Episode 6

Charlie left for her room after taking care of the mess.
She sat down on a stood beside the bed and brought out her phone. Her mum got in and sat beside her on the bed. She saw her mum and she greeted her. “Welcome dear. How’s work today?”she asked. “It was good”she replied smiling. She noticed her mum Was happy and wondered why is that. “Mum, what’s the matter? I can see you’re so happy about something”she said looking at her. Her mum smiled and nodded her head in agreement. “Charlie I have a good news for you. I know you would be happy to hear it”her mum said looking at her. “What’s it? If you’re happy about it, then I would also be happy to hear it”she said smiling brightly. It has been long she saw her mum this happy. It’s so rare to see her that happy. She looked at her expecting her to say the reason behind her happiness. “Mr David invited me to his office today, I thought Hanna had said bad things about us to him again. So he want to give me a sack letter but to my surprise, he asked if you could stop doing your part time job”before she could finish talking, Charlie cuts in.
“Is that why you’re happy? How does he expect me to quit my job just like that? What does that have to do with him?”she started asking questions. Her mum looked at her and smiled. “Not that dear. He said he want you to go back to school. I told him I can’t afford to send you to school that’s why you prefer to work instead of staying at home. But he told me he doesn’t like to see you work at this your age. You should be in school like every other kids. He said he and Mrs David discussed it yesterday and they agreed to send you back to school. He will pay your school fees and will like you to be in the same school as Hanna. Maybe you two can get along well.”Mrs Susan said in excitement. But rather for Charlie to be happy about it, her expression changed. Her mother moved closer to her wondering why she had a sad face instead of her to be happy about it. “Charlie why that face? I thought this is all you’ve been praying for. To go back to school and study. And now this is a big opportunity for you to go. Please accept the offer”her mother pleaded. “It’s not that I don’t like it. But that school doesn’t fit my status. I will just be like a stranger to the school. That school is meant for rich kids like Hanna. But we, what do we have? We’re so poor. Why not another school that suit my status. I will like to attend another school instead, if he really wants to help me”Charlie said. Her mother smiled patting her back”I understand you my dear. I know how you really feel about that. OK, I will try telling him you don’t want the same school as Hanna but a cheaper school than that”her mum said smiling. “Thanks mum. I will really love that”she said and hugged her mum.
Back at Mr Henry’s house. Justin was sitting on his bed with a laptop before him. He was browsing through something on his laptop. He picked his phone beside him and unlocked it. “Ooh time is running so fast”he said and saved what he was doing then, shut down his laptop. He placed it in a bag and climbed down from his bed. He dialed Daniel’s number and placed it to his ear”hello. Am out to buy something from the store. I will meet you when am back”he said to Daniel on phone. “OK. see ya”Daniel said and he hung the phone. He moved towards the door but remembered he didn’t pick his wallet. He quickly went back and pick it. He put it inside his pocket smiling. He moved out of the house going with one of the cars.
Charlie was writting something on a note, then she noticed a customer coming in. She raised up her head and want to welcome him. She saw it was Justin then she rolled her eyes. Justin bought few things and went to her by the counter. “Hy. We met again”he said smiling at her. Charlie ignored him and started checking his items. She finished calculating and gave him his bill. “Have it. It’s 100dollars”she said looking at him. “OK no problem”he said reaching for his wallet. He searched the first pocket then looked at Charlie. She stared back at him thinking he’s trying to cause another scene again. Justin smiled and brought out the wallet. He removed 200dollars and handed it over to her. Charlie gave him the remaining 100dollars but he refuses to accept it. “That’s a tip from a customer”he said smiling. Charlie looked at him and rolled her eyes”what do you think you’re doing? Did I ask for a tip from you? Have your dirty money and get out of here”she said looking straight into his eyes. “Why are you always aggressive and loud? I gave you that from my heart so can we be friends?”he asked looking at her. Charlie moved closer him holding the money. “Hey. I don’t want your money ok. And I know this money you’re spending might not even be yours. Am sure you picked it from someone’s pocket. Take your money”she said looking at him. She took his hand and placed the money on it. Justin stared at her like a lost puppy. He don’t know what to say to her. He was so surprised she took him as a thief. Charlie placed the money in his hand and also hand him the items he bought. “Now get lost and don’t let me see you here again or I’ll call the police”she said looking straight into his eyes. She pushed him backward until he got outside of the store. She closed the door and went back inside. Justin was really embarrassed. He don’t know what to do or say to her. He stood there looking at her from the glass door.

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