Episode 31

Charlie got home in the evening and went to their room.
She met her mum sleeping already. She just laid down silently on the bed turning her back to her.”You’re home”madam susan said. Charlie didn’t respond to her still not feeling good about what happened earlier. “You can’t be mad at me. I know when it’s time you’ll know everything about me going against your relationships. But am sorry the reason is hidden for now. Am doing this just to protect you from any harm”madam Susan said. “Why not now? Why can’t you tell me the reasons now?. I thought you were my mother. Mothers are always backing their child in everything. Why are you trying to make everything hard on me?”Charlie said. “OK I think it’s time to reveal the truth to you. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow”madam Susan said and turned to the other side. Charlie turned to her staring at her back.
Charlie was walking around in the compound. Some students were busy walking and chatting in group while some were seen at different angles of the field. Some guys were playing foot ball on the field. She walked beside the football field watching the guys as they passed the ball to each other. “I think you guys are having fun”she said to herself looking at them.
A guy kicked the ball and it went far hanging on one of the trees. They all rushed there looking up at it but no one could get it up there. Charlie looked at them as they were all looking for a way to bring it down. “Should I use my power?”Charlie said to herself looking at them. “I don’t think that’s right, someone might caught me”she said hesitating. She started moving ignoring them but stopped and turned back again. When she turned back, someone is up on the tree trying to get it down. “Oh no. He might hurt himself”she said looking up at him.
“Guys I got it”He took the ball and threw it down to his friends.
He wants to climb down but his leg tripped and he was falling. “Nooooo careful”his friends shouted.
When he was about getting to the ground, Charlie stopped him from falling using her power. The closeness to the ground was like an inch. The guy looked down and discovered he was hanging in the air. He looked at Charlie’s direction and their eyes met. Charlie quickly dropped her hand and he fell lightly on the ground. “What was that? How’s that possible?”his friends said looking surprise by what they saw.
Jack stood up and walked up to Charlie who’s already going her way to avoid people’s attention on her. “Did he saw it? No he can’t possibly saw that”Charlie said walking faster. “Hey! Hey”Jack called until he reaches her. He held her hand back and turned her around facing him. “Wow. I can’t believe I could survive that”Jack said looking at her. Immediately Charlie saw him, she remembered his face as the guy that she met a day before. “Oh you”Jack said looking at her. “Did you attend this school?”Charlie asked him. “Yes I do. I guess you’re also a student here”Jack said looking at her. “Yes. Thanks for the other day”Charlie said smiling. “Am also thankful to you for saving my ribs.”he said and they both laughed. “But are you a witch or what. I don’t believe you could do that. It looks like a magic.”Jack said looking confused. “Oh you saw that”she said looking at him. “Yes I did. But it’s not like you are you an angel or a fairy. How can you possess such magical power?”Jack asked looking more curious. “Just forget about it. It’s nothing”Charlie said looking at him. “Ok ma’am”Jack said smiling. “So, were you able to settle with her?”he asked changing the topic. Charlie shook her head negatively with a little frown on her face”she refused to tell me. Am so fed up and confused at this moment. I don’t think she has a good reason for us to break up”Charlie said feeling said.
“I feel so bad for you guys. Does he know about what your mum said?”Jack asked her. “No. I just plan on telling him today”she said. “I think you shouldn’t do that now.”he said staring at her.
“Why?”she asked facing him.
“Hey.”Charlie heard Justin’s voice from behind.
He walked up to them and stopped beside charlie. “Hey Justin what’s up”Jack said and they both shook hands greeting each other. “Do you guys know each other?”Charlie asked looking at them. “Yes. He’s by Bro. The best Bro ever”Justin said smiling. Jack also smiled looking Charlie. “You never told me you’ll be resuming back to school lately. Daniel and Jasper would be so surprise to see you back in school”Justin said feeling happy to see Jack. “Well am sorry for that. I plan on giving you guys a surprise appearance. Good to see you again”Jack said and they shook hands again. “Here is Charlie. She’s the girl I always talk to you about”Justin said introducing her to Jack. “Oh you mean she’s your girlfriend?”Jack asked looking surprise.
