*December December*

December December;
The night is dark, tomorrow is far
The gait of chameleon is a gross mar
To the effort of the persevering peasant
Who, toiling upon the day, toiled sans a rest,
Retired for the night, the night tarries,
Crawling reluctantly, the man worries.
The rich as well, the rich doth blame;
Why should the night be so lame?

By and by, the clock ticks down,
All that quakes the night is dawn,
The morning new, the morning fair
The winter wind, the chilling air;
December are come to wash away sorrows
Welcome Dec. with your bounteous blessings,
The peasant rejoices, the rich is glad
Joy overflows as none is sad.
Ripe is the field, season of harvest,
Time to yield and eat and rest.

Welcome December, we have been waiting
To have seen you this year is really a blessing,
Cos not all those who started this year
Are here again to end the year.
Welcome December, with your baby king
When everyone with Santa in merry sing,
Join the wise men from the East
Visit with gifts for the glorious birth.

December December, the years last born
Take us to the new year; twenty eighteen
And caution the curious heart, made of victim
Lest death gallops with him;
Cos your seasonal breezes animates
Men to hustle intensely for Christmas.
Safeguard us against every peril
From every hand that bears evil
And lead us forth to celebrate this nativity
Of a Supreme Deity, born to redeem humanity.


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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
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