Episode 22

Charlie stared at her for a while before she responded”Hanna I told you my mum sent me on an errand, what do you want me to do again?”she Asked looking at her. “Why are you asking me that? Or should I send her instead?”Hanna said staring at her. Charlie’s phone rings again, she saw it was Justin but she was not able to pick it. “Let her go I’ll do it”Charlie’s mother said from behind. Hanna looked back and was so angry her mom volunteer to help her. “Mum”Charlie called looking at her. “Just go. You’re late already. Remember I told you not to come late”her mum said looking at her. Hanna don’t know what to say because her mum butts in. Charlie smiled at her mum and she nodded her head for her to go. She looked at Hanna who was now fuming in anger, then she left the living room and walked out. “What do you want me to do?”madam Susan asked Hanna who was still looking at Charlie as she left. She turned to madam Susan looking at her with bad eyes, she then walked out on her in anger and left for her room. Madam Susan smiled and went back in. She has no idea of who Charlie wants to meet but she’s sure that person is so important to her.
Justin was standing outside the movie theater. He was searching for Charlie among the people, staring at the them as they arrived. He hope to just see her pop out of the crowd. He checked the time and it was 7:28,now he became more impatient and thought Charlie had forgot about the movie already. He feels so sad and disappointed. He has been calling her number but she wasn’t picking up. When it’s 7:30, he lost hope of seeing her and moved to go back home in disappointment. Meanwhile Charlie just arrived there, she got down from the taxi and gave the driver the accurate money. She checked the time and quickly walked in searching for Justin. She dialed his number but it was not reachable. She felt so bad thinking how long he would had waited for her. She walked back slowly feeling sad. “Hanna you caused this. I won’t forgive you if I lost this chance tonight”she thought to herself leaning on a wall behind her. “Why did you came late”a familiar voice pierced through her ear. She stood properly and faced the person. “Am so sorry. Something came up that was why am late. Am so sorry”she said looking at Justin. “It’s OK we can go in now”Justin said with a smile. They both left the place and went inside.
When they got in, the movie had started already, so they just looked for a sit somewhere at the back.
They both sat down and Justin held her hand as they watch the movie.
Charlie’s eyes was fixed on the screen at the beginning. But later, she started to doze off. Instead of Justin to just look at the screen, he prefer looking at her as she sleeps.
She opened her eyes and sat well looking at the screen again. Then Justin also rested his back staring at the screen. She started dosing off again. This time her head moved backward, Justin quickly guided it with his hand and rested it gently on his shoulder so that it won’t fall off. She adjusted her head head properly resting more comfortably on his shoulder. Justin looked at her and smiled”she hardly watched quarter of it before she slept off”he said smiling.
Few minutes later, the movie ended and people started moving out. He refused to wake her up as she was still sleeping. After a while, Charlie woke up but she wasn’t opening her eyes. When she knew she was sleeping on Justin’s shoulder, she smiled to herself.
“Since when do you like me? I only thought you found me annoying and stupid. I had wanted to ask this from the day you confessed. It’s OK, so far as you love me, I don’t need to know about that”Justin said supposing she won’t hear that since she’s sleeping. Charlie smiled to herself and replied”I just know I love you. I just woke up a day and found your love filled in my heart, your image always appear each time I close my eyes. I think we met by fate because, I had never loved someone as I love you”Charlie said with her head still on his shoulder. Justin was surprised she wasn’t sleeping and was happy with what she said.
“Can you promise me one thing?”Justin asked still smiling. Charlie raised her head and was staring at him. “What is it?”she asked looking at him. Justin took her hands looking straight into her eyes.”promise me no matter what happen between us In the future, you’ll never leave me. You’ll love me with all your heart like I do love you. Promise me you’ll never break my heart or let me down”Justin said looking at her. “I promise to stay with you. I promise never to let you down no matter what happen between us”she said smiling. “It’s a promise. Remember it can’t be broken”Justin said looking at her. “Yes it is. I sealed it today”Charlie said smiling. Justin drew her close to his body and gave her a warm hug. “I love you”he said smiling. “I love you too”Charlie said also smiling.”Am so happy right now but am sad we have to go back home now”Justin said still hugging her. “Me too. Am so sad”Charlie said. He released her and took her hand”Let’s go”Justin said standing up. He took her hand and they both left.
He drove her home, and when they got to the gate, Charlie got down from his car. She wanted to wave him goodbye but he has also came down. He walked to Charlie and hugged her”goodnight my heart”he said smiling. Hearing the word my heart,she smiled to herself”Goodnight”she replied and tried to withdraw herself from him but he didn’t let her her go. “Let’s stay a little longer like this”Justin said still hugging her.
Meanwhile, Hanna was watching them from her room upstairs.
Justin released her and gave her a Peck on her check”am leaving now”he said and left for his car. Charlie smiled and waved at him as he left.
Hanna watched all this with her head boiling in anger. She held her fist so tight that all the objects beside her started falling in the control of her power”How dear you? Charlie you’ll regret this. I promise you won’t get away with it. Why Justin of all guy?why?.”she said scattering her room with her wind power.
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