Episode 4

Charlie looked at her and looked at the pervert man. She looked at the girl and nodded her head. The girl would be around the same age as her. She has a long black hair and was putting on a purple gown that was flowing across her ankle. She smiled stretching her hand forward to help Charlie up. “Yes I am. Thank you so much”charlie replied wiping her tears. “It’s OK dear. Thank God I came in time”she said dusting Charlie’s dress. The lady brought out her phone and called the police to report the incident. Few minutes later, the police arrived and they took the man away. Charlie and the girl started walking together. “Thank you so much. I was so scared”she said looking at her. “You’re welcome. It’s OK now. You shouldn’t walk alone at night anymore”she said looking at her. They got to where they would depart and waved goodbye at each other. Charlie turned back as they were about going their separate ways. “What’s your name?”she asked as the girl moved. “Am Lucia and you?”she shouted because they’re a little far from each other. “Am Charlie”she said waving her hand. “OK, take care”Lucia said and they both went their separate separate ways.
Justin got home and went towards their building, he Opened the main door and walks down the passage leading to the living room. The maids stated bowing their heads as he walked pass them. His expression wasn’t good at all as he walked pass them without paying attention to their greetings. He got to the living room and met his father sitting down holding a news paper in his hand and his secretary sitting opposite to him. The living room was so big and beautiful some family pictures were hung on the wall. The lights in the living room made everything looks sparkling and clear. Mr Henry dropped the paper on seeing his son.
“Am home”he said briefly and walks towards his room. “Do you meet her?”Mr Henry asked looking at him. He nodded his head negatively. “You didn’t. I knew you won’t make it. That’s the kind of a child you are. You don’t take anything serious. How will you take care of my companies if you continue acting irresponsible ?”mr David said looking at him. Justin was not able to say a word but kept his head down in shame. “Anyway, she said she’ll be coming back again by next week. We just finished talking on phone. After next week, if you don’t get the chance to meet her again, then that’s all”Mr Henry said. On hearing that his mum would be coming again next week, he was happy but he wasn’t expressing it. “OK”that’s all he could say to it. He walked out of the living room and headed towards his room. He got to his room and collapse on the sofa. He took his wallet beside him where he left it in the morning. Then, he remembered all what happened at the store and he smiled to himself looking at his wallet. “You caused all what happened to me today. Because of you I missed the chance to meet my mum today and because of you I got to meet a damsel today. What a coincident”he said smiling.
He brought out his phone and saw a message from Mack, one of his friend. “What’s up dude. Are you guys resuming to school on Monday or not? I got a surprise for you” He lock the phone and took a deep breath”that’s true. We have to resume back to school on Monday. “he said looking at his phone.
Charlie got inside their room and met her mum sleeping. She moved to her side and bent down beside her. Her mum opened her eyes and saw her. She managed to get up and sat on the bed. “You’re welcome dear. Hope work is not stressful?”her mum asked looking at her. She smiled and nodded her head”it’s OK mum. Just take your drugs”she said dropping the nylon on the bed. “Let me get water for you”she said standing up. “Charlie. Am sorry for making you do all this. I know you should be in school like other kids out there. But it’s because I can’t afford the money to sending you to school. Am sure there would be a way out of this suffering one day.”her mother said weeping. She turned back and saw tears on her face. She don’t like her mother crying or thinking about their condition. She understand ever since her father died, they’ve been living poorly from hand to mouth. She stayed with her mother and always do all the chores meant for her mother to do. She works because she want to support her weak mother. Although Mr David and his wife really tried for them. But she doesn’t like the way Hanna always treat her and her mother. She’s working to save up money so that they can leave Mr david’s house and rent a small apartment somewhere. But her money is not enough for them to leave. Ever since she graduated from high school, there was no money to further more so she works to support herself.
She moved closer to her and sat beside her on the bed. “It’s OK mum. I don’t like to see you cry. What will you tell me if I was the one crying. It’s OK, everything will be better”she said patting her. “That’s what we always say. Everything will be better. It’s OK everything would be better”she said wiping her tears. “Let me go and wash the dishes they used for dinner”her mum said standing up. Charlie stood up and stopped her”don’t worry you have to take your drugs. I will do everything”she said looking at her. “But you’ve been working since morning you need to rest”she said. “Am still strong. I have a lot of energy to work more. You can just rest and let me do it.”she said taking her back to the sofa. Her mum sat down and watched her as she left. She buried her face in her palm sadly.
Charlie got inside the kitchen and started washing the dishes. When she finished, she went out and was heading back inside. Hanna blocked her at the entrance looking angry. Charlie saw her and was confused to see her so angry like that. She wanted to ask what the problem was but was surprised with a hot sounded slap on her right cheek. She held her face looking at her in confusion.
“How dare you? Didn’t I tell you to mind your business. Why are you so deaf and stubborn?”hanna said looking at her like a hungry lion looking at its prey.

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