VIOLENCE Against Women (RAPE) concluding part
Their reasons for watching it, maybe medically well, maybe to trigger their sexual desire, if they are having problem with that and maybe also learn a new sexual skills to enhance their love making. But being careless with this kind of movies is setting the society ablaze.
These kind of movies are also shown on television and present on the internet, of which seventy percent of young ones access almost every day. And once they are exposed to this thing, it is always very hard to stop them. And sometimes it leads them to raping, and the question that overpowers this trend is; “would cutting penis as suggested by one of the Nigeria senators be a lasting solution to this menace of rape?”
No! It is true that such an antic act deserves a drastic action but not to the extent of cutting penis. While one can still cure a deep wound, one must not cut the leg because of the pain that comes with the wound. How then could we curb this nefarious act that is now very common in our society?

Anyway the only lasting solution that could comb this current trend is, constitutional moderation of our female’s mode of dressing, both young and old. And this should not be seeing as a deprivation of their human right, but a way of protecting and putting the society at peace. Though some people would object that their dressing has nothing to do with someone else attitude but it really has. It is evident that no one can live in isolation, and as a social beings; we got to live inter dependently with one another.
It has always been like that right from the creation, and ones way of life can actually influence another, so dress how you choose to be addressed.
We all have a role to play in this issue, we should not discriminate or point fingers at the victims of this circumstance. The victims also should not keep quiet because of the impending shame, they should open up for a better medical and psychological help and also expose the perpetrators if known, to the law enforcement agency.
This call for urgent action and if not pay utmost attention to when it is now, it would be very dangerous for our women to walk freely in the market in five years’ time without being raped.
Moreover proper awareness must be made and women must be enlightened to always endeavor to seek professional and or legal advice whenever they find themselves in such an abusive situation.
“Violence against women is human rights violation which impacts the health of individuals and have high economic costs on the society.”
AKERELE Odunayo Samuel, 2017.
Elsavage Africa/Facebook.

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