“Wow what a coincident. So…”Jack stopped looking at Charlie. She nodded her head understanding what he meant.
“Have you guys met before?”Justin asked looking at them. “Yes. She saved me today”Jack said before Charlie could talk. “Oh really?”Justin said looking at Charlie.
“I’ll see you guys around. I think I need to take my leave now”Jack said. “OK Bro. Catch you later”Justin said and he left. Charlie stared at him as he left. “He said I shouldn’t tell him now. But why?”Charlie thought to herself.
“So, why are you here? Are you here to play football?”Justin asked jokingly. “Oh you mean with this tiny legs?”she replied laughing. “I’ve been looking around for you.”Justin said as they were both walking down. “Why? Is there any problem?”Charlie asked looking at him. “Not at all. I just feel like hanging around with you since my friends all went to play basketball”Justin said. “Oh really.”Charlie said looking at him. Justin stopped looking at her smiling. “Why?”she asked staring back at him. “Mum approved to our relationship. And She wants to see you tomorrow”Justin said feeling happy. “OK”Charlie said briefly not sounding happy. “Is that all you could say? Don’t you like to see her?”Justin asked looking at her.
“Oh she really did? Am so happy for that.”Charlie said laughing. “Did you also tell her?”Justin asked. Charlie was sad by that question. She don’t know how to break it down to him that her mum want them to breakup. “Uhm”she nodded her head looking at him. “What did she say about it?”Justin asked her smiling. “She said it’s OK”Charlie lied because the truth might hurt him. “Really? am so happy. Now We are good to go.”Justin said smiling. “You mean?”Charlie asked looking at him. “I mean we should prepare for engagement. So we can get married as soon as we graduate”he said. “What? It’s too early for that”Charlie said trying not to laugh. “I think that’s true. But I can’t just wait to get married to you”he said smiling. “Let’s be patient OK”Charlie said also smiling.
The following day at Mrs Henry’s house.
Justin and Charlie were sitting beside each other, while Mrs Henry sat opposite to them.
Charlie was a bit nervous because she don’t know why she invited her to their house.
“So it’s true you guys are dating”Mrs Henry said looking at Charlie. “Yes ma.”she replied with a low voice. “So do you truly love my son or…”Mrs Henry stopped looking at her. “Yes I truly love him. He’s my air. without him, I can’t breath. That could show how much I love him”she said looking at her. “Wow impressive”Mrs Henry said smiling. “Yes mum. She just said the truth”Justin said smiling. “Am not telling you to talk right now”Mrs Henry said looking at him. “Follow me”she said looking at Charlie. She looked at Justin wondering where she’s taking her”it’s OK. She won’t t kill you”Justin said to Charlie in a whisper. Charlie stood up and followed Mrs Henry walking behind her.
“Mum. Go easy on her please”Justin said stretching his neck as they left.
“It’s not like I want to Bully her or lock her up in the room. We just need to talk”she said to Justin and took Charlie into a room locking the door behind them.
Mrs Henry sat down on a mini couch and invited Charlie to sit down also.
“So, I want to ask you a question can you answer that?”Mrs Henry asked looking serious. “Yes ma. You can ask me anything”she replied sounding confident.
“Fine. Am sorry to ask this but I have to. Can you remember any of your childhood memory?”Mrs Henry asked. The question sounds odd to her. She never expected such question from her. She knew she never had any memory of when she was a kid because he mum told her she had an accident when she was 10, which wiped off her memories.
“I can’t remember any of it. since my dad died, I never remember anything after then”she said looking at her.
Mrs Henry started to get suspicious from there. The details she got said madam Susan’s brother never gave birth to a child before he died and Charlie was taken in by madam Susan 11years ago. Same time as the year of Mrs Robinson’s accident. Mrs Henry stood up and moved closer to Charlie. “Am sorry for this”she said and use her hand to move her hair to the side to have a proper view at the back of her neck. Of course she saw the same birth mark as the one Little Sarah has then. Mrs Henry was so surprised to see this. “Why are you like this?”Charlie asked looking at her. She moved back looking at Charlie in surprise.
“Sarah!?”she called looking at her.
Charlie was confused by her act. She stared at her wondering who she’s talking about.

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