Episode 15

He was surprised, wondering why she was crying. He withdrew her from his body gently, And looked at her face”w..why are you like this?”Justin asked her looking worried. “Why are you late? I waited for long worrying about you. I thought something bad had happened to you.”Charlie said looking at him. One could still see traces of tears on her face. “Am sorry for getting you worried about me. Sorry for making you wait long”Justin said and wiped her tears with his finger. “Let’s go back now”he said to her and went back to pick up the little woods he dropped behind.
They both went back to where Charlie left her bag and Justin dropped the wood. “Sit down there and let me do it”he said and bent down beside the woods. He dug a hole in the ground and arrange some woods around it. He took a stick and started rolling it in the middle of the hole trying to make fire with it. He did that for a long time but it was not working.”am sure this works in movies”he said still trying. Charlie was looking at him as he was trying it but to no avail. She stood up and moved closer to him. “Let me try it”she said bending beside him. “OK sure”Justin said and stretched out the stick to her. She collected it from him and did it. After few seconds, flames started coming out then it turns to fire. She brought the sticks closer and the fire became bigger. “It’s done. I did it”Charlie said smiling. Justin kept looking at her as she smiles. Charlie turns to him still smiling and caught his eyes on her. Justin quickly stared off and threw a stick in the fire.
Hanna and Daniel were sitting down with fire lit in front of them. “Everyone would be worried about us now. I caused all this that happened to us. If I hadn’t tell you guys we should take the left path and if I hadn’t fell down you wouldn’t have lost the map. I caused it all, I hate myself for this”Hanna said almost crying. “Am so glad you realized and accepted your mistakes, but no need to blame yourself over it”Daniel said. “Am so sorry to you guys”she said looking at him.
Daniel looked at her and nodded his head”it’s OK”he said and threw a stick in the fired to make more fire.
Charlie stated rubbing her shoulders feeling cold, Because her clothe was armless.
Justin took off his jacket, only the white Polo can be saw on his body. “Are you feeling cold?”he asked looking at her. Charlie stopped rubbing her shoulder and nodded her head negatively “no, am not”she said not looking at him. She started coughing and cant bear the cold anymore. The fire was not enough to heat her up from the cold because the place was too cold and freezing. Justin moved closer to her and covered her up with the jacket”don’t be a stubborn girl. I know you’re feeling cold”he said wrapping it tighter around her. Charlie was so happy he did that but she kept her expression straight”thanks for this”she said and wrapped herself properly feeling warmer. Justin stared at her and smiled. “You look like you’re not free around me after I cleared the misunderstanding between us. Why don’t you act as you normally did, seriously I love that side of you”Justin said smiling. Charlie looked at him and smiled also”to be sincere, after I knew you were not the kind of person I took you for, I feel like I had hurt you with how I treated you both at the store and that day in school. It feels like I have wronged you and am looking for how to sincerely apologize for everything”Charlie said looking at him. “Was that why you decided not to talk anytime you’re around me. I thought you were still thinking of me as a bad person”Justin said. “Let me use this chance to apologize to you. Am so sorry for everything I did wrong towards you. I hope you accept my apology”she said looking at him. “Apology accepted. Are we now free around each other?”Justin asked smiling at her. “Yes since I apologized to you”she said also smiling. “Well, you still never told me your name”Justin said looking at her. “Oh. My name is Charlie”she said smiling. “Charlie. I love your name”he said smiling, which made Charlie smile also.
“You look more pretty when you smile. I wish that never left your face”Justin said looking at her. “Really? Just Like this”she said smiling more brightly thereby, showing her white teeth. “Oh my God. Just like that”Justin said and they both laughed out.
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