Episode 7

“I can’t believe this is happening to me”he said smiling like an idiot. A poor looking boy passed beside him and started looking at him as he smile to himself. Justin noticed him and moved closer to the small boy. “Hey. Are you hungry?”he asked the boy. The boy nodded his head looking at him. He then handed the whole stuffs to him. “Here, you can have it”he said as he stretched the nylon to him. The boy smiled and collected it from him. “Thank you”he said and walked on happily. “That’s OK. I don’t even need that”he said and went on to where he packed the car.
He got home and met Daniel and Jasper watching football and shouting in the living room his dad left for business outside of the country,so he was left alone in the big mansion. Except for the maids that take care of everything in the house. He walked up to them and sat down quietly on one of the couch. Daniel noticed he came in without greeting them or playing as he normally did. “What’s the prohlem bro? Why that dull face?”he asked looking at him. Justin looked at him and laughed”it’s nothing. I just don’t feel like talking or greeting you guys when I came in. I will leave for my room now. Am so tired I need to rest”he said smiling to hide his Moody face. He stood up and walked towards his room. Daniel and Jasper looked at each other awkwardly wondering why he was acting wield because they told him they were going somewhere when he arrives from the store. “Why is he heading to his room?”jasper asked Daniel. “I don’t know”Daniel said and they both continue watching the match.
On Monday morning at royal hour university, students were seen trooping in and out of the school. Some were standing in group discussing while some were showing off their new shoes and latest designs of clothes. Some could be seen hugging each other and happy to see each other back to school again.
The school is so big and beautiful. The whole compound was decorated with flowers. It’s one of the best school in town. That’s the school where most of the rich people take their child to. It has all the qualification of a good school.
It has study rooms, all kind of sport fields, swimming pool, musical and instrumental class etc.
At one side of the school compound were Hanna, Mina and Clara. Hanna and Mina were sitting while Clara was standing with her hand on her waist. “You guys should check this out. I got my hair done at the salon yesterday. How do I look?”she asked swaying it backward with her fingers. “Wow that looks amazing. I will like that style also”Mina said smiling. “Really, you like it? Oh I know it’s pretty. What about you hanna”Clara asked looking at Hanna. But Hanna wasn’t listening to her. She was busy looking at something else. Clara traced her gaze and found out he was looking at Justin among his friends. “Helloo” Clara said waving her hand before her eyes to get back her attention. She blinked and looked at Clara putting on a fake smile”oh sorry, I was looking at that hand bag design”she lied pointing at the handbag a student was holding. “Oh I see”Clara said nodding her head.
Justin and his friends Jasper, Daniel, Drake and Nicole were also sitting at one side of the compound. Talking about this and that. A lady was heading towards them holding bunch of flowers. She wore a yellow mini gown and black pop socks. With black high hills. She has a dark short brown hair. She got to them with the flower smiling brightly. As they all saw her, they stopped talking and all eyes were on her. “Here comes another chick”Daniel said in a whisper to them and they all laughed except Justin. She got to them and turned to Justin smiling. She stretched out the flowers to him smiling brightly. “I love you Justin. can I be your girlfriend?”she asked looking at him. Justin looked at her and smiled as he received the flower from her. His friends were surprised to see that. Hanna and her friends were also surprised to see Justin receiving the flower the girl used to propose to him. “Does he agree to date that girl?”Mina said looking surprise. “That’s impossible. The girl is so dumb and stupid. He can’t”Hanna said looking uncomfortable.
Justin took the flower and moved it close to his nose perceiving the scent. “Oh I love the scent of this beautiful flowers but”he stopped looking at the girl. The girl was smiling so happily expecting him to say yes. “But I don’t like ugly girls like you”he finally said looking at the girl. His friends bursted into laughter and some students close to them also started laughing including Hanna and her friends. The girl looked at him angrily “who told you am ugly? Am not. I also don’t like you because you’re ugly. You’re so full of yourself. I hate you”the girl said and tried to walk out on him but her hill tripped. She was about falling but Justin held her back and prevented her from falling. She looked justin and feels embarrassed of herself. “You should be careful or you will hurt yourself”Justin said looking at her. He let her go when she has balanced herself on the ground. She looked at Justin again and stormed off in embarrassment. They all started laughing again as she left.
“I know he would reject her”Hanna said smiling. “The same thing would happen to you if you confess him. Am telling you to take your mind off him. Do you also want to embarrass yourself like her?”Mina asked looking at Hanna. “Don’t worry, am not as dumb as her and I know my way of getting closer to him”Hanna said smiling.

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