Episode 27

Justin and Charlie kept staring at them in confusion.
“Madam Susan where have you been all this years? And who’s she?”Mrs Henry asked her. She looked at Charlie then looked back at mrs henry.
She invited Madam Susan to another room. They were both sitting opposite to each other.
“Where have you been all these years?”Mrs Henry asked looking at her. “It’s a long story”she replied. “Lets hear it”mrs Henry said looking at her. “After Mrs Robinson got into accident with her child, not too long from that time, I was called to look after my sick mother. Since then, I left Mr Robinson’s house to take care of her”she replied. Mrs Henry stared at her strangely as she talked. “Is that the case?”she asked her. “Yes that was why I left”madam Susan replied.
“I remembered you were not with any child when you left, how come the girl you claim to be her mother is all grown up? How does that happen?”Mrs Henry asked again sounding curious.
Madam Susan stared at her for a while before she spoke up. “Actually, Charlie is not my biologic daughter. She’s my brother’s daughter, and now he’s late. Since then, I’ve been looking after her until now”madam Susan replied. “Oh so bad. where are you guys living now?”she asked her feeling sorry. “We’re living with my new boss still as a maid”she replied not looking at her. “Still a maid? You should have look for something better.”Mrs Henry said feeling more sorry for her. “How about you start your own small business now”Mrs Henry asked her. “I have no money to do that. I think where we are is better”she said feeling shy. “Come on. That’s too bad for a young girl like her. And you’re now getting more older to work. You’ll become weak and sick if you continue doing house chores and all.”Mrs Henry said looking at her.
“OK can you come to my office tomorrow? I’ll prepare everything. You’re not a bad person, I should also help you now because I can’t forget how you looked after our kids and taught them so well then”she said.
“OK thanks ma. I’ll come to you tomorrow”madam Susan said with a little smile.
Mrs henry stood up smiling. “I’ll be expecting you. I think fate brought us back to see each other. And am sorry for hitting your daughter with my car.”Mrs Henry said. “Everything is OK ma”madam Susan said and also stood up. they both left the room and went back to the kids.
When they got there, Charlie and Justin were holding hands and smiling at each other. Mrs Henry walked closer to them clearing her throat. They both saw them and quickly left each other’s hands looking at them. Madam Susan looked at Justin then went to Charlie. “We’ll take our leave now”she said smiling. “It’s OK. Don’t forget to see tomorrow”Mrs Henry said with a smile. “Charlie. Once again, am sorry for what happened.”she said smiling. “It’s OK ma. Thank you for taking care of me”she said with a bow.
Charlie looked at Justin again then madam Susan took her hand and they left the room.
Mrs Henry looked at Justin as he kept staring at her till the door was shut. Still he was not looking good to see her leave.
She cleared her throat and moved closer to him. “I thought you said she’s a schoolmate, but this closeness between you guys said otherwise. Do you like her or you guys are dating already?”Mrs Henry asked looking at him. Justin turned to her surprised she caught on too early. “I told you that’s not the case. Mum stop this interrogations please”Justin said and left the room. Mrs Henry shook her head smiling and walked to the door.
Hanna was standing at a corner leaning her back to the wall.
she brought out a packet of cigarette from her pocket and took a stick from it. She brought out a lighter and was about lighting it. Daniel came out from the other side and put his hand on it to stop her. “That is bad”he said looking at her. The way he dressed, one could tell he was coming from the basketball field. Hanna looked at him and rolled her eyes. “What’s your fucking business with that? Just get lost ok”Hanna said angrily and was about lighting it. “OK good then”Daniel said and froze the lighter holding his hand up at it.”Hanna looked at him and was so angry. “How dare you…”she yelled angrily trying to hit him. Daniel held her hand tightly that she can’t free herself. “Stop been so rude and stubborn. it doesn’t suite you at all. Instead of smoking that why don’t you take this instead”Daniel said and dipped his hand right hand in his pocket. He brought out a stick of sweet and placed it on her hand. “I think this suits pretty girls like you”Daniel said smiling. He released her hand and left. Hanna was dumbfounded staring at Daniel as he left. She looked at the sweet in her hand and dropped it on the floor. “Jeez. How could you tell me to take this”Hanna said looking down at the sweet and the cigarette on the floor. “Wait. Did he just noticed am pretty? Good thing he’s not also blind at least”Hanna said laughing.
“Since pretty girls take this, I’ll have it then”she said and picked up the sweet.
Charlie and Justin were sitting outside the cafeteria.
Students could be seen walking in and out of the cafeteria while some were just passing by.
“Won’t your mum be upset when she finds out we’re dating.”Charlie asked him. “Mum can’t tell me who to date. Why will she? Am 23 already not a kid anymore. So, she can’t”Justin replied. “Oh really? Then why did you lie to her about us yesterday?”Charlie asked again looking at him. “Well, I did that because am not ready for her questions now. When it’s time, I’ll let her know”Justin replied. “When it’s time. OK it’s just that I don’t want her to feel bad when she did”Charlie said staring at him. Justin looked at her and smiled. “What of you? Did you tell your mum about us?”Justin asked looking at her. Charlie shook her head negatively”I haven’t. I don’t know what she’ll say about it, because I never said something like that to her before. But I’ll try telling her tonight.”she said playing with her fingers”Justin placed his hand on Charlie’s hand looking at her”it’s OK. We’re not kids anymore. And I don’t think there’s anything bad about us dating. She can’t go against it ok”Justin said looking at her. She nodded her head smiling.
Each time some bunch of girls pass, Charlie doesn’t feel comfortable because of the way they look at her. “Let’s leave”Justin said standing up. Charlie also stood up and the both left the cafeteria. Charlie feel nervous because of those eyes watching her from each angle as they walked. Justin noticed this and held her hand smiling. Charlie looked down at his hand then looked at his face. Justin nodded his head to her saying it’s OK. They both went on despite all those eyes looking at them especially Charlie.
“Who’s she? Is she Justin’s girlfriend? Who’s her father? How can she be so lucky?”those girls watching her said in amazement. “I think she’s not an ordinary girl. Maybe an angel and she pretty too.”a girl said looking at them.
“Her father’s position must be so high” a girl in short fringe said. “She nothing but a maid’s daughter”Hanna’s voice interrupted. They all diverted their attention to Hanna who was standing behind them with Mina. “What? Did you said a maid’s daughter?”a girl asked looking at Hanna.
“Yes our maid’s daughter”Hanna repeated looking at them.
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