Episode 33

Mrs Henry moved closer to her and patted her gently at her back. “It’s OK Sarah. Everything would be alright, now that we found you. Your father and brother are waiting for you at home. You need to meet with them so that they can know you’re still alive and living fine.”Mrs Henry said comforting her as she wept.
Charlie stood up and went to madam Susan”mummy tell me it’s not true. I think it’s time to wake up from this bad long dream. Mum what should I do now.”she said holding madam Susan and weeping more louder. “Charlie it’s OK. I still love you as my daughter. Stop crying. Am sorry for suffering you in this poverty for the past eleven years. You’re not meant to be here suffering as a maid like me. I think it’s time to go back to your family”madam Susan said with tears running down her cheek.
“Who are my family? Where are they?”Charlie asked still crying.
At Mr Robinson’s resident.
Charlie, Mrs Henry and madam Susan. Were sitting on the couch in the wide living room. Mrs Henry sent message to Mr Robinson and he’s already on his way home from office. They waited for his arrival in the living room.
As they waited, Charlie was looking around the living room. She saw a family picture hung on the wall. She saw the face of the woman she used to see in her dream and the same little girl crying beside her. Mr Robinson sat down beside her mum carrying a small boy older than her(Sarah). And that boy must be her elder brother who she knew nothing about. She kept staring at the people in the picture especially Mrs Robinson who was smiling brightly holding little Sarah in her hand.
“Mum it’s really good looking at you like this. I wish I could recover my lost memories. I wish I could see you”Charlie thought to herself looking up at her.
Mr Robinson arrived from office and entered the living room. He saw madam Susan and was surprised to see her. “You”he said looking at her. “Am sorry for leaving without a proper farewell sir.”madam Susan said apologizing. He looked at Charlie and without asking who she is. He can clearly see the picture of his daughter in her. “Sarah!”he called looking surprise. He quickly walked up to Charlie and embrace her. “What happened? Sarah where have you been all this years? Do you know how much I worried about you?”Mr robinson said looking at her. Charlie was not able to say a word. The whole event still looks like a drama to her. “Where did you find her? What happened to my daughter for the past eleven years?”Mr Robinson asked looking at Mrs Henry and madam Susan.
Madam Susan narrated the same story to him. After the story, Mr Robinson was so surprised to hear that. He never thought someone did that to his wife. He thought it was a normal accident.
After everything, Mr Robinson insisted on taking his daughter back but, Charlie begged him to allow her stay a week more with madam Susan. “Fine you can do that. But after a week you’ll back here with your family. I’ll allow you to go with her now to make up with everything you have to do with her”Mr Robinson said.
They all left the house with the agreement Charlie would be back with her family after a week.
Charlie thank Mrs Henry for letting her meet with her family. Mrs Henry dropped them at Mr David’s resident and left for her home too feeling relieved but bothered by what happened to Rachel(Mrs Robinson) on the day of the accident. She remembered that day she saw her missed calls on her phone. She never knew what she wants to tell her by the time she called her back, she heard she was taken to hospital due to a fatal accident. She wept so bitterly that day regretting why she didn’t pick her calls.
Mrs Henry thought of all this while driving back home.
When madam Susan and Charlie got home, they met Hanna and her friends in the living room watching tv.
Madam Susan greeted her even though she won’t respond. They both walked towards their room.
“Hanna she’s here”Mina said looking hanna. Hanna adjusted herself and intentionally poured the juice she was having on the floor. “Oops someone need to clean this mess”she said looking at Charlie.
“Charlie come and clean this up”Hanna commanded as they were about leaving the living room.
Madam Susan and Charlie both stopped at the same time with their back still turn to them. Madam Susan looked at Charlie and walked back to clean it up. Charlie turned back looking at madam Susan and also staring at Hanna badly.
Madam Susan get the mop and cleaned up the mess without complain.
“If you’re a maid at least you should do your job better. It’s not clean enough, you should scrub it well”Hanna said when madam Susan finished cleaning it.
By this time, Charlie was boiling in anger already. She walked to them with a bad expression written all over her face. “Good thing the Maid daughter knows her job”Hanna said looking at her as she got closer.
Charlie stopped in front of them looking at Hanna badly. “Mum leave the mop”Charlie said looking at her madam susan.
She took the juice in front of Mina, holding it in her hand while looking at Hanna. “I think a maid’s daughter can also do this to her wicked boss daughter”Charlie said and spill the juice on Hanna’s face. “You’re really getting on my nerves. It’s like you want me to beat you up as last time uh”Charlie said looking at her angrily. Mina and Clara were not able to make a sound. “You guys should be careful of me. Who knows what I might do to you if you continue acting stupid and annoying”she said angrily.
“Mum let’s go in”she said and left with madam Susan.
“What was that? Did she just threaten us? Wow what a brave servant”Mina said looking surprise. Hanna was boiling in anger already. Her hair and dress were messed up with juice. She stood up and stormed off to her room in anger living her friends behind.
When madam Susan and charlie got inside, she was surprised by her act towards Hanna. “You mean you did Hanna’s face like that the other day?”she asked looking at her. But Charlie didn’t say anything not to reveal anything about their magical power to her.
“We had a little fight in school”she said.
“Really?”madam Susan said looking at her.
But another thing was on Charlie’s mind. She want to know the reason she can be with Justin. Since the truth has been revealed, she saw nothing wrong with her dating him.
“Mum. Since everything has been reveal, why can’t I date Justin still?. Why do you object our relationship?”Charlie asked.
“That can never happen Charlie. As far as am still breathing, you guys can’t be together”madam Susan said putting on a serious face.
Charlie eyes began to tear up again on hearing this. “Why? Mum you need to tell me the reason right now or else I won’t leave him alone. I love him so much mum. What has he done wrong? I thought his mum treated you nicely when you guys were still together. What went wrong this time? What has the poor boy done to you?”Charlie asked with tear rolling down her cheek.
“Charlie no. I have to keep my promise to your mum. If you guys are together, it will affect you especially in the future”madam Susan said in a low pleading voice.
Charlie wiped of her tears looking at her”fine. If it’s hard to say what’s behind it, I will leave this place right this instant so that I can be with who I love. I know dad can’t go against that. If that’s how you want it, am leaving”Charlie said and moved towards the door. But mafsm Susan’s voice stopped her from going out.
“You guys can’t be together because Mr Henry(Justin’s father) made you and your mum like that. He was behind everything that happened eleven years ago”madam Susan finally said.
Charlie was shocked to hear that. Her hand slipped down from the door’s handle as she hear that. She turned to madam Susan staring at her like she just heard something wrong.
“what?”she said staring at her with her eyes wide ope[truncated by WhatsApp]

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