Episode 14

Charlie heart started beating fast as they were both staring at each other without blinking.
They both heard a sound from their side which brought both of them back. They looked at the direction of the sound and saw Hanna and Daniel on the floor. “Ouch my leg”Hanna shouted in pain. She was resting her head on Daniel’s chest. Daniel pushed her heard away from his chest and it landed on the leaves. He quickly moved to Charlie”are you OK?”he asked looking at her. “Yes I am”Charlie said to him. Hanna looked at them and felt left out as she saw Daniel and Justin caring for Charlie. “What should we do now?”Charlie said looking at where they are. The place has a path to follow but by them following it, they don’t know where it leads to. “Let’s me call Jasper and tell him the situation”Daniel said reaching for his phone. He removed it from his pocket and dialed Jasper’s number but there was no service there, so the call was not connecting. “Oh no. There’s no service here”he said raising his phone up and moving it to different angles. “Charlie brought out her phone to call Lucia also but there was no service. So did Justin and Hanna also tried but it’s still the same.
“Oh no. Let’s get out of her first”Daniel said standing up. They all stood up and stated moving towards the path they saw. They walked down the narrow path until they got to a place with many trees that looks like the normal forest they were following before. “Guys am so tired. Let’s rest a little bit”Hanna said walking slowly. “Yes. Let’s rest a bit before we continue”Justin said and sat down. “When would we get back to others? It’s getting late already”Daniel said looking at them. “Just for 5minutes”Hanna said looking at Daniel. He looked at them and also sat down beside a tree, so did Charlie. “What trouble have we gotten ourselves into just because dumb girl’s idea”Daniel said looking at Hanna. “It was a mistake. So stop blaming me. When you know it’s not the right path, why did you follow my idea”Hanna said back to him. “You’re so dumb and annoying. Just shut it and continue your resting ok”Daniel said and looked away angrily. “Daniel, this is not time to blame one another. We just have to think of a way to get back to others”Justin said looking at Daniel.
After that, they all went silent for a while.
Suddenly, they heard a sound coming from the right direction. It’s sounds scary and louder each second. They all looked at each other to be sure it was not only a person hearing that sound.
It stopped for a while, then sounded again this time, more louder than the first one. They all looked at the direction of the sound and saw a figure that looks like a big animal. “Run!”Daniel said and they all started running as fast as they could. Hanna and chalie ran so fast as they could while, Justin and Daniel also ran after them. They looked back and the animal was still chasing them but still a little far from them. Charlie fell down when the got to a junction. Justin looked back and quickly went back to help her up before it could get to them. He held her hand tightly and started running with her. Charlie looked at Justin’s face as he ran with her. Hanna and Daniel has taken another path while Justin and Charlie ran through the opposite path not looking back.
When they got to a place, Justin looked back and couldn’t find the animal again. They both stopped and stood behind a tree, breathing heavily to catch there breath. “Are you OK?”Justin asked Charlie. She nodded her head in response still breathing heavily. “Where’s Daniel and the other girl?”Justin asked looking around.
Daniel and Hanna got to a place and hid behind a tree breathing heavily. Daniel peeped through the side of the big tree and saw the animal that was chasing them. It was a huge boar, it stood in the middle of the forest looking around hungrily. by that time what so ever it catches, can be count as dead. It stood there for minutes before it ran deep through the forest again. Daniel and Hanna were breathing heavily. “Where’s Justin and the other girl?”he asked looking around. ” We lost each other”Hanna said looking around. “Oh my God. This is getting more complicated”Daniel said looking sad. “Let’s just find them, they might be near somewhere”Hanna said looking at Daniel. “Let’s take this path”Daniel said pointing to a path. They both left the place heading towards another path.
Justin and Charlie started looking around for Daniel and Hanna. “Daniel!”Justin shouted. “Anastasia”Charlie called after him. “Is that her name?”Justin asked Charlie. She nodded her head to him saying yes. “Daniel! Hanna!”Charlie called out again taking a path. “Daniel! Hanna”they both called together heading down the forest.
They called but can’t hear any respond. After a long search, they both sat beside a tree feeling tired.
Charlie checked the time and it says 6:20. She started feeling worried and scared. “We need to get out of here”she said not looking at Justin. “I know we do, but we’re lost and trapped here. How can we get back? All we should be thinking of right now is a place to sleep till tomorrow before we continue our journey. because it’s getting dark already.”Justin said also feeling bad. “Wait here I’ll be right back. Let me get some woods to make fire with”Justin said standing up. “Alright”Charlie said and removed her bag from her back placing it beside her. Justin left her there in search of woods.
Few minutes later, he’s not yet back. Charlie started to get worried about him. “Why is he talking so long”she said looking around.
She yawn and rested her head on the tree.
Justin was searching for woods in the middle of the trees. then suddenly, a boar appeared staring at him hungrily. He saw it and started running but it chased after him so fast. Justin was out of breath and fell down on the floor after a long running. The boar approached him and he started moving back. The boar pounced on him and bit him by the leg.
Charlie quickly opened her eyes breathing heavily. “Oh no that was a bad dream”she said trembling in fear. She checked her wristwatch and it said 6:50. She quickly stood up on her feet and started moving towards the path Justin took. “Justin! Justin!!”she called with tears gathering in her eyes. “Justin where are you?”she shouted again looking round the forest. When she didn’t hear him, she was scared something bad had happened then tears started streaming down her cheek.
After a while, Justin was just arriving with little woods in his hand. He saw how Charlie was calling his name and the tears on her face. Charlie saw him and wiped the tears on her face. Justin quickly dropped the woods in his hand and moved to her. “Why are you…”before he could finish talking, she hugged him so tightly sobbing in tears. “I thought I lost you”she said sobbing.
Justin was so surprised by the hug.

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