episode 34

“What did you just say mum.?”she asked with disbelief. “That’s the truth behind it Charlie. Mr Henry made you and your mum like that”madam Susan repeated looking sad. “Why did you say that? How do you know about that? You didn’t say that with the story. Mum can that be true?”Charlie asked crying already”That’s the truth charlie.
I don’t know what was between your mum and Mr henry but that day, am sure Mr Henry was home when your mum got there.
And I also remembered she told Mr she caught Mr Henry with his mistress a day before the accident. I don’t know what happened when your mum got to Mr Henry’s house that day. She didn’t spend up to 30minute before before rushing back home. On her way, she sent me message saying someone is following her car. when I got there, there was already an accident. Your mum was bleeding all over her body due to the accident. I don’t know how you managed to survive the accident because you were not hurt. When I asked her who did it, all I could hear from her was”…”(the beginning of Mr Henry’s name MACK). since asked me to protect you, I took you away and took care of you till you grow up to this stage.”madam Susan said crying as she remembered the painful incident. Charlie was also crying as she was listening to it. “What has my mum and I done wrong to deserve such wicked deed from him? Why him of all people? Why?”Charlie said crying. “So will you turn your back on your mother just be with son of the person that made her like that? Charlie would you prefer staying with son of a murderer?”madam Susan asked crying. “Mum my heart is so hurt and heavy right now. This pain is too much for me to bear. It’s suffocating me seriously. I can’t breath any more. What should I do?”Charlie said crying helplessly while holding her chest in pain. “Charlie what’s wrong with you?”madam Susan asked as Charlie held her chest gasping for air. She collapsed on the floor and passed out.
“Charlie wake up. Please you can’t do this to me. Someone out there should help me”madam Susan called for help tapping Charlie’s body to wake up.
Meanwhile, Mr Robinson told his son(Jack) about finding his lost sister. He was so happy and so was Jack. He said he would like to see her. Jack can’t wait to see how grown up the little Sarah of then would have been by now. He was so happy with the good news.
A call came into Mr Robinson’s phone from madam Susan saying Charlie just collapse. He quickly rushed out with Jack to see her at the hospital.
At the hospital…
Charlie was still lying unconsciously on the hospital bed. Madam Susan was sitting beside her while Clara also sat beside her.
Clara was the only one that help madam Susan when she called for help, Mina and Hanna locked themselves upstairs pretending they were not aware of the incident. Clara helped Charlie to the hospital in her car. Madam Susan was also surprised by that because she thought no one love Charlie among Hanna’s friend. Since Hanna hate her, her friends would also do the same.
Clara sat beside madam Susan as the doctor came to check her up. “It’s OK ma’am. She’ll be alright”she said trying to comfort her. “Thank you so much dear. I never thought you could help us”madam Susan said looking at Clara. “It’s OK ma. Am not as bad as that. Although I used to hate Charlie, but I can’t let something bad happen to her just because I hate her. Am not that type of a cruel being”Clara said in a calm and sincere manner.
“Where’s she? what did you say happened to my daughter?”Mr Robinson asked as he got into the Ward Charlie was. Madam Susan stood up on her feet when she saw him. “Sir it was an accident”madam Susan said keeping her head down. Mr Robinson raised up his hand to hit her but hesitated looking at her in anger. “Dad please don’t”Jack said looking at Mr Robinson as he raised up his hand. He placed his hand down still staring at her. “What did you do to her? Did I agree to leave her with you just for you make her in this state? Why did you let this happen to my Sarah?”Mr Robinson yelled at her angrily. “Dad it’s enough. Stop this”Jack said holding Mr Robinson’s arm to calm him down
“What is this scene?why is he calling Charlie his daughter? Is Charlie Mr Robinson’s daughter?”Clara thought to herself looking at them as they talk. “When she wake up, I’ll take my daughter with me. She’s can’t stay with you any longer OK”Mr Robinson said looking angry. He moved to Charlie’s bed staring at her as she was still unconscious. “Am sorry Sarah. I shouldn’t have leave you to go with her. Don’t worry daddy is hear for you”Mr Robin said staring at her face. When Jack saw it was Charlie, he was so surprised to see her. “Dad you mean this is Sarah?”he asked looking at her. “Yes she’s your lost sister. Don’t worry, Everything is OK now that we found her.”he replied strolling Charlie’s hair gently.
“What? She’s Jack’s junior sister and Mr Robinson’s lost child. This is unbelievable”Clara thought to herself.
Mrs Henry and Justin also arrived at the hospital because Mr Robinson called her immediately he got the call from madam Susan.
Mrs Henry already told Justin everything. She already revealed to him that charlie is sarah immediately she got home.
Justin was also surprised to know that. When they got the call from Mr Robinson, Justin began to act impatient. He drove to the hospital in speed while his mum sat beside him.
When they got to the Ward, Justin quickly went to Charlie looking worried. “Charlie what happened? Why are you in this state?”Justin asked looking at her face. Mrs Henry moved closer to her son”Justin stop this. Don’t wake her up. She need to rest”she said holding him.
Charlie’s eyes began to open little by little. She looked around the room and found out she was in the hospital. The first person she saw was Justin. She remembered all what madam Susan told her and feel bad looking at Justin.
Justin saw her and quickly moved closer to her bed. The other did the same thing calling her name.
Justin took her hand looking at her face. “Are you OK? Thank you for asking up. You made me so
worried to death. Can you see me?”Justin asked looking at her. Charlie felt so sad and heartbroken by what his father did. She stared at him for a while before she finally spoke. “WHO ARE YOU?”she asked looking at justin. He was so surprised to hear that from her.
Everyone was so surprised by the question except Mr Robinson who never knew about their relationship.
Clara mouth was wide open looking at her[truncated by WhatsApp]

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