Episode 9

“So, since you’re new, should I show you around?”Lucia asked her. Charlie smiled nodding her head in agreement”yes. I’ll really love that”she replied.
They both left the scene together before Justin and Daniel could reach them.
Lucia showed her different places in the school building. They both were walking side by side. As lucia showed her most of the places, she checked her time and exclaimed”ooh”she said after checking her wrist watch. “Why? What’s that?”Charlie asked looking at her. “Am almost late for the English class”she said looking at her. “Oh let’s get going then”Charlie said and they left for English class.
After class, students started moving out. Lucia stood up carrying her bag with one hand. “Let’s go and get something to eat at the cafeteria”Lucia said looking at Charlie who was still busy writing something on her note. She dropped her pen and closed the note. She dropped the book in her bag and hung it on one shoulder”OK, let’s go”she said smiling. They both left the class and were walking down the compound towards the cafeteria. “So, do you live in that estate?”Charlie asked Lucia. “Nope. I just went there for holiday. My Aunty lives there”Lucia replied. “OK. But I was really surprised to see you faced that man. And you’re so good at fighting”Charlie said smiling. “Was I?”lucia asked smiling. “Yes. You’re like my super hero that night”Charlie said raising her thumb up to her and They both giggled.
Hanna and her friends were also heading to the cafeteria. “I hope you guys enjoyed the party yesterday?”Mina asked as they walked down together. “Yes, it was really fun to me.”Clara said smiling. “Me too. I like it but the celebrant’s boyfriend is ugly. Oh my God, I can’t even look at his face. So disgusting.”Hanna said making an irritating face. “Everyone is just ugly to you. How can you call that cute guy ugly” Clara said looking at Hanna. “That’s just her problem. Just let her say all she want, I think she’s jealous of her”Mina said to Clara and they both laughed. “I don’t like that. Why will I be jealous of her. I told you guys am not interested in any type of guys”she said rolling her eyes. “We’ll see how far you can go with that”clara said.
When they got to the cafeteria, they bought food at the counter and went to have their seat somewhere.
At the other side, Charlie and Lucia were also sitting down eating and chatting.
And at one side outside the cafeteria, Justin, Daniel, Drake and Jasper. Were sitting down at a table eating and chatting also. “So, did you get to see her last week?”Daniel asked Justin as he chew food in his mouth. “Yes I was able to see her. She came back just because she also missed me. I was so happy to see her face again in a long time”Justin said smiling. “You mean your mum?”Jasper asked looking at him. “Yes my mum. I told you she’s not in the country.”Justin replied. “Good thing you saw her”Jasper said. Yes good. So, What of what I asked of you yesterday? Did you delete it already or not?”justin asked him looking impatient. Jasper looked at him and smiled. He knew what he was asking of but he try to play dumb and pretend he doesn’t. “What’s that? I have no idea of what you’re talking about”jasper said trying to laugh but he held it back strongly because the look on justin face after hearing that was so funny. “You mean you don’t know what am talking about?”Justin asked looking at him in a funny expression. Drake looked at Justin and laughed”what’s wrong with your face dude. Jasper why is he like this?”Drake asked looking confused by his expression. Justin looked at Jasper’s phone on the table and want to pick it but Jasper quickly took it from the table smiling. “Please just delete the photo already”Justin pleaded. “What’s that? Let me see the photo. What’s it about?”daniel asked looking at Jasper. “What are you guys hiding?”Drake asked looking at them. “OK fine I won’t ask about it again. Just keep it to yourself I don’t care anymore”Justin said and stood up. “Let’s get going guys”Daniel said also standing up. So, they stood up and prepare to leave the cafeteria. Jasper slipped his phone at his back pocket as he stood up. Justin saw this and smiled to himself with the intention of removing it when they move.
Charlie and Lucia finished eating and stood up to leave the cafeteria, so did Hanna and her friends. When Charlie and Lucia got outside, Justin and his friends had started moving. Justin walked behind Jasper waiting for the right time to remove the phone. He moved his hand slowly towards his pocket.
Charlie and Lucia were walking behind them, so she noticed this and looked at Lucia who was not aware of it. “Why?”Lucia asked as Charlie looked at her. “It’s nothing”she said when she saw that Justin had withdrew his hand. Justin moved his hand again. He picked the phone without Jasper knowing. Charlie saw this and can’t take it anymore”you won’t get away with that”she said and moved faster to them. Lucia saw this and also went after her. “Why are y…..”before Lucia could finish talking, Charlie has got to Justin. She held his hand and twisted it backward in a way that made him cried out attracting his friends attention. “What do you think you’re doing?”Charlie asked still holding his hand at his back. When she saw it was Justin she smiled to herself looking at him”it’s you again. You’re dead today, I caught you red handed this time”she said looking at him badly. Jasper and Drake saw this and were surprised except Daniel who was surprised to see Charlie in school. Even Hanna and her friends saw it and gasped. “W…wh…what is that girl doing right now?”Hanna said looking at her in surprise. Lucia also was staring at her covering her mouth with both hand.
“What’s this about?”Jasper asked as he saw this. Charlie removed the phone from his hand without releasing him”here. He stole it from your pocket. I knew he’s a pick pocketer”she said raising up the phone. “What? a thief?”Jasper and Drake said looking at Charlie surprisingly. So did Hanna and her friend.

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