Episode 17

Justin can’t believe his ears, he was like asking how long she had that feelings for him but he kept looking at her in surprise. “Are you being serious right now?”he asked again looking at her in amazement. “You can just forget about what just happened between us if you…”
Before she could finish talking, Justin hugged her so tight and stopped talking. “It’s OK don’t say anything again. I love you too. I love you so much Charlie”Justin said smiling. He was so much happy with what Charlie said. Charlie hugged him back and also smiled. Justin released her and was holding her hands. “I can’t explain how happy I am right now.”he said smiling. “Can you promise me one thing?”Justin asked looking at her. Charlie looked at him as he feel really impatient and happy. She can see it written all over his face”what is it?”she asked smiling. “Can we….”
“Justin! Charlie!”they heard their names from behind and they both quickly left each other’s hand. They looked back and saw Daniel and Hanna coming towards them. They both quickly stood up and went to them. “Wow. I can’t believe you guys are here. We’ve searched everywhere for both of you”Daniel said smiling happily. “We we’re also searching for you guys. Am happy we’re here together again”Justin said and hugged Daniel feeling relieved. Hanna was also happy to see Justin but doesn’t even care a bit about Charlie. Justin moved to Hanna and gave her side hug too. Hanna looked at Charlie and rolled her eyes at her badly. Daniel hugged Charlie also. Charlie and Hanna never hug each other, and this got Daniel and Justin wondering why they were acting like that. “I’ve missed you so much. I always pray every second that something bad didn’t happen to you”Hanna said smiling at Justin. Justin nodded his head smiling but he was still looking at Charlie who doesn’t look good with the expression on her face. “Now that we saw each other again, let’s continue maybe we can still find a way of going back or if we can see someone who can tell us where we are”Daniel said looking at them. “Yes. Let’s get going”Justin said. Charlie took her bag and they started moving. Justin was walking beside Charlie while Hanna was walking beside Daniel. She caught Justin staring at Charlie occasionally, and she moved from Daniel’s side and went in middle of Justin and Charlie. They both went apart as she entered the middle. Justin and Daniel looked at her wondering why she did that. “I feel like staying next to you”she said smiling at justin seductively. Justin can’t understand what she’s getting at. Charlie was also looking at her but when she looked at her, she diverted her eyes back to the road. “Why is you dress so wet?”Hanna asked Justin touching his cloth. She looked at Charlie also and found out her dress is wet too. “It’s nothing. Never mind”Justin said. She looked at both of them wondering what got their clothes wet.
After a while, They got to a place and saw a small hut a little far from where they are. “Hey guys look. There’s a hurt down there. Someone might be living in it”Daniel said pointing to the hut. “Yes. I can see it also”Charlie also said pointing at it. “Let’s go guys. I think the person living there might know a way out of here better”Daniel said happily and moved fast. The rest also followed him.
When they got to the hut, Daniel knocked on the door multiple times but there was no respond. “Am not sure someone live here”Justin said looking at Daniel who kept knocking at the door. “You can see there’s light in the bulb. And the surrounding looks neat. That means someone did all this. So definitely, someone lives here”Daniel said looking at Justin. The door suddenly opened itself which made them all looked inside the hurt at the same time. “Wow. What on earth is this place”Daniel said in surprise. Justin, Hanna and Charlie were also surprised by what they saw in the hut.
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