Episode 13

Some went with their bags while some left it in the bus. Charlie and Hanna left with their bag in case they might need something from there. Daniel was the one holding the map in his hand while others followed him. Daniel was leading, Justin walked behind Hanna while Charlie walked at the back. After walking for a while,Daniel stopped looking at the map”This map is so confusing. I think it’s this way”Daniel said pointing to the right when they got to a place with two paths. “Let me see it”Hanna said stretching her hand to look at the map. Daniel gave it to her and she checked the map carefully. “It’s this path”she said pointing to the left. “Are you sure?”Daniel said looking at the map again.
Justin and Charlie kept quiet not saying a word. “Yes am sure it’s the left”Hanna said looking at him. “OK. Let’s go”Daniel said and they started moving again. Justin noticed Charlie was walking behind so he stopped and bent down pretending he was tying his shoelace. When Charlie passed beside him, he stood up and walked behind her. They walked for a long time not getting where the map is heading. After a while, Daniel stopped and faced them”I can’t get the map anymore”Daniel said looking at them. Justin moved to him and collected it. He checked it properly and quickly saw where the mistake was”we shouldn’t have turn left at that junction earlier. The map says right here”he said looking at Daniel. Daniel looked at Hanna and she stared off”you’re the one that confuses me. I said it was right but you said it’s left. Now we need to go back to that junction again”Daniel said looking at Hanna. “I just guess it was left when you said the map was confusing”Hanna said rudely. “What? You’re so dumb to tell where a map is heading to”Daniel said looking at her. “Am not dumb because I just wanted to help”Hanna said looking at him badly. “You are because I didn’t ask you to help”Daniel said again looking at her badly. “Just shut it and let’s go back”she said rudely to him. “What a…”
“You guys should stop this argument already and let’s go back now before we lose this game”Justin said looking at both of them. “Give me the map”Daniel said looking at Justin. Justin looked at him and handed it back to him. As they started moving, Hanna stepped on her shoelace and pushed Daniel who was holding the map in his hand. They both fell to the ground and the map flew from his hand and went far into the trees. “Oh no the map”Daniel said not looking at Hanna who fell to the ground. “Oh no”Charlie said sitting on the floor. Justin was also shocked to see the map flew away. He moved closer to Hanna and helped her up. “Thank you”she said smiling at Justin. Daniel turned to Hanna boiling in anger”you dare to laugh after letting the map disappear”Daniel said yelling at her angrily. Hanna was shocked to see Daniel’s face red in anger. “Am sorry. I don’t mean that to happen”she said pleading to them. “Calm down Daniel. Let’s just trace our steps back. Since we can’t see the map, let’s go back”Justin said looking at Daniel. Daniel looked at Hanna still feeling angry. Justin looked at Charlie who was sitting on the floor not saying anything about what happened. “Will you get up and let’s go?”he said stretching out his hand to help her up. Charlie didn’t take his hand. But stood up by herself and adjusted her bag well. As she tried to move, her leg slipped and she fell back on the ground”hey be careful”before Justin could finish, she has rolled down the cliff behind her until she landed on the floor deep down. Daniel and Hanna quickly bent down by the tree looking down at where she fell but all they could see was leaves. “Help!”Charlie shouted from where she is. They heard her voice and moved closer to the cliff. “I can hear her voice. We have to do something”Justin said panicking. “What should we do?”Daniel asked looking at Justin. Justin moved closer to the end and bent down”hey. Can you hear me?”he shouted on top of his voice. “Yes I can”Charlie replied from there. “Am sorry guys, I can’t leave her there”Justin said looking at them. “What can you do….”before Hanna could finish, Justin also moved to the edge and rolled down the cliff.
He fell on the dry leaves beside Charlie, and started coughing. Charlie saw him and quickly moved closer to him. Justin stopped coughing looking at Charlie”are you OK”they both asked at the same time. They were both staring at each other awkwardly after the question.
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