Episode 8
Written by *Nicky*

After school, students were trooping out of the school compound. Some were moving in groups while some were still hanging around the school compound. Among the students were Hanna, Mina and Clara. Hanna was in the middle while Mina and Clara walked beside her. “I heard the school will be going on a trip next week”Clara said as they all walked side by side. “Yes, but isn’t it too early”Mina said looking at her. “Well it’s good. I always love going for the school trip. Always fun and amazing”Hanna said smiling. “Me too”Clara said also smiling. “Anyway, will you guys be free after school?”Mina asked looking at both of them. “Why?”Hanna and Clara Asked at the same time. “One of my childhood friend is having a birthday party and I would love to show off my beautiful friends at the party”she replied smiling. “Wow really”Clara asked smiling. “Yes and trust me there would be a lot of hot guys at the party. I want you guys to come with me”she said. “I love that but am not after any hot guys because I’ve got Justin”Hanna said smiling. “Wooooow”Mina and Clara exclaimed teasingly.
Just as they were still discussing, Justin and his friends were walking behind them chatting and laughing. Hanna heard his voice and kept quiet looking at Mina and Clara. She looked back to see if it was really him. She faced front smiling after confirming it was him. Clara and Mina also smiled. “Oh my God. It’s really Justin”Hanna said happily. “So what are you going to do?”Clara asked her. “Just watch and see”she replied smiling brightly. They nodded their head in agreement looking at her. She turned back and bumped into the guys knowingly then she quickly fell to the ground purposely expecting Justin to help her up. But unfortunately it was Daniel she bumped into. “Oh sorry. Are you OK?”Daniel asked as they all stopped on seeing her fell to the ground. He stretched out his hand for her to get up with it. She looked at Justin who was also staring at her. She took Daniels hand and got up dusting her dress. Daniel brought out his handkerchief and gave it to her to dust her dress. “Am sorry for not watching my way”Hanna said looking at the guys. “It’s OK you should be more careful next time”Justin said smiling. Hanna was carried away by his smile. She stared at him for long forgetting his friends were watching. “Am Hanna”she said looking at Justin. “Ooh such a beautiful name”Justin said smiling.”So hanna, be careful next time and take care ok”Justin said and they all start moving. She turned back and watched them as they left smiling to herself. Mina and Clara quickly rushed to her”wow. I can’t believe you did that just to get someone’s attention”Clara said looking at her. But she didn’t mind her but kept smiling like an idiot.
Justin and his friends went back to what they were discussing. But suddenly Daniel brought up another topic”I think of going to the store today”he said smiling. “That’s not a big deal”Justin said looking at him. “But not any store out there. You should understand what I mean”Daniel said looking at Justin. Justin smiled after understanding what he meant. “But I will advise you not to. If you don’t want the cops to arrest you without warrant”Justin said and they all bursted out into laughter. “You guys are funny. What’s wrong with going to a store?”Jasper said wondering what they were talking about. “Is that true? Don’t tell me you went back there after that day?”Daniel said looking at him. “Why will I do that? Am not that kind of a jobless person you know”Justin said looking guilty. “That’s true, I trust you for that”Daniel said smiling. “What are you guys talking about? What’s wrong with going to a store?”Drake asked looking at them suspiciously. Justin and Daniel both looked at each other smiling. “It’s nothing bro.”Daniel said patting his shoulder lightly.
They got to their cars and they bid themselves farewell and left their separate ways.
At Mr David’s office, Charlie sat on an office chair opposite to Mr David.
“I know your mum would have told you everything. I want you to go back to school and I’ll help you with everything you’ll be needing in school. I would like you to be in the same school as Hanna just for some reasons and I heard you told your mum you don’t want to just because it’s too expensive”Mr David said looking at Charlie. “Yes sir. I told her that because that school is too much for someone like me. I would like to attend a cheaper school than that if you don’t mind sir”Charlie said politely. Mr David smiles and continues”it’s OK dear. Am capable of sending you there because I have enough money to do that. I would love it if you accept the offer. I want you there for a better future and I think that could bring both you and Hanna together. I want you to monitor her steps and behavior in school because I know she’s engaging in bad acts these days. I would like it if you agree to resume there and continue with your education”Mr David said to her. “I understand you better sir. Thank you for the offer. I really appreciate it”she said smiling happily. She got home and told her mum she agreed to attend the school. Her mum was so happy about it.
When Mr David got home, he told Hanna about Charlie resuming to her school. She was not happy with it but pretended as if it was. Mr David was happy with her agreeing with it without any argument or objections.
Some days later, Mr David has finished all the preparations to let Charlie resume to royal hour university.
She resumed to school on Monday morning. One of Mr David’s driver drove her to school because that’s her first day. She got down from the car and stood at a spot like a poll. She looked around the compound in amazements. “Wow this is the royal hour my friends talk about in high school. It’s indeed a paradise”Charlie murmured to herself looking around. “I will take my leave now”the driver said with a little bow. “OK thank you sir”she said with a bow. the driver entered the car and drove out of the compound. She walked slowly not knowing which way to go. Some students were walking in the compound while some were sitting in group discussing and laughing. Charlie looked at the students and saw how well they dressed. Then looked down at herself. She was putting on a a pink jumpsuit and underneath it was a white top. And matched it with pairs white Snickers. She looks so perfect in those dress. She hung her bag on one shoulder holding the handle with her hand.
She looked round the compound as she walked without looking where she was heading to. The school looks like a new world to her. She bumped into someone and that brought back her attention. “Oh am sorry”she said picking up what fell down from the person. She raised up her head and saw Lucia. She handed her the phone and apologized.”it’s OK dear I was not watching my way also.”Lucia said looking at her.”Oh I’ve seen your face somewhere”charlie said looking at her. “Hmm you’re lucia”she added smiling. “That’s true but I can’t remember you”lucia said looking confused. “You saved me the other night”Charlie said smiling. Lucia looked at her closely and remembered the incident. “Oh that’s true. You’re Charlie. I don’t know you’re a student here”Lucia said smiling. “Actually, am just joining today. Thanks for the other day”Charlie said looking at her. “That’s OK. It’s good seeing you here”Lucia said smiling. “Me too”Charlie said smiling.
Just as they were talking, Justin and Daniel were coming towards them heading for morning class.

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