Episode 36

“Are you OK? Do you have a dream?”Justin asked. The voice came clear to Sarah that it’s Justin not her mother. She quickly released him sitting upright. “Am sorry. I had a terrible dream”She said not looking at him. “Do you now remember who I am?”Justin asked smiling. Sarah shook her head negatively looking at him. “I don’t think I do. Please why are you here with me? Where’s mum?”she asked putting on an innocent face which made Justin believed she didn’t recognize him. “Charlie…am Justin. Why can’t you….”
“Am sick of hearing that. Am justin am Justin. So what’s up with the name? I said I don’t know you. why don’t you leave now”Sarah cuts in yelling at him. Justin was so surprised by this, Charlie never yell on him before. She never get mad at him before. He stared at her for a while before standing up from her side. “Am sorry for that”Justin said looking at her. “Just get out already”Sarah said again not looking at him. He looked at her one last time before leaving. As soon as he left, Sarah started crying burying her face in her palm. “Why am I like this?. Why do you have to be his son? Why?”she said as she cried out. A hand touched her back patting her. She raised her head up with her face soaked in tears. “Take it easy dear. Don’t cry again. You’re just getting better. Don’t make everything hard on yourself madam Susan said patting her. “Why Justin? Why does this have to affect us. I don’t think I can take this anymore”she said crying more. “It’s OK Sarah. Everything would be clear once your mum wake up. I think you need to be patient for now”madam Susan said. “Patient? OK I’ll be patient. I feel so bad looking at his innocent face. He never did anything wrong to me. But I treated him like shit”she said crying.
Madam Susan consoled her as she kept crying and crying.
Sarah was discharged from the hospital the second day. Mr Robinson came to take her home. He gave madam Susan enough money to take care of herself. Sarah promised to visit her anytime and also said she’ll talk to her dad if madam Susan could work with them again. Madam Susan waved goodbye to her as the car started moving.
Few minutes later, they got to Mr Robinson’s mansion. The place looks so different from where Mrs Henry brought them to on that day.
He packed the car at the garage which has a lot of cars there. Charlie looked at everywhere wondering how many cars he used to go out with out of those cars. He can’t ride in all of them. They were about 10 to 11cars in the garage. Some men in black suites stood at each angle of the compound. No traces of smile could be seen on their face. They all stood like a statue. “Here’s my main building. Can you get down now?”Mr Robin said smiling. Charlie opened the door and got down still looking at the environment. Mr robin also got down and those man in black suites bowed to welcome him. It as then Sarah could tell they’re human. Chair started walking slowly beside Mr Robinson. “This is where you were brought up. Welcome back home”mr Robinson said as they walked towards the building.
Suddenly a brown hairy dog was running towards Sarah. She saw it and was so scared of it as it came closer. The dog got to her and she quickly bent down guiding her face with her arm thinking it will harm her. The dog started running around her wagging it’s tail happily.
“Sarah come back here”jacks voice was heard as he was coming towards them. Sarah raised up her head and saw Jack smiling. He picked up the dog smiling at Sarah”oh not you. I mean my dog. her name is Sarah.”jack said smiling.
“I told you not to leave the dog playing around in the compound. And stop calling a dog that name. Do you want me to lock the both of you up?”Mr Robinson said looking at Jack. By now, Charlie was confused. She wondered what Jack was doing in Mr Robinson’s house. Jack saw the expression on her face and smiled to himself.”welcome back home little sister”Jack said smiling. “Sis?”Charlie asked looking at him in surprise.

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Author: TaekPoet

Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.

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