Episode 12

Lucia looked at Charlie and saw the expression on her face”why? Don’t be moved by her words. She can’t do anything to you. let’s go”Lucia said. Charlie smiled nodding her head”let’s go”she said and they left the scene.
Justin was still sitting under the tree. He thought of why Charlie refuses to tell him her name. “I guess she’s still not comfortable around me”Justin said and stood up. “Hey.”he heard Daniel’s voice and looked at his direction. Daniel and Drake walked up to him. “Why are you here so early?”Drake asked looking at him. On a normal day, he doesn’t arrive early to school. So Daniel and Drake were surprised to see him in school by that time. He looked at both of them and smiled. “I don’t know myself. I just found myself coming here early. Isn’t that funny?”he said almost laughing out. “Let’s go”he said and moved ahead of them. Daniel and Drake looked at each other confusingly”what’s up with him?”Daniel asked Drake. “Are you asking me that?”Drake said making an expression which shows that he has no idea. They both shook their head and went after him.
A week later, the students were preparing to go on a school trip, only for first and second year students only. They were seen out in the compound. Some with big school bag and some with traveling bag. Lucia and Charlie stood among the students. Charlie was wearing an armless black flayed gown which was above her kneels showing her fresh laps, and pairs of white Snickers. She had few things in her school bag since it’s two days trip. They’ll be arriving the second day, so she didn’t pack too much things in the bag not to make it too heavy for her. Lucia was wearing a pink pant trouser and a white top. She also had a bag at her back not too big for her to carry.
At one side, Hanna and her friends were wearing the same outfit. A pink bum short and black top matched with their black Adidas Snickers. They had the same pink designer bag also which made them looks like triplets.
Of course Justin and his friends were also going with them. Justin was wearing a blue Jean trouser and a light blue designer jacket. Underneath the jacket was a pure with Polo. He wore a dark sunglass and on his feet were white sport Snickers. He stood among his friends, Daniel, Jasper and Drake.
Mr Benjamin, one of their professor stood in front of them by the long bus. “Hello. Once I call your name, enter the bus and sit down”Mr Benjamin said standing by the entrance of the bus. He started calling names and they moved in one after the other. When everyone was in, he also got in and then the door was closed. :
When they got to their destination, the driver stopped and everyone got down from the bus. They started moving around the place. Some were snapping pictures while some were busy looking around the environment. Mr Benjamin also got down with two other teachers. “Everybody should come together please”he said almost shouting. They heard his voice and all went back. “Now we start. I’ll group you in four and if you hear your name, stay with your group.”he said and brought out a note. He started calling their names together in four.
“I hope we were called together in the same group”Lucia said looking at Charlie. “Me too”Charlie said smiling.
Hanna and her friends also wished to be called together.
Mr Benjamin continue calling names until it got to Charlie and co. “Justin, Charlie, Daniel and Hanna”he called at last. He then called Lucia, Clara, Mina and a guy together.
“Oh no I don’t like that. I wish to go with you”Lucia said almost crying. She was still holding Charlie’s arm like a sticky gum as others has went to their group. “Lucia and Charlie go to your groups now!”Mr Benjamin said looking at them. “Don’t worry, it’s just a game. We’ll soon be back together again”Charlie said to her. Lucia left her hand and went to her group. So did Charlie.
Hanna was so happy to be in the same group with Justin but was sad that Charlie is there also. The four of them came together. Charlie turned to looked at Justin, she looked at him and saw that he was also staring at her. She quickly stared off pretending she wasn’t looking. Justin smiled and concentrated back on what Mr Benjamin was saying.
“Now let’s start the game.”Mr Benjamin said and gave each group a paper map.
After that, he went back to his position where everyone can see him. “Each group will use that map you have with you to find a blue flag with that logo on your map tied to a tree, the first group to arrive here with the blue flag having that logo are the winner”he said looking at them from one side to another.
“It starts now”Mr Benjamin said and they all scattered and started moving Toward the forest, With the intention of winning the game.
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