Life is fragile but ladies are more. I still don’t get the reason why a sect of ladies clamours feminism as if there is a bit cheat on them. Men aren’t cats and women aren’t rats, so why the agitation. Less I forget, everything the sect fights for exists, they are just being rebellious.

I have to quickly write this before it flies off for the camp is not giving me enough chance to pen things down, I can only jot events and build them later.

Well, it was very funny to a friend ‘Ann’ from Delta State on the second day of registration when I asked her about a long line from which we were prohibited from queuing on? She said: it’s for the nursing mothers. I further asked her rhetorically, where is the nursing fathers’? She busted into laughter. I know you would ask within yourself if men do nurse children. OK, let’s move on.

I am not being irrational, I love the preference given to pregnant women and nursing mothers. In fact, it is still very poor to me, pregnant women don’t need travel down to Zamfara or Imo from Lagos because of redeployment. Our hospitals, technologies and techniques needs be upgraded, solving all issues of medical reports by mere thumb print in Governments data base, we will get there one day ‘maybe’.

The bone of contention is, I don’t know if I am wrong. When a lady attends to a man, it is abnormal most times and the case is not too different from her to ladies like her. They love being professional. But men, sorry I started a sentence with but, it is not out of frustration…… They attend to us like beasts act to their preys.

Two days after the oath has been made, a guy came to the camp, shattered he was looking, the distance he travelled has punished him, he was still suffering from the tiredness of the road, he looked pitiable, he was allowed in but the way he was received was so embarrassing and mesmerizing. I asked within myself, where is humanity. Why are men treated this way?

Just 5 minutes after his arrival, a girl walked in, it was glaring she was just coming in too. The only question she was asked by the same man was, are you just coming too? She tiredly said Yes. Haba, why are you this late, the man softly exclaimed.
She was asked to sit down and was attended to before the male one.

I appreciate the fact that they were both considered for registration even after the deadline but…… Is feminism not going a way round the understanding it is based on. Let’s go slow…. If I am on a que and she is too, should she be given preference over me and we say we don’t want Sharia. Aren’t we systematically practicing the teaching of Islam that counts and creates a special place for ladies and not making them go through stress. _Mind you, Islam never said they should not work._

Actions they say speak better than words. I saw what happened clearly and I can judge by what I saw that the man was simply wrong. He was wrong not because he tended the lady first as I love that personally and might be wrong in the view of someone else, he was wrong to me by abashing the other guy.

He could have spoken to him in the same tone, care for him and appraise his efforts for travelling down to serve our fatherland. I still saw the guy today, he’s still feeling the pain of embarrassment. Not only ladies need emotional encouragement. In fact, men need it more.

Girls education, women’s day, menstruation day, breast cancer day and all those days plus virginity day might seem to have meaning to people than the game being intended. No one is talking about boys education when a number of them hawks and some are touts. If by this, men are rendered useless in the community, I fear for our future. Ladies now get job faster than men and we have the same degrees and might even be better than her, after all, what a man can do, a lady can do better.

I am not saying we should not treat ladies well, but we should be fair in all we do. Unless a provision is specially made for them in what they share common with men, equity should be kept where equity is.

On the last note, feminism is just a tag that has a lot of lies underneath her skirt. Let all be treated fairly and justly so there won’t be a reason for protest. I’m scared that a day will come, when in the name of feminism, respect will be lost, values will cry, fairness will beg, injustice will sing and we will dance to disorderliness.


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Author: TaekPoet

Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.

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