Of glitz and glamour, this is a one in grand style, which happened in the city of Ado Ekiti. Making it synonymous to the Yoruba proverb: “Eni ti a ro pe ko le pago, bi ere bi ere o n kole alarinrin.” (Someone we didn’t even expect little from, surprised us with a big one.)

In Okeisha, Ado Ekiti, yesterday, 25th November, 2017, a spectacular event happened. An architectural water fountain which is under construction was tested for its ardour,and lo, it was an awe in sight. And yet, it was only a glimpse of what to expect when the project is completed .

While it was being tested, the water shot up as high as the length of a street light pole which is beside it. Yet, upon completion,that would only be a small height attained.

The fountain has been constructed to have a light dazzling effect. That is, as the water shoots up, lights of changing colours shoot up with it, creating a beatific effect which will make a heart glee. Indeed, if you had been at this sight at this time, no matter how high and lofty, sad and depressed you are, a smile will touch your face.

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Author: Judaisky

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