Episode 21

“Can you guys see that?”Hanna asked looking at them. They all moved back looking at the it.
It looks like a small passage, round in shape. Inside the circle, one could see the view of the place they were before disappearing back to their world. It still has the shining crystal glowing like a star. “What’s that?”Daniel said looking at it. They all went silent except Charlie who moved closer to it. “am I suppose touch the shining crystal so you guys can return back to your normal state”Charlie said looking at them. Justin quickly moved closer to her. “Charlie no. We don’t know what will happen again if you touch that. What if we traveled back to the other world?”Justin said looking at her. “But we’re not sure if that would happen”Charlie said. “No matter what, don’t do it”he said again.
As they were still talking, something like a wind blew from the circle and was drawing Charlie back towards the circle. “Charlie!”they all shouted. Justin held her hand and drew her with force. The rest also try stopping it from taking her in. It only affect Charlie but others were OK. Charlie was so scared and held justin hand tightly. Hanna uses the force of her power to drag her back, raising her hand at it. It withdrew her from the circle little by little. Daniel also dragged her by holding her second hand. “What’s happening?”Hanna said still using her power. The circle closed and the force of Hanna’s power drew them back including Charlie. Daniel fell to the ground beside Hanna, while Charlie fell on Justin resting her head on his chest. “Are you OK?”Justin asked her still in pain because his right arm bruised the ground as they fell. Charlie raised up her head with tears on her face”no am not. I was so scared, I thought I would go back to that scary place. What’s really happening to us”she said crying. “It’s OK. Don’t cry it’s all over now. You’re still here with us”Justin said and took her up on her feet. “I was so scared”she said still crying. She rested her head on Justin’s chest still sobbing. Justin looked at Daniel and Hanna who were staring at them. He placed his hand at her back patting her”it’s OK don’t cry”Justin said. Hanna was jealous by the fact that she Justin hugged her. “It’s OK Charlie. It’s gone now”Daniel said behind her.
Till they left the school, Hanna has been watching the closeness between Justin and Charlie. She smells something fishy about them.
At school….
Charlie was sitting alone after mathematics class, solving some maths problems.
Someone came sitting beside her, she taught it was Lucia that excused herself to the toilet. “You’re back so soon”she said not looking at the person but concentrated on her work. “Yes I am”a masculine voice replied instead of a tiny voice.
She turned to the person and saw Justin, He was looking so hot as always. She looked back at her note smiling. “Why are you here?”Charlie asked not looking at him. “Well, I came to look at your face”he replied and rested his right arm on the desk resting his chin on it in a way that he was staring at Charlie’s face.”Don’t stare too much. My face might have hole on it”Charlie said smiling. Justin smiled when she said that”Are you free after school?”he asked. “Why?”she asked looking at him. “I want us to watch a movie tonight”he replied smiling, expecting her to say yes. “Hmm, am not, until 7pm”Charlie said. “Okey. The movie starts by 7:30pm”Justin said feeling happy. “Let’s exchange contact so I can call you anytime”Justin said and brought out his phone. “Sure”Charlie said smiling. They both exchanged contact and Justin promised to call later. He gave her a movie ticket and they continue talking. Lucia walks in as both were still discussing. “I’ll go now”Justin said when he saw Lucia. He stood up and left the class. Lucia quickly went to sit beside Charlie after watching Justin leave the class. “Wow. I smell something fishy between you guys”Lucia said looking at her. “Let’s finish the maths problems”Charlie said ignoring her. Lucia looked at her and smiled”am sure something is smelling fishy,but it’s OK if you don’t want to tell me”she said opening her book. Charlie ignored her smiling to herself and they continue what they were doing.
In the evening by 6:45, Charlie finished all the chores meant for her mother, and was preparing to go for the movie. Her mum was arranging some clothes into the box, she saw the smile on her face as she was changing. “Huh huh. I’ve been watching you since you came back from school, why are you smiling so brightly and who are you going out to meet?”her mum asked still arranging the clothes. She tied her hair in ponytail and went beside her mom arranging the clothes with her. “Am I smiling too much?”she asked looking at her mum. “Well, am happy to see you smile like that. No matter what makes you happy, it’s good to see you in that state”her mum said smiling. They finished arranging the clothes and she stood up to Leave. “Am leaving now”she said picking her bag from the sofa. “Alright, remember you can’t stay out late OK”her mum said. “Alright, I’ll be back soon”she said smiling. She hugged her mum and leave their room. When she got to the living room, she saw Hanna sitting down on the couch pressing her phone. Hanna saw her and stopped what she was doing. She looked at her from head to toe guessing she’s going to meet someone by the way she dressed. “Is she going to justin? Are they dating? When did they started? Where are they going to by this time?”many thoughts ran through her head as she stared at her. Charlie walked pass her but she called her back. “Where are you leaving to by this time?”Hanna asked standing up from the couch. Charlie don’t want her to know she’s going to Justin because, she might get angry at her. She’s aware that Hanna had a crush on him. Since they are just getting close lately, she don’t want anything that will make her angry or change back her attitude towards her. She quickly think of a lie to tell her. “Ehmm hmm mum send me on an errand”she lied but her voice was shaky. Hanna looked at the again”is that why you dressed this way”Hanna asked looking at her from head to toe. “Hmm yes, i just feel like dressing like this tonight”she reply smiling uncomfortably. “Is that true?”Hanna asked feeling suspicious. “Yes it is”she replied. Her phone rings and Hanna looked at her hand. Charlie checked the caller and she saw it was justin. She wanted to lock the screen so that Hanna won’t see the caller, but her hand was shaking. The phone fell from her and Hanna clearly saw the caller. “Justin” it was written on the screen as it continue ringing. Hanna looked up at her boiling in anger and jealousy. “Why is he calling you by this time?”she asked pointing down at the phone. Charlie bent down and picked up the phone. “Ehm I don’t know. I have to go now”Charlie said trying to move out. “Am sorry you can’t because I have something you must do for me now”Hanna said looking at her. Charlie stopped and they were both staring at each other. She checked the time and it’s almost 7:30pm. She can’t ignore her, and she also have to go to Justin.
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