Episode 32

“Why are you like this? Who’s Sarah?”Charlie asked looking at her.
Mrs Henry moved closer to her looking impatient. “I need to see madam Susan right now. She have a lot to explain. She can’t possibly have don’t what am thinking.”Mrs Henry said. “Why do you need to see my mum? Is something wrong anywhere?”she asked looking curious.
“Let me see her first then you’ll know my reasons”she said looking at Charlie. “Fine. I’ll take you there. But I don’t want her to misunderstand me because I didn’t tell her when I was coming here.”Charlie said. “It’s OK. I’ll explain that to her”Mrs Henry said.
They both went out of the room to meet Justin. He quickly rose on his feet when he saw them. He saw the look on their faces were not looking good.
“Mum what’s wrong?”he asked looking at both of them. “It’s nothing. I need to go somewhere with Charlie. You can just hang out with your friends I’ll be back soon”Mrs Henry said picking her car key from the center table. Justin looked at Charlie wondering where she’s taking her. “Why? Where are you guys leaving to?”he asked Charlie. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing serious”Charlie said looking at him.
At Mr Davids building.
Mr and Mrs David left for work as usual. While Hanna went out hanging around with her friends since it’s weekend.
When Mrs Henry and Charlie arrived at the building, madam Susan was surprise to see them both together.
They sat down in the living room while madam Susan get Mrs Henry some refreshment.
She sat down on the couch opposite to them. “Why are you here ma’am”madam Susan asked looking at Mrs Henry. Charlie was also eager to hear her reason of following her home.
“Why did you lie to me?”that was the first statement that came out of her mouth. Charlie looked at her and so did madam Susan.
“I never lied to you about anything”madam Susan replied looking at her strangely. “You did. I never knew you could do that. I want to know everything that happened, explain why you took her.”mrs Henry said looking at her. Charlie looked at madam Susan wondering who Mrs Henry is talking about. “ its.. I can’t understand you ma’am”madam Susan stammered sounding guilty. “I did check everything about Charlie and found out she’s the Sarah we’ve been searching for eleven years ago. And you lied she’s your brother’s daughter. Why do you have to do that? Why?”Mrs Henry said looking at her. Charlie was shocked to hear this, and to hear madam Susan was not her biological mother. She stared at madam Susan expecting her to say it’s a lie. She’s her mother. “Mum say something to this. Is that true?”she said feeling more impatient.
Madam Susan’s expression changed and she was staring at Charlie with pity in her eyes.
“Charlie I think it’s time to reveal everything to you now”she said looking at her. Charlie shook her head negatively looking sad and betrayed. “So, you mean she’s right? You not my biological mother? How is not that possible? Why”Charlie said with tears forming in her eyes. “It’s true Charlie. I think the truth can’t be hidden forever. You’re not my biological daughter.”she said looking sad. “Can you explain yourself better? How do you ended up with your boss daughter? And why do you have to keep her from her family for the past eleven years”Mrs henry asked looking at her.
“It’s not that I intentionally did it. It’s a long story then. This is how it goes…”

Flash back…
Madam Susan worked as a maid at Mr Robinson’s resident. There are lot of maids in the house but Mrs Robinson took madam Susan as her favorite.
Madam Susan will take Sarah and the remaining kids to fun pack and so many fun places. She always look after the kids including Mrs Robinson’s friends children. They all love her and like to play with her anytime they visit Mr Robinson’s home.
With all the activities she always carry out on the children, she got close to Mrs Henry too. Mr Henry and Mr Robinson were like family friends. They are so close to each other.
Mrs Robinson always tell madam Susan anything that’s going on with her. Because she thought that’s the only person that understands her better.
On the day of the accident. Mrs Robinson told madam Susan she’s going to visit Mrs Henry in her home. Because she have something to give her.
She left the house and went to Mrs Henry’s place.
Few hours later, madam Susan got a message from Mrs Robinson saying. “We’re on our way home.”Madam Susan wondered why it’s so fast like that because they just left an hour ago. But she sent a message again saying”I think someone is following me. We’re almost home.”Mrs Robinson texted again. She looked at her side mirror and still saw the car following them. She high the speed when it almost got to them. Sarah started to cry beside her think something is wrong.
Madam Susan left home taking one of the car. Because Mrs Robinson allow her to take some cars when she’s going out with the children. She took one of the cars and sped through the highway. She dialed Mrs Robinson number over and over again but she wasn’t picking up. Few minutes later of driving, she saw her car from afar and sped up to them. But by the time she got to the scene, it was too late. Mrs Robinson was lying on the floor in her own pool of blood. Madam Susan quickly bent down beside her crying for help. But Mrs Robinson coughed and called her name”madam Susan you’re the only person I could trust In this world. Please take my daughter. Nothing must happen to her. You have to protect her from evil people. Trust no one.”Mrs Robinson said while Sarah cried beside her. “No I must save both of you. I can’t leave you here in pain. Who did this? Who did this to you”madam Susan asked crying bitterly. she was trying to mention a name before she passed out. Madam Susan wept in sorrow. Shaking her body on the floor. Sarah also cried calling her mum. Madam Susan quickly called an ambulance. “Am so sorry for arriving late. I’ll take care of Sarah and will protect her with my life”she said crying more bitterly. She took Sarah and waited till the ambulance arrive. “Goodbye ma’am I promise to get revenge on whosoever did this”madam Susan said and took Sarah with her.
After that day, Sarah was unconscious for three days. After she woke up, she can’t remember anything that happen. She even forgot her name and her family. Madam Susan took Sarah to his brother and changed her name to Charlie. Seven years later, her brother died and she was left alone with Charlie. She find all means just to feed Charlie because she’s so poor and doesn’t want Charlie to suffer. Until a day Mrs david accepted her as a maid in her home.
Madam Susan narrated all the storied to them. Charlie’s face was filled with tears. She thought of those dreams she had been having all night. She felt really sad and heartbroken.
“So that’s how it happened”Mrs Henry said wiping the tears on her face with a handkerchief. “Who could have done that to her? Why did the person do that evil act? I never saw her on that day she of the accident”Mrs Henry said feeling more sad.
“Where’s my real mother? What happened to her?”Charlie asked weep[truncated by WhatsApp]

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