Episode 20

Daniel quickly took his phone and dialed Justin’s number. He told him what just happened to him, Justin was so shocked because same strange thing happened to him. “Let’s meet up with others”justin said to him. “Well, how do we do that? I don’t even have their contact or know where they are”Daniel replied. “OK let’s check their profile in school maybe we can get their contact”Justin said. “OK, meet me at school now”Daniel said and hung up the call. He left the dinning and went for his car key in his room.
Justin also took his car key and left the house.
Hanna was still in her room, panicking over what she just saw. “Did I just see something wrong?”she asked herself still standing by the door. She got out of her room and left for Charlie’s room. When she got there, before she could knock on the door, Charlie opened it and saw her at the doorstep. She was so surprised to see her there because, Hanna never step her foot at their door step since they moved into their house. So her present got her shock and surprise. “Do you have something for me to do?”she asked thinking she wants to send her on errand. “No, let’s talk”she said and turned back leaving. Charlie looked at her for a while before going after her.
She entered her room while Charlie stood at the doorstep not going in. Hanna looked back at her still holding the door”come on in”she said and Charlie went into her room wondering what they have to do there. When she got in and Hanna closed the door and sat on the sofa beside the books. “Why are we here?”Charlie asked looking confused. “Just watch me”she said and moved back looking at her books. She raised her hand slowly but nothing happened. She looked at her and did it again but still the same. Charlie was staring at her wondering what she’s doing. She was a bit confused by her acts. “Am sure it works earlier”she said looking at Charlie. She moved closer to her and started explaining what happened. “I was talking to Clara on phone earlier, then I noticed something strange. I was raising my fingers as we talked..”she was still talking facing Charlie and demonstrating how she did. Charlie’s hair blew up as she raised her fingers. This got both of them shocked”why’s this happening to me?”Charlie said trying to straighten her hair. Hanna brought down her hand and her hair went back down. “What was that thing that just happened?”Charlie asked looking at her in confusion. “I can’t explain it also, that was why I brought you here so that you can witness it”Hanna said looking at her. “Since when has it started?”she asked her. “It was this morning like I just explained. Don’t you notice any strange sign?”she asked Charlie. “I don’t. This really baffle me”she said looking at Hanna. “Let’s meet with others”Hanna said taking her car key. “But how?”Charlie asked her. “We’ll get the details from school”Hanna said rushing out. Charlie followed her and they left the house.
They all met in school.
Justin, Daniel, Hanna and Charlie. Were standing somewhere in the school compound. Although there was no school that day, only few students that came for lesson from outside their school could be found there.
The four of them stood under a peach tree. Each person explained what happened to them except Charlie who doesn’t see any strange sign.
“Why are we like this and only Charlie is left out”Daniel asked even though they can’t find any answer to that. “What are we gonna do now? What caused all this to start with?”Hanna asked looking at each one of them. “No one could answer that. I know things were not going right since the time we suddenly appeared in the midst of the students. We spent a night in the forest wondering around. And when we got back, it was only 15minutes we were gone. I smell something fishy from there”Charlie said looking at them. “Yes that’s right. It started from when we rolled down the cliff.”Daniel added. “Guys listen to me. No one must know about what’s happening to us. We have to keep it within ourselves”Justin said to them. As they were still talking, they all heard a loud strange noise coming from the right angle. They all looked back at the same time to see what makes that kind of a strange sound. What they saw left them with shocks and fears.
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