Episode 41

Now he has taken off his shirt. Sarah touched those amazing abs she has been dying to touch since morning. Justin noticed this and smiled to himself. She continue the kiss this time kicking off her shoes from her feet. She started touching his body romantically as he was kissing her neck down. She moved her hand down to his buckle to take it off. And he also took off the mini short she was wearing. Then went back kissing her lips passionately. Sarah can’t believe it’s happening that night.. Light out…
It’s morning already, their cloths could be seen thrown everywhere on the floor. They spent a hot and crazy night together.
Justin woke up staring at Sarah who was still sleeping beside him resting her head on his shoulder. Justin removed her hair from her face smiling. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead, which made her smile still closing her eyes. She opened them staring at him. “Good morning sweetheart”Sarah said smiling. “Good morning”he replied smiling also. Sarah moved closer and hugged him resting her head on his chest. Her expression changed when she remembered what madam Susan said about their relationship. “So, what will happen to us now?”she thought to herself putting on a Moody face. Justin stroked her hair gently. “Won’t you go to school today?”justin asked. Sarah moved her head back smiling”today is weekend”she said smiling. “Oh that’s true no school today”he said looking at her. Sarah’s phone rang from the shelf beside the bed. “She picked it up and answer it. “Hello dad”she said. “Hello daughter. Sorry I was not able to come home yesterday night. My schedule was so tight. Don’t worry, dad will be back in the in the next 6hours OK.”he said to her. “Alright dad. Bye”she said and hung up the call. She dropped the phone and turned to Justin”I still have more time to spend with you. Like 5hours to go”she said smiling. “Really? We should go on a date then”Justin said smiling. “Sure.”she said smiling also.
They both went into the bathroom to shower. Few minutes later, they were both dressed up.”Let’s go”Justin said stretching out his hand for her. Sarah smiled and took it. The both left his room holding hands. When he got to the compound, Justin took her to his own car leaving her own behind to take it later. They got to his car and he opened the door for her to go in. “Wow what a romantic gentle man”Sarah teased him smiling. She was about going in and the door closed again. She looked at his face wondering what happened. “Oh sorry. I don’t mean that to happen.”he said trying to open it again. Sarah drew the handle opening it herself. “I take that back”she said and entered sitting down. Justin smiled to himself and also turned to sit down. He put on the seat belt and started the engine. “Where should we go?”Justin asked looking at her. “Let’s go to a fun pack. I love that place better”she replied smiling brightly. “Are you a kid or what?”Justin said under his breath. “Did you say something?”Sarah asked looking at him. “Yes I said it’s better. We should get going now”Justin said laughing. “Yes we should go”she said smiling. Justin drove the car out of the compound.
Few minutes later, they were at the park. They played different types of games. And took so many pictures together. They rode on swings, roller coaster and so many fun things there. It was really fun for both of them, especially Justin who kept taking Sarah around from one place to another. They had the same faze cap and Snickers on. They both looks like newlywed couples as the moved about in the pack. After a long time of playing and all, Sarah checked her time and saw they have only an hour left to go. “Justin I think it’s time to get back home”she said looking at him. “No. Let’s stay a little longer. Let’s play one more game”he said smiling. “OK. After that we’re leaving”Sarah said smiling. Justin took her hand to take her to another place. Just as they were about leaving, Sarah’s phone rang. He dropped her hand and she brought out her phone to see the caller. “Oh it’s dad”she said looking at him. “OK pick it”Justin said. She answered it and placed it to her ear”hello dad”she said smiling. “Hello. Sarah we’re at the hospital right now. Your mum just woke up. Where are you?”Mr Robinson asked sounding happy. “Oh really? She woke up? Am on my way now. I’ll soon be there”Sarah said feeling happy too. She hung up the phone looking at Justin. “My mum woke up.” She’s said looking at him. “Oh really? Iets go there together”Justin said. They both left the park heading to the hospital.
Mr Robinson, Jack and madam Susan were inside the room Rachel was still lying on the bed but the oxygen mask had been removed from her mouth. She stared at them one after the other. Mr Robinson was sitting beside her”Rachel can you see me? If you can see me nod your head”he said looking at her. She nodded her head smiling. “Mum. Am so happy you woke up. Am so happy. It’s your son jack”he said holding her hand. She smiled patting his hand gently. “Ma’am thanks for waking up. Am also very happy”madam Susan said. She looked around the room like she’s searching for someone. She then looked back at madam Susan”where’s my little Sarah?”that was the first statement that came out of her mouth.
Justin and Sarah came in together. Madam Susan, Mr Robinson and Jack look at them as the both got in. Jack smiled to himself when he saw the couple cap and Snickers they were putting on. Justin greeted Mr Robinson which he replied back with a smile. He greeted madam Susan also her reply was not that friendly. Sarah quickly went to her mum and hugged her. “Mummy I miss you so much”she said smiling. She was surprised Sarah has grown so big. It was then she realized she must have been in coma for years. She hugged her sobbing “my little Sarah is all grown up now. Have you been living well?”she asked. “Yes mum. So sad you were not there to see for yourself”she replied also sobbing. Mrs Robinson looked behind and saw Justin, she recognized him once she saw his face. “Justin!”she called smiling. Justin went to her and bowed his head to show some respect. “How have you been? How’s Mr Henry? Hope he’s fine? Nothing happened to him right?”Mrs Robinson asked with a worried expression on her face. Sarah looked at madam Susan who was also surprised to see her asked after him. “What’s happening? If Mr Henry was the one behind the accident, she won’t ask after his health. She won’t have that worried look on her face. What in the world really happened on that day?”Sarah thought to herself looking at her mum’s face.

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