Judging with the look of things and looking at Nigeria to be precised, you would agree with me that if the female or a female should handle any of those posts, Nigeria will be better described as the Fallen walls of Jericho.

To be realistic, it’s wise they taste this power, post and position but we can already predict the aftermath like Nigerian movie.
The end won’t be far from disaster and catastrophe.

Why did I say so?

No matter how strong a man can be, women will always puncture a hole and penetrate into them and perform any miracle they want to perform.
Everyone wants power but it will be very absurd for a woman to solely rule and run the affairs of the state with able respectable men as her subjects and messengers.

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve and made Eve to be under Adam,
He made her a help meet, a subject.
No matter how you justify, juxtapose and weigh it, it’d not be polite or good enough for a woman and a man to gain the same post, the same power and the same authority cos if they do, the course of nature will be tampered with.

Nicely said.
The latter part.
Don’t you think being under like you said could mean…a servant/follower?(reply to JUDAISKY)

Eve was indeed a help meet for Adam…and that means she can be of help in the running of affairs.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong if the females ‘re given the higher posts to handle.
What I think should matter a lot is “PRODUCTIVITY”.
if the Lady will perform better than the male, why not let her handle it?
There will be problem if we start viewing ladies as lower subjects to guys.
Gender wise…they’re not equal…one is male, the other is female.
But there should be equity…what’s good for the geese is good for the gander.

Why should we give big positions to women?

Now, I’m not saying this cause I’m a female and I want to represent the womenfolk.

1. Who has noticed that women has the ability to still maintain composure under pressure? I mean, they have that knack for surviving under pressure. Look at the men. That power ain’t just there for them. They’ll break down. They’ll crash. And when they crash, they’ll crash very hard. Why is it that most people that commit suicides are always men? That ability isn’t just there for them.

2. Show me someone that is not selfish and self centered, and I’ll show you a woman capable of taking a nation to greater heights. I can site examples of women that sacrificed all so as to ensure the success of their followers. While the men are just there making excuses and laying complaints. Now, will you tell me that that women isn’t capable of leading a nation? No.

3. Women has got this natural inner strength and a strategizing mind that most men lack. Deborah, in the bible, singlehandedly led men to fight a battle when they were cowering. And guess what? She made them to win. Not only that, Jael, another woman, singlehandedly killed the captain of the army when he tried running away. Please, tell me, where were the men?

We should give you women a trial. Men have been doing it for years and they keep failing. Why not try women and see if they will do better than we men. It will also give women a kind of recognition in the society.

Women are known to make outstanding success. Starting from bible days, consider Deborah, Esther, Dorcas, Mary, Louis, Eunice and all sort…..they ruled successfully

Consider this days, there are women like Dora Akunyili and other post where women are functioning perfectly. Besides, women are soft hearted. They can’t easily loot our money like those past leaders who looted and embezzled all our money that’s meant for every one of us.

For from the rib of man was woman created.
And to men were they created to help.
And forever submissive are they meant to be to men.

When power or anything is handed fully to a woman you will notice nothing but one problem or another. There must be a twine somewhere. It’s a right from creation thing. So technically, psychologically and in all round they aren’t meant to handle full power over anything. Even in churches as well.

Now on the other hand, it shouldn’t now be a form of discrimination to get rid of them or a means where their voice wouldn’t be allowed to be heard. So women’s voice are to be heard.

In summary, women shouldn’t seek for more than their hands could reach(now I don’t mean they shouldn’t have positive dreams) and men too shouldn’t on the other hand belittle women ’cause of the above fact.

Yes she can be of help at running affairs but pls never commit the big essential one to her coz Eva like other women are is usually ( about 90% of them) indecisive.

Take not For a leader to be a leader he has to be the one that does not take irrational decisions with is common with most females. Yes they may have good intentions but since they have been caged by their emotions which leads to indecision they carry out a bad method to accomplish that good mission they have.

So it is better is they are left as the help mates God made them to be. Where they can give brilliant ideas and men can have a better way to accomplish it.

“Besides, women are soft hearted….. They can’t easily loot our money like those past leaders who looted and embezzled all our money that’s meant for every one of us.”(from MOJISOLA’s point)

Sorry did you really mean this or just joking. If it about money embezzling I bet women are gifted in it. They have this type of natural developed brain towards cheating and deceiving. So you want us to make women the leader holding a very crucial post while we were busy jubilating we were already sold out as slaves?(reply to the above cut-out by CAPITAL D)

You’ve made a cogent with vaudeville of instances.
However, women was naturally created to assist not to take front and this shows in them, if they are rested with power, I bet you they won’t just crash but squash. Why did I say so?
Ability to critically is bestowed to men, women aren’t weak vessel but they aren’t strong either.

Sis! Those have done a lot for this country, only some insensitive emissary that know nothing than embezzling that spoilt things.
Meanwhile “Virtue is not virtue until it is tested”.
If women are given the chance, I bet you we won’t experience economic recession but Economic Armageddon.(a reply to MOJISOLA)

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