Episode 10
Writer: *NICKY*

“yes he’s a thief.”Charlie said stretching out the phone to Jasper who’s mouth was wide open. Then she looked back at Justin badly. “Please release me already my hand hurt”Justin said looking at her. He was also surprise to see Charlie in school but he has to clear the misunderstanding first. “Apologize to him or I won’t”she said. By now, Hanna can’t take it anymore so she tried to move to the scene but Mina dragged her back”don’t get involve”Mina said looking at her. “Jasper please just tell her am not a thief”Justin said looking at Jasper. Jasper smiled nodding his head in disagreement. Justin raised his eyebrow giving him sign to do so. But Jasper didn’t say anything. “OK fine. Am not a thief. As you can see they’re my friends. I took that because I want to check something”justin said looking at Charlie. “So you want me to believe that?”she said twisting his arm more tighter. Justin can’t bear the pains anymore so he pleaded his friend to open up. “Jasper please save me tell her the truth”Justin shouted in pain. Daniel moved closer to them smiling. “It’s OK. He’s telling the truth so, please spare my friend”Daniel said in a calm voice. Charlie stared at them in confusion. She released him slowly looking at Daniel”sorry for reacting too fast”she said looking at Daniel “not me, him”Daniel said telling her to apologize to Justin instead. She stared at Justin not saying anything. “Let’s go Lucia”she said dragging Lucia by the arm. They both left the scene but Lucia was still looking back at the guys as they moved.
“What a rude girl”Justin said looking at her.
“She’s so cute”Drake said smiling. “Not cute but rude”Justin said and walked ahead of them. “Let’s go guys”Daniel said and they followed Justin.
“Wow, I can’t believe that just happened”Clara said in amazement. “That girl is so bold to start with”Mina said. “She’s just so stupid to jump into conclusions. How can she call an innocent looking person like Justin a thief? If I was Justin, I would have pull her hair and hit her”Hanna said in anger. “Calm down. Everyone don’t have to be like you”Mina said looking at her. Hanna looked at them and walked out. They also went after her.
After school, Lucia’s mum came to pick her up. She introduced Charlie to her mum. And after greetings and a little talk, she waved goodbye at Charlie and left with her mum because they were not going the same way. Charlie stared the car as it move until it finally drove out of the compound.
She smiles to herself walking towards the gate”I wish we stay together a little longer.”she said smiling to herself.
“Why has gotten into your head? Why smiling to yourself?”a voice said behind her. She turned back and saw Justin. The smile on her face faded off on seeing him. She started moving faster not paying attention to him. Justin walked up to her and held her hand back lightly. Charlie felt his hand on her and that forced her to stop and face him”what do really want from me?”Charlie asked looking him in anger. Justin left her hand and smiled”I think you misunderstood me. I have to tell you this”Justin said looking at her. “What do you mean?”Charlie asked him. “I have to clear the misunderstanding between us. Am not a thief or a pick pocketer. The first time we met, I truly forgot my wallet at home. Am not what you took me for”Justin said in a calm voice. Charlie looked at him as he talked and her heart melted. She now saw how handsome Justin is. She didn’t get to see that earlier because she never looked at him that close. “Trust me. I just want to clear that misunderstanding with you and nothing more”Justin said sounding like he’s begging her to understand. “OK I got it now, Can I go?”she asked looking at him. “Sure you can”he replied feeling relieved. Charlie left and moved out of the school compound. Justin also went to his car.
When Justin got home, he kept think about Charlie and smiling to himself. “What’s wrong with me? Could this be love feelings or what”he said smiling. “Oh my God. I just feel like seeing her face again”he said smiling broadly. “But wait. I don’t even know her name”he added.
When Charlie got home, she told her mum about how her first day in school went. And also told her about lucia. “You made a friend so quick”her mum said smiling. “Yes mum. I think I have a friend at last”she said smiling.
They talked about other things and when it’s getting dark, her mum went to bed. she sat beside her on the bed leaning back to the wall.
She remembered Justin face and what he said back in school. That brought smile to her face with her realizing it. “But I think he’s right. He doesn’t look like someone that can steal from others. I think I went too far with that” she said reasoning with what Justin said. “To be sincere, he’s so cute and charming.”Charlie thought to herself smiling brightly.
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