Episode 28

The girls stared at Hanna in surprise. “Let’s go”Hanna said and left with Mina.
“What? Did she just said a maid’s daughter? How can she be with Justin?”a girl said looking angry. “Jeez. I can’t just believe all this. How can Justin ended up been with someone as lowly as her?”another girl said. “Let’s see how long she can last in this school with him”another girl said again looking angry.
Charlie and Lucia stood under a tree beside the football field. “So tell me when you guys started dating”Lucia said folding her arms and expecting Charlie to tell he every details about it. “Hmm where should I start from?”Charlie said with a finger on her lips. “We just started normally. Don’t expect me to reveal everything to you. OK?”Charlie said smiling. “Oh really? Why? Why? Why? Come on uhm uhm”Lucia said jumping and blinking her eyes like a toy doll”Charlie laughed as she did this. “What a funny face. So cute, but I can’t tell you still”Charlie said laughing. “Well, fine if you don’t want to”Lucia said folding her arms. Charlie looked at her smiling.
Few seconds later, Lucia held her stomach bending slightly”oh my tummy. I think I need to use the toilet”she said looking at Charlie. “Go quickly”Charlie said looking at her. “Wait here. I’ll be back shortly”she said and walked fast heading to the toilet.
“What a funny girl”Charlie said looking at her as she walked.
As she was still smiling looking at Lucia, some girls came to her.
They dressed like gangsters. A girl was in the middle chewing gum. Her makeup is a killer. She wore a ripped Jean trouser and a croptop revealing her tummy. The other three girls also wore dresses revealing parts of their bodies.
Charlie was so surprised to see them before her. “Who are you guys?”she asked looking at them. The girl in the middle stepped forward twisting her hair. “Wow. I love that question”she said with a faint smile. Another girl came forward to her. “So, you’re the girl everyone is talking about? Wow You looked so pretty but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know your place here”the girl said looking at her badly. She was confused by what they were saying. “What are you guys talking about?”Charlie asked looking confused. “We’re here to warn you. If you don’t want something bad to happen to you, back off from Justin already because he’s too good for a maid’s daughter like you”another girl said looking at her angrily. Charlie was surprised they knew this. “No one could have done this other than Hanna”Charlie thought to herself looking at them. “It’s not you guys business. Am a maid’s daughter doesn’t mean am not a human. We are all born the same way. And all the money you guys have been spending, did you work for it? No. it’s your father’s wealth. You guys should stop judging people as you wish according to power or positions.”Charlie said fearlessly.
The girls became more angry for what Charlie just said.
The third girl moved closer to her folding her arms together. She smiled at Charlie strolling her hair gently. “Will you shut that mouth of yours? You can’t compare yourself with us OK. Leave Justin alone or you’ll see hell on earth”the girl said angrily and grabbed Charlie’s hair aggressively. She held her hand to stop her from pulling harder”Let me go now or you’ll regret it later”Charlie said holding her hand. “What will I regret? You can’t do anything because no one is here to help you”another girl said. “On the count of three if you don’t free me, you guys would regret picking on me”she said looking at them badly. “I told you to shut that mouth. You’re just making it worst for yourself here”the girl said pulling her hair more. “1….2….thr”
“What the hell are you guys doing to her?”lucia’s voice caught in harshly. The girls all looked at her direction when she talked. She moved closer to the girl holding Charlie’s hair, and grabbed her hand tightly. “Do you have a death wish?”she asked looking at her angrily then flung her hand in the air. “You don’t have to butt in Lucia.”the girl chewing gum said looking at her. “Oh you mean to watch you guys bully my friend? Or because she’s a maid’s daughter?
You guys are acting dumb and stupid. Why criticizing people and judging them by position. You should be ashame of yourselves. Did Justin complained to you guys that she doesn’t like her because she’s a maid’s daughter?”Lucia asked looking at them.
“Who’s a maid’s daughter? And why is her hair so messed up like this?”Justin’s voice cuts in from a side of the field. He walked up to them and stood before the girls wondering what happened. “Justin she was deceiving you all this while. Can you believe she’s a maid’s daughter? She’s a gold digger and a beggar also”a girl said to Justin. He looked at the girl as she talked then looked back at Charlie.
Charlie can’t say anything but kept her head down in shame.
Hanna and her friends stood at a corner watching the scene. Hanna smiled to herself as she saw Charlie now feeling ashame of herself.
Charlie kept her head down not looking at Justin. She thought she has done something bad not letting Justin know about her family background sooner.
Justin looked at the girls and nodded his head positively. “What’s the big deal in that? Was that why you guys were picking on her?”Justin asked looking at them.
“I know she is and I love her for her not because of her family background. I don’t care what you guys say about that because I love her so much”Justin said and moved to Charlie. “Let’s go. Am sorry for not coming earlier”he said looking at Charlie while holding her hand. Charlie was so surprised Justin didn’t act up on it because she never told him before.
Hanna’s expression changed immediately she saw that. She felt an instant headaches on her forehead. “How does this happened? What is this girl exactly?”she said holding her forehead in pain.
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