Episode 24

Charlie looked at her hand then looked back from where she sped. She stared at Hanna for a while before moving out of the storage room. Her hands were shaking in fear as she walks down the passage. She met Daniel on her way “hy Charlie”daniel greeted but she didn’t reply. She ignored him and went on. Daniel stopped and turned back looking at her. “What happened to her face?”he asked himself.
Not too long, Hanna also came out of the storage room with her hand bruised and her cloth full of dust. Daniel saw her and was surprised to see that too. Hanna want to ignore him but he drew her back holding her arm. “Why are you guys like this?”he asked looking at her. “Let me go now!”Hanna yelled at him and jacked off her hand then walked away. “What’s happening? Was there a fight between them? Who won?”he asked himself.
Charlie got out and Lucia quickly walked to her on seeing her face and arm. “What happened? Did that bitch did this to you?”Lucia asked following her. She stopped and turned to her”please I want to be alone for now”she said looking at Lucia. “OK, but I’ll deal with her if I found out she was the one that did it”Lucia said but Charlie ignored her and went on heading to unknown destination. She got to a place and sat down on a bench beside the football field. She flashed back to what happened to her in the storage room. “Why was I like that? Did I also discover my power? But it’s different from others”she thought to herself burying her face in her palm.
As they were playing ball on the field, a guy kicked it up and it went towards Charlie. She watched the ball as it came. When it almost got to her, she guided her face with her hands. But she noticed the ball wasn’t hitting her. She looked up slowly and saw the ball in the air. She brought down her hand, then it fell to the ground. Charlie looked at her hand then at the ball. A guy came to her and picked up the ball”am sorry and it’s good it didn’t get to you”the guy said and went on with the ball. Charlie got up and walked away from the field slowly.
After school, Charlie left without saying goodbye to Lucia. She walked out of the compound and walked down to the bus stop. She waited for the traffic light to stop the upcoming vehicles before she could cross to the other side.
“I discovered my power, why am I feeling down? Was it because I hurt Hanna?”she thought to herself. “I won’t loose to her this time. She always get whatever she want but not this time. I won’t give up Justin for her.”she thought to herself.
Clara and Mina saw Hanna’s state, and asked her how it happened. She refused to tell them anything because they don’t know of their powers. “I’ll make you regret what you did to me. I’ll make everyone who love turn to your enemy. It’s like you’ve forgotten am Hanna”she thought to herself smiling. “Hanna why are you not saying anything?”Mina asked her looking worried. She moved closer to the girls.”Charlie did it. And I want her to regret doing this to me”she said looking at them. “What? How dear her? She must pay for doing this to our friend”Clara said angrily. “How could she? We must deal with her”Mina added. “First, I’ll reveal her true identity to the whole school”Hanna said. Because in royal hour school, students from lowly class as Charlie were not always treated well. Some got in by scholarship. They stand with power and position of their family in school because it’s full of rich kids.
“If I reveal she a maids daughter. And to crown it all our house maid daughter dating Justin of all guys in school. You know how the girls will treat her. I know they won’t let her be. No one will force her to leave the school before she’ll do that”Hanna said smiling wickedly. “Wow. Hanna if you should reveal that, you’ll ruin her image in school finally. Why not another plan?”Clara said feeling bad for Charlie.
“Yes I know. I want to destroy her finally. I want her gone from this school, it’s not a place for a lowly maid like her to play love game with me”Hanna said looking angry.
“Yes I support you Hanna. I think that will be better”Mina said smiling.
“I know when Justin also hear this, he would lost interest in her because she’s out of his league. He should be with someone like me. They said bird of the same feathers flocks together”Hanna said smiling.
“Let’s go girls”she said standing up.
Justin was in his car preparing to go home. His phone rang and he quickly picked it on seeing his mum’s number.
“Hello mum”he said smiling. “Yes son. Am on my way home right now. I just arrived 15minutes ago, I called your number but it was not reachable.”Mrs Henry said on phone.
On hearing that she’s going home, Justin was so happy because it has been a month he saw her apart from talking on phone. “OK mum. Am really happy right now. It’s a surprise visit. Am also on my way home from school”he said smiling. “OK son. I can’t wait to see you”Mrs Henry said.
She hung the call and placed the phone by her side. She was sitting at the back of a black range Rover sport, while her driver drives in the front. She wore a cream fashion gown and her hair was cut in average length. She has a flashy red lipstick which made look more beautiful. Her wrist has a gold wrist watch and gold bangles. A lady was also sitting beside her wearing an office suite.
Charlie was not concentrating on the traffic light. It has indicated a red light which means she has to cross to the other side but her thoughts don’t allow her to notice that. When it was about changing to green, she snapped out of it and saw the red light was counting from three. She looked at the vehicles and wanted to cross before it could count to one She crossed the road but it was late already. A car was coming her way, her eyes widened as she stood in the middle of the road looking at it.
“What’s she doing?”Mrs Henry’s driver said trying to press on the break pedal. Before the car could got to her, she fainted out of shock. “What happened? Did you knock her down?”Mrs Henry asked looking scared. She quickly got down from car and moved to Charlie. The driver and her secretary also got down. Mrs Henry bent beside her thinking her car knocked charlie down “miss! Miss!!”she called shaking her body. “What happened ma?”Mr bate asked. “Get her into the car right now”she shouted on them. Mr bate carried Charlie from the floor and took her inside the car. They all got into the car. Mrs Henry sat beside her at the back while her secretary sat beside the driver. “Should I go to the hospital?”The driver asked. “I can’t go there right now. Let’s go home”Mrs Henry said looking worried and scared.
Justin got home but can’t find his mum. “Why is she not here yet? I thought she almost get home”Justin said walking around in the compound. “Hmm let me call Charlie and tell her about this”he said and brought out his phone smiling. He dialed her number and placed it on his ear. But it was switched off. “Why did you switch off your phone”he said looking at the phone screen. “I’ll tell her later”he said and moved about in the compound.
The maids has taken care of everywhere waiting for the arrival of mrs Henry. Some of them stood in the compound to welcome her while some were in the main passage. They all were on uniform wearing blue and white.
“What’s keeping her so long?”Justin said feeling impatient.
They drove into the compound in speed and that got Justin surprised.
Mr bate packed the car at the garage and rushed down to help Charlie in.
Justin was surprised by his act, he quickly walked to the car wondering what was happening.
Mrs Henry also rushed down looking impatient. “Take her in”she said opening the back door. She has called her doctor on their way home, to come and check Charlie. “Mum what’s the matter?” Justin asked looking confused. “There was an accident”mrs Henry replied. “Who? How? Where?”justin asked looking confused. Mr bate carried Charlie in his arm and brought her out. Justin looked at who he brought out and saw Charlie in his arm. “Charlie?”he called looking more shocked and confused.
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