Episode 37
“Yes he’s Jack. Your naughty elder brother”Mr Robinson said. “Let’s go in”Mr Robin said leading the way leaving Sarah and Jack behind. “Don’t be surprise. I also was like you when dad and I came to the hospital. I never knew you were Sarah until we got there. You didn’t notice me because I was not too close to you then.”Jack said as they walked towards the building. “Seriously. I can’t believe we’re siblings.”Sarah said looking at him. “You’ve grown so big and beautiful, unlike the little ugly fat Sarah then. That was why I can’t recognize you earlier.”Jack said laughing erratically. “Really? I don’t think that’s true.”Charlie said frowning her face a little. Jack looked at her face smiling”I was only joking. You were not that ugly. I think a little ugly”he said demonstrating the little with his finger.
He kept stroking the dog’s hairy body as he talk. “Why do you call the dog Sarah?”she asked looking at it. “I just like calling that name. Her real name is Kelly. But calling her sarah is better to me. But now that you’re here, I’ll stop calling her that. Is that OK?”Jack asked smiling. “What’s that? How can you call a dog that name? And why my name?”Sarah asked looking at the dog who kept staring at her sticking out it’s tongue. She got really scared of it but she tried not showing it so that Jack won’t laugh at her. “I like calling her your name, because anytime I look at her, I feel like am seeing the little Sarah”he said smiling”What? Do you compare a dog to me? Do I look as scary as this thing? How can you have such bad feelings?”Sarah yelled at him raising her eyebrow. “Hey hey. Easy girl. You look like you’re gonna eat me raw right now. You’re even more scary than Sarah”he said again looking at her. After saying that, he quickly walked Inside to avoid more nagging from her. “What? How can he even be my brother? I need a DNA test to confirm that”she said to herself and also went inside.
The following day, Sarah was taken to where her mum was. She was in coma for 11years. Mr Robinson never gave up on her since then. She was on life supporting machine receiving the best treatments and care from Mr Robinson’s private doctor.
Sarah was taken there to visit her at the hospital. She got to see her face more closely and could tell it was the woman she saw in her dreams. “Mum what really happened that day?”she asked looking at her face.
Madam Susan already told Mr David and his family about Charlie. She told them she’s Mr Robinson’s daughter. Not telling them the story behind it. Hanna was so shocked by it. She now believed what Clara told themwas true.
At royal hour school. Mr Robinson got sarah a driver that would be driving her to school, until she finish with her training and get her own driver’s licenses so she can drive to school herself.
When they got to school, the driver packed the car and got down to open the door for her.
Hanna and her friends were walking to class when they saw this. “Who’s that? She must be new”Mina said looking at the driver as he walked to open the door for Sarah. They can’t really see her clearly through the glass but they know she’s a girl. “Wow she must be from a higher class. Look at that expensive looking car.”Hanna said.
The driver opened the door and Sarah stepped out gently. It was her hills the girls first saw as she stepped down. “Wow those hills looks expensive”clara said opening her mouth in amazement. She came out of the car looking at around the school environment. “Good luck ma’am”the driver said with a bow before turning back to leave. She was putting on an expensive sleeveless white gown which was above her kneel. On her feet were red hills which were matching with the red fashion bag she was holding. Her hair was done in another style which made her looks like a young celebrity. She never wanted to dress that much but her father insisted she do. She has no choice but to obey him since he has been treating her like a princess ever since she got to the house.
Hanna and mina can’t believe what they’re seeing. Clara was just smiling looking at her. “She looks most gorgeous”Clara said smiling. “Is that charlie? Am I seeing the right person?”Hanna asked staring at her. “Maybe she’s not. How can she be that beautiful”Mina said also staring at her.
Sarah saw them staring and gossiping about her. She walked up to them gently. “Why’s she heading here?”Mina asked as she was coming. She got to them and stopped looking at Clara. “Clara thank you for the other day. I really appreciate what you did”she said smiling. “Oh there’s no need to thank me. I did that as a secret and good friend”Clara said laughing. Mina and Hanna looked at clara badly. ”
Oops sorry guys. I didn’t mean it like that”she corrected herself on seeing the killer looks on their face. “But still all thanks to you. Bye”Sarah said and turned to leave.
“You’re right she’s Charlie. Your maids daughter”Mina said to Hanna in a whisper thinking she won’t hear her. Sarah turned back looking at her and she quickly stared off. “You guys have nothing else to do apart from gossiping about others. That shows how low you are not. I think it’s time you drop those bad acts of yours and concentrate on yourselves”Sarah said looking at Hanna and Mina badly. Hanna was so angry and jealous to hear that from her. “And mind you”she said moving closer to Mina. “Am not Charlie. My name is Sarah Robinson. You guys should get that into your dumb empty heads.”she said and walked out on them stepping like a princess.
Hanna staggered back holding her head”how is that possible? She can never be richer than me. She’s nothing but a maid. How dare her talk down on me like that?”Hanna said boiling in serious anger. “I think you guys should stop now. She’s out of our league”Clara said looking at her as she walked on.
As Sarah was heading to class, she and Justin met on her way. Justin stopped staring at her and she also stopped staring at him They both were staring at each other not knowing what to say or do. Charlie was thinking Maybe to greet him or just ignore him.

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