Episode 5

Charlie was so surprise by her act. “Why are you like this Hanna? What have I done wrong this time?”she asked looking at her. “Are you asking me? I told you to mind your business but you went ahead and told my mum everything. You won’t get away with it I promise”she said and walked out on her angrily. Charlie wonder what she was talking about. She has no idea of what she’s saying. She moved slowly to their room looking sad. When she got in, her mother has slept already. She covered her up very well with the blanket and laid one blanket on the floor to sleep on. She sat quietly on the blanket resting her head back on the wall. She thought about all what’s happening especially how Hanna treat them in the house. She touched her cheek where Hanna slapped her and tears started forming in her eyes. “It’s OK Charlie. Everything will be over soon. I just have to endure it until we can be able to move out of this house”she said crying silently.
Hanna’s parent left for work. So she invited her friends into the house. She and her two friends Clara and Mina were in the sitting room chatting and laughing. By the way they dress one could tell they are also from a super rich family. “I’ve missed you guys so much”Hanna said smiling. “We missed you. I wanted to come and visit you last week but I traveled with my mum to Australia. Thank God we can finally meet today”Mina said jumping on the couch in excitement. “Same with me. Ever since the school went on holiday, I went to my sisters place in Brazil to spend the holiday. But I can’t really enjoy it because am not with me best friends”clara said smiling. “It’s OK girls. Now am happy we’re here together. Am seriously happy”Hanna said smiling. “Am happy We’re resuming back to school on Monday. We can start the school fun again”Mina said. “Oh that’s true I almost forgot”Hanna said looking at Mina. “We should resume the same time.”Clara said smiling. “Here we comes”Clara said looking at them. “The three musketeers!”Mina and Hanna chorused. And they all laughed out loud.
Mrs Susan(Charlie’s mother) was heading out with the dirty laundries. She got to them and bowed a little greeting them. And then, she continue walking. “Who’s she?”Mina asked in a whisper. “She’s our maid”Hanna replied. “I see”Clara said still looking at Mrs Susan as she left.
“Back to our discussion”hanna said changing her position of sitting. “I don’t want to resume to school on Monday because I have something to take care of, but I have to just because of someone”Hanna said smiling. Mina and Clara both stared at each other and laughed. Hanna looked at them wondering why they’re laughing.”why are you guys laughing?”she asked looking at them. “Because of someone you said? And I guess that someone is Justin and no other person”Clara said smiling. Hanna looked at her and cleared her throat. “I didn’t mention anybody’s name. Stop assuming something that’s not real”she said looking at them guiltily. “Anyway, I will just tell you to give him up already because Justin don’t even know you like him. He doesn’t even know you exist in that school, why are you still bothering yourself over him? We know he’s popular but don’t expect him to know everyone in school just because everybody know him. Well I can’t blame you for crushing on him because you’re not the only female student having crush on him in school”Mina said with a little frown. Hanna looked at her badly and rolled her eyes. “Are you the one to tell me that? Why are you always against everything I do?”she asked looking at her. “It’s not like that Hanna. Am just telling you the Justin you fell for don’t even have time for girls. I even heard some rumors in school that he’s probably a gay. That’s why he doesn’t get himself engaged with ladies. But I hope he notice you someday.”mina said in a calm voice. “He’s not a gay. People will bring up rumors just because he’s so handsome and smart. And overall he’s so popular in school. They got jealous of him and say bad things.
Dont worry, I will make him mine and I will show you guys am capable of doing that when the time comes. It’s just a matter of time”Hanna said boldly.
Not too long, Charlie got back from work with a small nylon bag. They all went silent looking at her. She greeted them and was about going in. “Come back here”Hanna commanded. Charlie turned back slowly and walked up to them. “Clean this up for me”she said looking at her. She bent down and started cleaning and packing the left over food they used to mess up the table and the floor. Hanna looked at her friends who didn’t understand who Charlie was for Hanna to command her and she obeyed without complaining. “Who’s she?”Clara asked in a whisper so that Charlie won’t hear her. “Oh you mean her?”Hanna asked again. “She’s the maid’s daughter and so she’s my maid also”Hanna said aloud. Charlie finished packing and she went out with the dirt not minding her words. Mina looked at her until she was out of sight. “Wow. She’s so pret……”she stopped on seeing the look on Hanna’s face. “I mean she’s so ugly just like her mother. You’re more prettier than any other girls out there.”Mina said smiling.
“Yes I am”Hanna said twisting her hair. Then, they continue talking about school and other stuffs.
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