Episode 2

She was still thinking about what just happened, when someone came in again. She stood up and greeted the customer”you’re welcome”she said with a little bow. A young guy came in dressed in a brown stylish leather jacket and a blue trouser. He bought a few things and went to the counter to pay. He looked at Charlie and saw the cigarette she was holding in her hand. Their eyes met and he smiled to himself. “Wow”he exclaimed looking at Charlie. He dropped the stuffs on the counter looking at the pack of cigarette. Charlie now understand what he was thinking. She dropped the pack of cigarette somewhere and checked the items with a machine one after the other. Justin took a snack out of the items and he opened it. “It’s 200dollars “Charlie said smiling. “OK no problem”justin said dipping his hand in the back pocket for his wallet. He can’t find it then he check the second pocket but still the same. He then placed the snacks down on the counter and searched his jacket but still the same. He then remembered he didn’t pick it along with him. He forgot it on his bed before leaving. “Oh shit”he said hitting his fist on his right palm.
Charlie stared at him with an unknown expression.”any problem?”she asked looking at him. Justin then looked at her and was embarrassed to tell tell her he forgot his wallet at home. Charlie looked at him and laughed”you’re funny. How can you say that after buying all this? And this one also, who will pay for it?”she asked looking at him badly. “Calm down babe. Am very sorry. I will return all this items and for this one…”he stopped scratching his head. He doesn’t know how to pay for that because he was not with a penny. He looked at Charlie who was also staring at him to say how he will pay for it. He thought of an idea and quickly moved closer to her smiling”will you allow me to go home and get my wallet? I promise to come back and pay for everything”he said smiling. Charlie also smiled nodding her head. “I will go home now and get it. Trust me I will come back and pay for it. So let me take this snacks along with me am seriously starving.”he said picking up the remaining snacks. Charlie was nodding to every statement of his as he was talking. He turned to leave but Charlie dragged him back by his jacket. “I know this kind of trick so it won’t work on me. You bought all this when you know you can’t pay for it. You even took a snacks and opened it purposely thinking you can prank me and get away with it. But am telling you it’s a bad day for you today. You tried it on a wrong person. You have to pay or you won’t leave this place”Charlie said holding him. Justin looked at her in amazement and laughed out loud. “What do you take me for? Do you think I would pull a trick just because of a cheap snack? I think you’re mistaking. Am not that kind of a person.”he said looking at her. “Whatever”she said with a frown. “Ok, Let’s do it this way”he said taking off his Gucci wrist watch”you can have that till I come back here and pay. Nothing must happen to it before am back ok”he said and freed himself from her. He tried to move but Charlie held him by his hand. Justin stopped and looked at her hand on him. Charlie quickly released his hand and held his jacket. “I told you you’re not leaving or you pay the 50dollars chips you took.”she said looking straight into his eyes. Justin looked at her for a while and smiled again. “It’s like you don’t know how much that wrist watch cost. It’s 2000dollars Compared to something of 50 dollars.”he said looking at her. “That’s none of my business. I want my money in cash please or I’ll call the police”she said raising her head up to him. He was a bit taller than her in height. Justin checked his wristwatch and saw the time. “Oh my God. Please I need to go now am late already. I promise to pay you back please let me go or I’ll miss something important”he said in a calm voice. Charlie smiled looking at him. “It’s like you’re trying to give another excuse right? I told you to stop acting and pay for this. If you pay then I will let you go”she said looking at him. “Oh my God”he said wiping his face with his palm in frustration. “OK. I know what to do”he said reaching for his phone. He brought it out and dialed a number. “guy I need your help. Am stuck here at a store just because of 50 dollars. You have to come right now I have no time to spend here any longer. I’ll text you the address”he said to his friend on phone.
Few minutes later….
Justin was sitting on a chair opposite to Charlie. She was sitting down crossing her legs together. Justin was glancing at her occasionally and smiling to himself. He was smiling when Charlie caught his eyes. They both were staring at each other awkwardly. Charlie raised her eyebrow telling him to stare off with the gaze in her eyes.
A car horned outside of the store. And both of them stood up on their feet. The door was a glass, one could see all whats going on outside. Daniel came down from a black Camry looking cool. He got inside and Justin walked straight to him. “Thank God you came on time”Justin said smiling. “Just give her 50dollars and let’s go”he said looking at Charlie. Daniel looked at Charlie and nodded his head in agreement. “He brought out his wallet and brought out new notes of 50dollars. He handed it over to her. Justin looked at Daniel in surprise”I said 50dollars”he said looking at him. “It’s OK bro let’s get going before you get late”he said pushing him forward with his hand. “His bill is 50dollars not 100dollars”Charlie said looking at David. “You can keep the remaining change because you’re pretty. Just count that as a tips from customer”he said smiling. “No I can’t accept this. You can have it back”she said stretching it forward. “OK am giving it as a friend. You can keep it bye”Daniel said turning to leave. Justin turned back and went to Charlie who was still looking at the money. He snatched it from her and dropped 50 dollars”tips my foot”he said looking at her. “No tips for a rude lady like you”he said and stormed off with the money he got to the driver seat and started the engine. “Are you coming or you want to live with her?”he said through the car window. Daniel looked at Charlie and bowed a little”am sorry bye”he said and rushed out to Justin because he knew if didn’t hurry up he might go without him.
Charlie looked at the black Camry as it zoomed off. She looked down at the squeezed 50dollars and picked it up. She held it angrily looking outside”you this son of a b*tch.”she said angrily and straighten the money.

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