“Mystics, to begin with, find freedom in giving themselves. By losing themselves in their god, by accepting his rules, they become secretly free. In spontaneously accepted slavery they recover a deeper independence. But what does that freedom mean? It may be said, above all, that they feel free with regard to themselves, and not so much free as liberated”.
– Albert Camus.

The history of the Black(s) didn’t start with slavery is a common notion. Well, the black skin might predate slavery but slavery definitely wasn’t a foreign invention as believed. Slavery is as old as man and it goes beyond the encyclopedia concept. Slavery is beyond chaining a man down and making him do heinous tasks or engage in lustful duties.

Perchance, this is more reason why I see this period as the dark age. Civilisation has been a great tool in refining and retuning slavery, hence leaving us in the myopic state that the Libyans are the slave masters and the Nigerians – the slaves. The pathos in this situation is both the Nigerians and the Libyans are slaves and slave masters, in one way or the other.

The dark age brings forth its symptoms in the cloak of men taking refuge in religion to commit hypocrisy and evil, illiteracy, ignorance, rape, gender segregation, inferiority complex, subversion and most importantly – massive immigration to another country believing it’s the main route to redemption. It baffles me why a man who calls himself a “patriot” will decide to leave his country to another man’s land, to escape hardships and traumas. What a gullible proposition ! Most people don’t know we can’t run from our shadows.

So because the internet constantly give stories of people who goes oversea and return as billionaires, there has been the misconception that Europe is home for all. Every country has its odds but when we persistently push ahead to escape a mental slavery despite hearing the stories of those who die consecutively at the Mediterranean sea, a physical slavery might just be the answer. Only a person enslaved mentally will claim :
“I will rather die in Libya than to die in Nigeria”.

And that woman who constantly hits her house help, that man who can’t control the thing between his leg, that one who asks a billion naira from church members in religion – well done, slave masters. I hope the slaves get free from the mental shackles some days. In the quest to beat mental slavery, you run into the claws of mentally perturbed slave masters. This slavery has gone so deep that we campaign #PrayForLibya all over the net. Pray for or Pray against ? Hmm.

And when two black nations capitalize on the other, what’s unknown is – they are both slaves to a totally foreign skin. The foreign skin is a slave to a concrete entity but is the wisest of them all as he continuously tries to enslave his slave master. But Bertrand Russell was right when he said :
“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves and wiser people, so full of doubts”.

Yusuf Balogun Gemini.
IG : @yusufbalogungemini

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Author: TaekPoet

Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.

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