Episode 26

Justin went beside her and hold her hand”Charlie are you OK?”he asked looking at her face. Charlie opened her eyes faintly, looking around the room and people beside her. “Where am I? What happened?”she asked looking at Justin. “Am so relieved you woke up. What were you thinking of to let the car hit you?”Justin asked looking at her. Mrs Henry walks in and went to Charlie. “Are you alright my dear?”she asked looking at her. Charlie nodded her head saying yes. “Am so sorry for this. I’ll like to call your parents and tell them what happened so I can apologize to them”Mrs Henry said to her. She looked down at the state of Justin hand and Charlie’s as they were locked up to each other. “Can I have any of your parent’s number?”mrs Henry requested unlocking her phone. “Ok ma.”she replied and called the number for her. “I’ll call her now”she said and stood up facing a maid. “Bring her something to eat and take good care of her”Mrs Henry said and left the room. “Ok ma”She replied and also left the room closing the door behind her. Charlie looked at justin and managed to sit up resting her back on the pillow”where am i? Who’s the woman that left?”she asked him. “You were knocked down by her car so, she brought you home. She’s my mum and you’re in our house”Justin replied. “Anyway, how are you feeling right now?”he added looking at her. Charlie remembered how the accident happen and also remembered she was not knocked down by the car. “Am alright. I was just shocked the car would hit me. But it doesn’t even get to me”she said. Justin was surprised by what she said because, her body and face showed she was injured he wondered how that could happen. “If the car didn’t get to you, why are you like this then?”Justin asked looking curious. But she has nothing to tell him she can’t tell him she fought with Hanna because of him, it would be really embarrassing and stupid. “Hmm ehn I fell while walking in the school compound”she lied even though it doesn’t make sense. She looked at Justin expecting him to believe that. “I don’t get you. So you mean you were sleeping while walking? Or you were walking backward?”Justin asked even though he can’t get reply to the questions. “Charlie tell me truth. You don’t have to keep anything from me”he said rubbing her hands. Charlie scratched the back of her head. Since Justin caught her, she can’t lie anymore. “The truth is I had a fight with Hanna.”she said not looking at him. “Why? What caused the fight?”he asked. “We fought because of you. Hanna like you but you didn’t give her attention. When she found out that we were dating, she got mad at me and then we had an argument and ended up fighting. I used my power on her, she’s also hurt like I am”Charlie said with her face down. “What? Why will you guys fight because of that? And You said you discovered your powers? How does it work?”Justin asked wondering how she saw it. Charlie summarized to him how it works and how she also got injured by Hanna’s power. “How dare her touch you because of that? She should come and say it to my face instead. I won’t forgive her for doing this to my love”he said frowning his face. Charlie smiled on seeing his face”that face doesn’t suit You.”she said laughing. Justin looked at her and also smiled.
When Hanna got home, she called on Charlie so that she could send her on useless errands again, but she couldn’t find her. She went to their door step and knocked on the door. Madam Susan opened the door and met her there. She looked at her face wondering what happened to her”what happened to your face?”madam Susan asked looking at her but she ignored her peeping to see if Charlie is inside. “Where’s Charlie?”Hanna asked when she couldn’t find her inside. “She’s not back from school”she replied. “It’s late already, why is she not back?”madam Susan asked Hanna. “Are you telling me to watch after you daughter in school?”she said rudely and turn to leave. A call came into Charlie’s mother phone, It was an unknown number. She took it and placed it to her ear. Mrs Henry told her Charlie was hit by her car but she’s better now. And would like to see her mother so that she could apologize properly. She said she’ll text the address to her and would like her to come.
Madam Susan was so impatient and shocked to hear that. “I’ll be there right now”she said and hung up the phone. When Hanna heard Charlie had an accident, she smiled to herself”serves her right. I hope you never get better”she said and left for her room upstairs.
Madam Susan took her bag and quickly left the house.
“Are you feeling better now?”Justin asked looking at her. “Yes I am. I think seeing you here with me, made me all better”she said and freed her hands up in the air but her right arm hurt and she quickly held it with other arm groaning in pain”ah ah ouch”she groan in pain. Justin quickly moved closer to her”you should be careful or it will hurt you more”Justin looking at her. “Where does it hurt? How does it feel?”Justin asked looking all over her body. Charlie stared at him smiling.”here. It really hurt right here”she said pointing to her lips. Justin looked at her lips then at her face smiling.”really? Let me blow it for you”he said and moved closer to her face. Charlie closed her eyes. He blew it lightly smiling and then he kissed her lips. Charlie pushed him back laughing. “Ouch it hurt more”she said smiling. “Really? Oh sorry. Let me blow it again”he said moving closer to her face. Charlie gave him a quick kiss smiling and covered her face with the blanket. “Hey but you said it hurt”Justin said smiling.
“It’s not anymore”she replied under the blanket. “Let me see. Take off the blanket and let me see it. I promise I won’t do anything”Justin said laughing while trying to pull it off. “No”charlie said holding onto it more tighter. “OK fine then”Justin said and sat back moving away from her.
Mrs Henry walks in holding her phone. “Are you feeling better?”she asked walking towards her bed. She heard her voice and quickly drew the blanket off her face.”yes I am”she replied looking at her. “Yes mum she’s feeling all great now”Justin said smiling. She looked at Justin as he replied to her question with a smile. She sensed something suspicious about them.”What are you to my son?”she asked Charlie.
Charlie looked at Justin then stared back at Mrs Henry not knowing what to say.”am…am..”she stuttered. “Mum. I told you she’s my schoolmate. No need to ask her again”Justin cuts in looking at his mother. “Hmm your schoolmate? OK I agree”she said looking at Charlie.
Mrs Henry’s phone rang and she took it”yes. Let her in”she said to the caller. She hung up the call and folded her arms”your mum is here”she said to Charlie and sat on a couch crossing her legs.
Madam Susan opened the door and walked in in hurry”Charlie! Charlie what happened?”she called moving to her side. “Mummy am OK. Am all better now”she said looking at her.
“How does this happen?”madam Susan asked and turned to Mrs Henry. When she saw her, she was so surprised. Mrs Henry got up from the couch also looking surprised.”madam Susan”she called looking at her.
“Mrs Henry?”madam Susan also called looking surprise. “Why are you here? Don’t tell me…..”Mrs Henry said and looked at Charlie.
Charlie and Justin were surprised to see they both knew each other. Mrs Henry stared at madam Susan, while madam Susan kept her head down not looking at her.
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