Episode 18

“Wow! Guys let’s go in”Daniel said looking at them. “What?”Hanna, Justin and Charlie exclaimed at the same time. “Why?let’s check if anyone is inside”Daniel said looking at them. They all looked inside the hut again and moved back. “How do you expect someone to live here. Can’t you see this place is strange?”Hanna said looking at daniel.
Inside the hut, It has staircase at the door step which leads down through a dark passage which they can’t see on less they go down the stairs.
They kept staring at each not knowing what to do. Maybe to leave the place or go down the dark staircase. “What are we gonna do now?”Charlie asked sounding confused. “We have no choice but to go down there and check if there’s someone there”Daniel said looking at them. “I agree with you then”Justin said. He looked at Charlie and nodded his head to her saying it’s OK. Daniel was the first person to go in, followed by Charlie then Hanna and finally Justin. They walked down the stairs looking around, but the place was dark so, they can’t see anything.
They continue going down the stairs for a very long time but it looks like it has no end. “Am so tired of this”Hanna said. “How long are we gonna go before getting down?”she added again. “We’ll soon be there. Let’s go a little more”dsniel said still going down. Suddenly, they heard him screaming. “Arhhhhhhhhhh”he screamed as he stepped on an empty space and went deep down the ground to an unknown place”What happened? Daniel!”Charlie shouted his name as she heard his voice. “Daniel!”Justin and Hanna also called his name but there was no response. This got them scared because they can’t really tell what just happened to him. “Daniel what happened to you?”Charlie called again but still the same. She took three steps down and when she took the fourth step, she also screamed out. “Charlie!”Justin shouted after hearing her scream. “What’s happening? Why did they scream? Mummy please come to my aid. Dad am scared so right now. Daniel! what happened to you guys?”Hanna said and started crying. “Charlie!”Justin called moving faster down the stairs but Hanna drew him back still crying.”I can’t loose you too. Please don’t go”Hanna said holding his arm with both hands. “Let go of my arm”Justin said trying to withdraw his hand. But she held onto him more tighter. “I can’t. I won’t. Do you know what happened to them? I can’t let something bad happen to you. So I can’t”she said weeping more. “Why do you care if something happen to me? What do you expect me to do? Just let me go right now!”Justin yelled at her and jacked off his hand from her.
He took a step down, Hanna try to hold him and they both fell deep down the ground screaming.
After a long screaming, they landed on a white cotton that looks like foam then bounced down on the ground. Daniel and Charlie saw them and quickly went to them as they were still on the floor. “Are you guys okay?”Justin asked after seeing them. “Yes we are”Charlie said helping him up. “Where is this? Where are we again?”Hanna said almost crying. “Calm down. We also don’t know”Daniel said looking at him. The place was surrounded by big rocks which water were dripping out of them. “I think were now in underground. How can we get home? Who will found us here?”Hanna asked looking around. “Hanna take it easy. I know we’ll get out of here.”Charlie said looking at her. “Are you sure? Dad would be seriously worried about us”Hanna said holding Charlie’s hand. Daniel and Justin looked at them wondering if they’re siblings. “Are you guys siblings?”Daniel and Justin asked at same time. “Uhm I mean our parents would be worried about us”Hanna said after realizing what she said. Justin and Daniel nodded their heads looking at them. “Anyway, let’s find our way out of here”Daniel said and start moving. They followed him still looking around the place as they move. They got to a place and saw something glowing like a bright moon. “Can you see that?”Hanna asked as they got close to it. “Yes I can see a glowing object in that rock”Daniel said pointing at it. They all moved closer to it and saw something that’s shining like a crystal. It was glowing brightly and looks so beautiful. They were standing around it wondering what it was”Wow, it’s so beautiful”charlie said moving her hand closer to touch it. “Don’t!”they all screamed at her which made her stop and looked at them. “Why? It’s so beautiful”she said still looking at it. “Do you know what it is? It might hurt you”Justin said to her. “It can’t. because it doesn’t look like it can hurt.”she said. As she kept staring at it the crystal was attracting her to touch it. She can’t resist anymore, so she touched it with her right hand. It started glowing more and more brightly. It got to a stage they can’t look at it again. It was too bright for them to look at so they blocked their face guiding it with their arms. After that, something unexpected happened to them.
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Let the magical begin.

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