Episode 11

the following day at royal hour school, Charlie got to school early. Students are not much in the compound they’re scanty because it’s still early. She sat down on a bench under a flower tree in the compound, browsing through her cell phone. “I guess I came too early. Lucia is not even here”she said looking around the compound. As she was still looking around someone stood before her. She raised up her head and saw Justin, He was putting on a blue t-shirt and a black Jean trouser which looks smart on him. His hair was combed up in a stylish way which looks hot on him. She looked away pretending she didn’t see him. Justin smiled and sat beside her. “Hy”he greeted raising his hand up. “Hy”Charlie replied not paying much attention to him. There was a perfect silent after they greeted each other. “I saw you were sitting alone from a distance so, I decided to join you since my friends are not here yet. I think I came too early than usual”Justin said smiling. Charlie looked at him and the smile on his face forced her to smile too. Justin saw this and was surprised”wow you look most beautiful when you smile”Justin said looking at her. Charlie heard this and stopped smiling.
Mean while, Hanna and her friends just arrived. She sighted Charlie and Justin together and that got her angry. “So,shes trying to seduce him now. What she did yesterday was not OK”hanna said sounding annoyed. “The way she’s smiling showed it all”clara said feeling jealous.
Justin moved closer to Charlie and cleared his throat. Charlie looked at him and adjusted to the side a bit. He looked at her and smiled again. “Since we cleared the misunderstanding between us, can we now know each other better?”Justin asked looking at her. Charlie didn’t say anything but was listening to him. “OK let me do that first. My name is Justin and you? I wish to know your name”he said looking at Charlie to tell him her own name also but instead of her to respond, she stood up after seeing Lucia from a distance”Lucia!”she called and went to her. Lucia stopped on hearing her name. She saw Charlie coming from Justin’s direction. When Charlie got to her, she took a deep breath and looked back at Justin who was still looking at her as she left. She quickly stared off and faced Lucia”let’s go. I’ve been waiting there for long expecting to see you”she said as they started moving. Lucia looked back at justin to be sure it’s him. “Why are you coming from Justin’s direction?”Lucia asked her. “Oh you mean that sticky guy?”Charlie asked rolling her eyes. “Sticky guy?”Lucia repeated looking at her. “Yes.”she said. “I was surprised by how you treated him yesterday. But now you called him a sticky guy.”Lucia said looking at her in amazement. “What’s the big deal in that? He’s just won’t let me be. I think he’s crushing on me”Charlie said.”what?”Lucia said and started laughing. Charlie looked at her wondering why she’s laughing. “Why? It’s not funny”she said looking at her. “Stay chill girl. I think you’re mistaken. Justin can’t crush on you or you mean to say you were crushing on him”Lucia said still laughing. “I don’t think that’s funny”Charlie said folding her arms. “OK let me tell you something since you’re new.”Lucia began clearing her throat. “Follow me”Lucia said dragging chairlie with her. They got to a place and Charlie opened the door. They both went through the door walking side by side. Charlie looked around and saw different pictures of Justin and few students on banners hung on the wall. Some of the pictures was snapped with him holding an award.
“Why are we here?”she asked Lucia. Lucia stopped and faced her”you can see different type of pictures and awards. Justin won most of them. He’s so good in different type of sport games. Football, basketball, baseball, table tennis and all. And to crown it all he’s a top student in school. He’s so brilliant and smart. I thought he was from another planet. He’s too perfect to be a student. Because of this, many female student fell for him and want his attention seriously.”Lucia said smiling. Charlie looked at all the awards again and looked back at lucia. “He’s indeed a genus”she said in amazement. That both started moving out of the place. “Different type of girls confessed to him day by day but they all got rejected by him. But when you told me he’s crushing on you, I can’t think of anything but to laugh out”Lucia said almost laughing again. They got out and started heading back to the compound. “I think I went too far”Charlie said under her breath. “What’s that?”Lucia asked as she can’t hear what she said. “It’s nothing.”she replied smiling.
Hanna and her friends were coming towards there direction. When they got to them, Hanna stopped in front of her.”you better watch your behavior here if you don’t want to be in trouble by me”she said sounding annoyed. Charlie looked at her wondering what her point was. “What’s the problem with you Hanna”Lucia said stepping forward. Hanna looked at her angrily”you better stay out of this. Am not here for you”she said looking at her. “Hanna why did you say that?”Charlie asked to be sure if what she’s saying. “I won’t say than that. Be careful and know your place”Hanna said and walked out. Clara and Mina looked at them and also went after Hanna. Charlie and Lucia turned back looking at them as the left. “What a rude brat”Lucia said clenching her teeth in anger”What’s she talking about? I didn’t do anything to annoy her, why is she so mean?”Charlie thought to herself still looking at her back view.
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