episode 3

Justin drove the car while Daniel sat beside him browsing on his phone. He looked at Justin who was not saying anything but concentrated on his driving. “Hey, what happened between the both of you back there?”Daniel asked looking at him. “What do you think happened between us? I bought something from the store When I was about paying her, I realized I was not with my wallet.”he said not looking at him. “Then you return the items you bought and go out”Daniel said looking confused. Justin looked at him and shook his head negatively.”you will say that. But I already opened a snack before she gave me the bill”he said. “That’s so complicated then”Daniel said. ” but that thing is so rude to and annoying. Can you believe she held me down just because of 50 dollars. And the funniest part of it was that she called me a thief thinking I want to prank her on that. In fact don’t let me think about it again, am so embarrassed”Justin said not looking at him. Daniel smiled looking at Justin. “Seriously its not funny “Justin said looking at him. “I know it’s not but the girl is so bold. And she’s pretty also”Daniel said smiling. “What? Pretty my ass. She’s so ugly and evil. Don’t even say that to my face”Justin said looking at Daniel.
Few minutes later, they arrived at the airport. Justin packed the Camry at the packing lot and they both got down. A call came into his phone and he took it. He finished receiving the call and he brought down the phone from his ear looking sad. Daniel saw this and quickly moved closer to him. “Why? Whats the matter?”daniel asked looking worried. Justin looked at him ran his fingers through his hair”shit”he said looking at him. “She left already. I tried my best to come early but this is all what happened just because of that evil girl. What should I do now? That would be next month again. I hate myself seriously. Why? Why am I always like this. I lost the chance to see her today also.”he lamented angrily almost in tears. Daniel looked at him in pity and patted him on his shoulder “sorry Bro. Don’t blame yourself for it and don’t blame anybody for it. It’s not anyone’s fault OK. You’ll see her next time, just take heart and let’s get going.”Daniel said looking at him.
Justin looked at him and nodded his head”that’s true. I can’t blame her for it. If I had not forgotten my wallet, I would have made it early. I made the first mistake let’s go.”he said opening the car door. Daniel went to seat beside him by the driver’s seat and he drove out of the parking lots.
When it’s 6:30pm in the evening, Charlie was preparing to go home. She carried her bag and went to madam Linda”am going home ma”she said smiling as always. “OK dear good night. Have you eaten?”she asked her. “I will eat when I get home”she said shyly. Madam Linda smiled and brought out a nylon. She handed it to her”here is the pizza I bought for you. I bought it on my way because I thought you would be hungry.”she said with a smile. Charlie received it obediently. “Thank you ma”she said smiling. “You’re welcome. Now You can go”she said stretching her hand forward. Charlie looked at her and smiled. She walked towards the door smiling brightly. Madam Linda likes Charlie just like her own daughter. She like buying things for her and giving her bonus after sales. Charlie walked down the street and went for a taxi. She stopped a taxi and hopped in. She told him her destination and the driver drove on.
When she got to a junction not far from the estate, she got down and paid the driver. Then she went to a pharmacy to buy some drugs for her mum. She bought it and start moving towards the lonely estate. It’s getting dark already that made the street so quiet. As she was walking she heard sound of foot step behind her and she walks very fast. The footsteps also continue moving fasted towards her. She stopped and turned back slowly but she can’t see anything. She becomes so scared and she started moving again. The sound of footsteps continue moving after her. She saw the shadow of the person on the ground in front of her. She got so scared and stated running. The figure ran after her and she started screaming. “Help! Help!! A ghost is after me”she started screaming loud. She got to a place and her shoe hit a stone on the ground. She. Landed on the floor sweating seriously. She now saw the figure standing in front of her. It was a man, he was like 5feet tall and has a bushy hair. he was holding a knife in his hand panting heavily. “You’re so fast. I thought I would lost you also. But thank God I caught you on time”he said breathing heavily. Charlie quickly got on her kneel begging him”Please spare me. Don’t kill me please”she stated pleading rubbing her palms together in tears. “No. You’re so. Pretty. I love pretty girls like you, why would I let you go?”he said smiling and showing his black rotten teeth. Charlie started moving backward with her butt on the ground. The man moving closer to her smiling. When she got to the wall and can’t move back any longer, she started crying “please spare me”she cried out. “Someone should help me”she said silently with tears rolling down her cheek. The man got to her and was about touching her. She closed her eyes tightly expecting the worst to happen. But all off a sudden, she heard something like a punch. She opened her eyes widely and was surprised to see the man on the floor groaning in pain. “She’s mine”the man said standing on his feet. He tried to approach her again but the person jumped up and gave him a flying kick at the back of his head. He landed back on the floor and passed out. Charlie raised up her head to see the person that saved her. “Are you OK?”the person asked looking at her. She was dumbfounded looking the person in amazement.

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