Episode 25

He moved closer to them calling her name”Charlie! How does this happened?”Justin asked looking at Mr bate. Mrs Henry moved closer to Justin while Charlie was taken in by the female maids.
“Did you know her?”Mrs Henry asked her son who was panicking. “Yes I do. She’s my…my….”he stopped looking at his mum. She was also expecting him to say where he knows her. “My schoolmate”he said looking at his mum.
The doctor drove in and packed beside the car. He came down holding a briefcase. He walked up to Mrs Henry and greeted her”welcome ma”he said with a little bow. “Take him in to check on the girl”she commanded a maid, who also obeyed and led the doctor in to where Charlie was.
“Your school mate?”Mrs Henry asked again. Justin nodded his head but he looks uncomfortable. Mrs Henry noticed this but wonder why he was acting that way.
“Don’t worry. She’ll be taken care of OK. With the look on your face, I can see that girl is close to you”Mrs Henry said patting his hair. “Let’s go in for now”she said patting his shoulder.
“OK mum”he replied and they both went in.
Charlie was taken to one of the guess room. She laid on the bed still unconscious while the doctor attend to her. The room was well arranged and neat. Two maids stood beside her while the doctor was at the other side giving her treatment.
He put plaster on her crushed arm and took care of the tear at the corner of her lips.
Justin was sitting with his mum In the main living room. He sat beside his mum while her secretary sat opposite to them. Three maids came with refreshment and placed them on the table before them.
“How have you been doing all by yourself”Mrs Henry asked him with a smile. “I’ve been doing well mum”Justin replied not smiling. His mind was somewhere else. He was thinking of Charlie. “I’ll be staying for two days, because I still have something to take care of in Australia. But anyway, it’s good seeing my boy again. You’ve grown so tall”she said smiling. “Yes mum. Am also happy to see you.”Justin said with a faint smile. Mrs Henry could notice he’s not that OK. Something is really bothering him. “Justin. Do you have anything bothering your mind? I’ve been studying you since we came in. Was it because of the girl? Who is she to you exactly”his mum asked looking at him. “It’s not that. Am just worried one of my schoolmate is like that. I hope she get up healthily”he replied uncomfortably. He doesn’t want to open up to his mum that Charlie is her girlfriend. If he does, she won’t let him be. She’ll ask so many questions about her and he’s not ready to answer those questions now.
“Is that it?”Mrs Henry asked him. Her phone rings and she excused herself to picked. “Give me a moment”she said and left the living room.
Justin stood up and walked around the living room restlessly. His eyes caught a picture beside the speaker and he moved closer to it. He picked it up holding it in his hand. “How does this got here?”he asked himself. Then he saw a big photo album beside the speaker. He picked it up and opened it. He inserted the photo back in it and was about closing it. A photo caught his eyes and he took the whole album with him to sit down. He has been seeing the picture several times but he has no idea who the small girl by his side is. He promise to ask his mum someday but it always skip his mind.
Mrs Henry walks In and sat down beside him looking at the album. “Are you looking back at those photos?”she said looking at it. “Yes mum”he replied. “You’re so cute when you were small.”she said looking at the photo where Justin was standing among his friends, then they were still little and small.”But mum, whose she?
I know this is Daniel, this is Jasper, and this is me. But who’s she?”Justin asked pointing to the girl. His mum’s expression changed on hearing that. Which Justin also noticed”why mum?”he asked looking at her.
“She’s Sarah. Mr Robinson’s daughter. You guys used to attend the same school and play together when you were kids. This picture was taken at a fun pack. She’s so cute and beautiful just like her mother. She love to play with you especially. I like her just like my own daughter”Mrs henry said smiling. “But where is she now? Did she travel to another country?”Justin asked looking more curious. Mrs Henry took a deep breath before she spoke”she was nowhere to be found after a terrible accident which landed Rachel into coma. We searched everywhere for her and filed missing report, but still she was not found.
Mr Robinson was so sad about the news. He was heartbroken to lost his wife and second child a day. Although Rachel is still on life supporting matching in coma for the past 15years. We hoped and pray she recover one day.”Mrs Henry said looking sad. Justin was also sad to hear the heart touching story. “Who’s Mr Robinson?”he asked again. “Mr Robinson is the formal governor of this state.”she replied. “The same Mr Robinson. Oh so bad. He would have been heartbroken”Justin said putting on a sad face.
A maid came in and told them charlie is conscious.
Justin jumped on his feet and quickly went in ahead of his mum. Mrs Henry watched him as he left wondering who the girl is to him”Who is this girl to make my son act this way? Definitely she’s more than a schoolmate to him. I need to found out myself”Mr Henry said and also left the living room.
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