Episode 19

They all opened their eyes and met themselves among the students. They were still standing guarding their face with their arms. They brought it down slowly looking confused. They don’t know how they got back and to talk of them standing among the students, it looks so much strange to them. They started looking at each other confusingly. “What just happened?”Daniel asked looking at them. They couldn’t find any answer to it. “I have no idea”Charlie said looking at the students as they talked and play as they normally do.
Mr Benjamin was standing before the students.”since we know the winners, we’ll record that in the book then you’ll be rewarded when we get back. You guys can have fun for now, before we start the next game”he said smiling. The group that won started cheering in the front. The students scattered moving about the field. Some were snapping pictures while some were chating and laughing. “Hanna!”Clara and Mina called coming towards them. “Let’s take some pictures”Mina said holding her hand. “What? Were you not worried about me being missing?” She asked looking at them. “Missing?”they both said looking confused. “Hanna what are you talking about? We just left each other because of the game, was that why you were missing?”mina said laughing. “You’re so funny, how can you miss us so quick with the little time we were apart?”Clara added also laughing. Daniel, Charlie and Justin watched them as they talk and that got them more confused. “Wait. You mean nothing happened”Daniel asked the girls. “What’s today’s date?”Justin asked them. Mina and Clara both stared at each other wondering why they were acting that way. “Why are you guys acting wield?”mina asked looking at them one after the other. Hanna looked at the rest and made an unknown expression. “It’s nothing let’s go”she said and followed them but still looking back at the rest.
“What’s happening?”Justin asked looking more confused. “I have no idea also”Daniel said looking at him. He sighted Jasper and Drake, and quickly walked up to them. They also acted normal, not asking where they’ve being to or surprise to see him.
“Was it the shining crystal that got us back here?”Charlie asked Justin. “I think it is”he replied looking at her. “So, all what happened there was illusion”she asked him. “Probably except from the ki… Ki…”he tried pronouncing it but stopped after looking at Charlie. She knew what he wants to say already without him finishing the sentence. She smiled looking at him. Justin looked at her and also smiled. “Charlie!”Lucia walked to them calling her name. “Let’s take pictures together”she said on getting to her without looking at the person beside her. She looked at Justin and smiled greeting him”hy”she said and looked back at Charlie wondering what they’re we’re talking before she came. “OK. Let’s take a selfie”Charlie said and brought out her phone. She raised it up to snap the picture with Lucia but Justin interrupted. “Can I join you guys?”he asked giving them a charming smile. “Yes you can. We can take a hundred pictures with you if you want”Lucia said smiling at him excitedly. “OK thanks”he said and moved closer to them. He stood next to Charlie and smiled while Charlie raised up her phone to snap. She snapped the picture and brought down the phone for them to see it. “Wow it’s so cute”Lucia said smiling. “Yeah it is”Charlie said also smiling.
The trip ended and student were taken back to school.
They all went home after they got to school. Lucia mum came to pick her as usual while Lucia took a taxi home.
The following day…
Early in the morning, Justin got up from bed and went to the bathroom. He stretched his hand to take his brush but fire lit from his hand. He got surprised and withdrew his hand quickly.”What was that? have I started seeing things?”he asked himself laughing. He tried it again, this time, the fire got bigger. He quickly withdrew his hand and started staring at it. “What on earth is happening to me?”he said looking at his hand.
Daniel had finished dressing up, he went to the dinning to eat his breakfast. He started eating the food, he took water from the jug and poured it in the glass cup. When he got hold of the glass cup trying to drink from it, he felt the glass cup was too cold. He looked at it and the water in it has gotten frozen. He quickly dropped the glass cup out of shock. “What on earth is this?”he said looking at it.
Hanna was in her room, arranging her books inside her bag. Her phone rings and she picked it”hello”she said to Clara. “Are you coming to the party tonight?”she asked Hanna. “Am not so sure right now because, mum is around. But don’t worry I’ll give an excuse to come to you guys”she said raising her fingers as she talk. As she was raising her fingers, it moved one of the books on her sofa and raised it up. She saw this and got scared”w..what’s happening?”she said looking at the book. She hit her hand on her laps looking surprised. The book fell back on the sofa as she brought down her hand. “Hello! Hanna!”Clara said on phone when she can hear her voice anymore. Hanna hung up the phone still looking afraid of what she saw. She stood up from her bed and moved far away from her books”what’s happening? That’s so strange.”she said looking at the books.
Charlie got up in the morning and did all she normally do every morning. Nothing strange happen to her as it does to the others.

What’s really happening to them? Why is Charlie not seeing any strange sign as others do?
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