Episode 16

“Am scared our parents and friends would be worried about us by now”charlie said looking sad. “They will. Because they would have called them about us been missing”Justin said. “Oh no I don’t like my mum being worried because of me”she said sadly. “It’s OK. We’ll find our way out of here tomorrow”Justin said to comfort her. “I hope so”she said and rested her hand on her chin staring at the fire.
The following morning.
Justin was leaning his head back on the tree while Charlie was sleeping on a cloth she took from her bag pack. She slept in a way she was lying with her side and was resting her head on Justin laps. Justin opened his eyes and saw that it’s morning already. He wanted to get up, but he found out something was on his laps. He looked down and saw Charlie still sleeping. He leaned back to the tree smiling. He moved closer to her face looking at her closely. “Looking at her this close, She’s so pretty”Justin thought to himself still looking at her. He moved his hand slowly to her hair wanting to pat it seriously. Her hair was covering half of her face. He touched her hair and removed them from her face to have a better look at it. He wants to touch her face but he thought that might wake her up. He stared at her for a long time”Charlie. What did you do to me to make me feel this way towards you?”he thought to himself still staring at her closely. He can’t hold himself back anymore, so he went ahead trying to touch her charming face. He placed his hand on her check gently and smiled. He looked at her eyes, then her nose, he then looked down at her pink beautiful lips. He found himself staring at it seriously for long”snap out of it Justin”he said shaking his head. Charlie opened her eyes and found Justin that close up to her. She wanted to get up quickly thinking he was trying to kiss her but unfortunately they both knocked their head at each other which made both of them groaning in pain. “Ouch my head”Charlie said holding her forehead. “You shouldn’t get up like that”Justin said also holding his for head in pain. “Why is your face so close to mine? That got me scared”Charlie said looking at him. After hearing that, justin cleared his throat not looking at her”I was checking if you were still sleeping or not”he said still not looking at her. “Really? By your expression, I don’t think that’s the case”Charlie said smiling. “Then, w..what do you think I was trying to do?”he asked looking at her. “Who knows?”she said and picked up her bag. “Let’s go and find others, so we can continue our journey”Charlie said looking down at him. He stood up and dusted his cloth. “Here. Thank you so much for that” Charlie said stretching his jacket to him. He collected it and put it on”let’s go”he said and they were about moving. His stomach started growling due to hunger. Charlie heard this and stopped”are you hungry?”she asked looking at him. “No am not. Let’s go”he said not looking at her. “Are you sure?”she asked again looking at him. “I said am not so, let’s go”he said and they both started to move. After they moved to the front a little, his stomach started making sounds again. Charlie looked at him and smiled. She brought down her bag and took out a snacks from it. Justin thought she wanted to give it to him”am not….” Charlie ignored him opening the snacks and start eating. Justin looked at her feeling more hungry. “So delicious. I love this Hmm”she said looking at him, while she eat. “Are you making fun of me”Justin asked looking at her. Charlie nodded her head negatively”uhm, why will I do that? Am just enjoying this snacks”she said and brought out a piece again then showed it up to his face”it’s so delicious”she said moving it around his face. His head was following her hand as she moved it around “Is it truly delicious? Let me try it”he said looking at Charlie. “Sure”Charlie said and handed it over to him. He ate out of it and looked at Charlie”how do you manage to swallow this?”he said making a disgusting face. “Hand it over if you don’t like it”Charlie said looking at him. He ignored her and continue eating.
Charlie looked at him and smiled.
They walked for a long time before they got to a stream. “Wow. Am so thirsty”Charlie said dropping her bag and moving towards the stream. “You want to drink that?”Justin asked looking at her. “Yes. Am so thirsty”she said and bent down beside the stream. “What a weird girl”justin said and moved closer to her. After she drank little from the stream, she started washing her face and hands. Justin also took off his shoe and dipped his hand in it to wash her legs and face. “Oow The water is so cold”he said after dipping his hand. “Really? It’s not that cold though”Charlie said. She looked at Justin who was scared of the water and smiled to herself. She dipped both hand in the water and splashed it at him.”is this cold?”she said smiling. “Ooh Charlie stop that”he said looking at her. She dipped her hand in it again and splashed it at him”am telling you it’s not cold”she said again smiling. Justin also retaliated back splashing the water continuously. “Ooh so cold”Charlie said and also splashed it back at him. They both started laughing and continue splashing the water at each other. “Stop it now or you’ll catch cold”Justin said still splashing the water. “You stop it first”she also said splashing it more on him.
They were both sitting down beside each other on the rock, with their clothe socked with water.
“Oh am so cold”Charlie said rubbing her shoulder. “I told you you’ll catch cold”Justin said smiling. “It’s like I have a dry towel in my bag”she said opening her bag. She brought out the towel and started drying her hair with it. “Let me do it for you”Justin said collecting the towel. “It’s OK I can do it myself”Charlie said trying to collect it back. But Justin had started drying her hair with it. She looked at him and smiled. He covered her face with the towel still drying it. “You’re coving my face”Charlie said laughing. Justin also smiled and continue drying her hair. “Can you move the towel from my face please”she said trying to remove it with her hand. She brought it down and placed her hand on Justin’s hand. They were both staring at each other as she did that. Charlie’s heart started beating fast looking at him. Justin was also staring at her with his heart beating so fast like it’s going to burst out. “I told you it’s covering my face”charlie said feeling nervous. He looked down at her wet lips and can’t resist himself from kissing her. Charlie tried to move her hand from his but he was leaning close to kiss her. Her head was spinning so hard without knowing what to do next. Justin lean in slowly to her face giving her enough time to stop the kiss from happening if she want. But Charlie closed her eyes expecting him to kiss her. Justin looked at her eyes and smiled. He lean closer and placed his lips on her soft lips gently. Charlie gave him way into her mouth and he ran his tongue down hers. Their tongue were tangled together as he kissed her slowly. Charlie withdrew her hand from his and placed them on his shoulder still kissing him. Justin also used his hand to hold her shin and kissed her more. They both felt like they were the only one on earth that moment.
After kissing for a while Justin stopped and looked into her eyes. Charlie opened her eyes also looking at him. She can’t believe that just happened, She wished it never end.
“Why did you let me?”justin asked in a soft romantic voice. Charlie stared at him for while him after the question and then she finally spoke up. “Because I love you”she said boldly looking straight into his eyes.
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