bleeding seriously. Sarah started crying looking at her”mummy you’re bleeding. Mummy don’t die. What do we do now?”Sarah cried holding her mum’s face. “Don’t worry dear, Am OK. I promise to buy you your ice cream when we get home right? so don’t cry anymore. Am fine OK”Rachel said smiling although her whole body was in pain. She wiped the tears on Sarah’s with her bloody hand”Mum you’re not. Mummy please get up”Sarah cried shaking her body. Just then, madam Susan arrived at the scene. She quickly bent down beside her crying”ma’am what happened? Please get up. Who did this to you?”she cried shaking her body roughly. She coughed out blood looking at madam Susan. “Please protect my Sarah. Please just leave me and take her with you. He might come back here”Rachel said in a weak voice. “Who did his to you? Who?”she asked crying. “Ma.. Ma..”(she meant to tell her Mack(Mr Henry) is in trouble. By what she saw the man did to him earlier) but madam Susan misunderstood her, thinking Mack was the one who did it. She called the ambulance immediately she passed out. Few minutes later the ambulance arrived and she left with Sarah weeping bitterly.
TBC. ..

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