The word ‘addiction’ is fast becoming a cliché. Yet the effect is still as strong as it was before. When people hear the word addiction the first thing that cropped up in their minds is either alcoholism or drug addictions. You’re wondering how I caught you. It’s nothing magical, it’s just that the duo are the commonest type of addiction. But this topic will not be restricted to alcohol and drug alone. I’ll like to take you through a journey on this topic from another perspective other than alcohol and drugs.
But before I proceed permit me to give a succinct description of addiction. “Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance such as alcohol, codeine, cocaine and nicotine. Or engages in activity (such as gambling, shopping, sex, watching movies/television, etc.) that can be pleasurable but the continuation of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary responsibilities and concerns such as work, relationships or health.”
From the above description we can infer that people can be addicted to not only drug and alcohol but also things like television, gambling or species under skirt, etc.
Substance dependence addiction e.g. drug and alcohol may be acute and harmful in effect but not as dangerous as behavioral dependence addiction (i.e. gambling, over-eating, sexual hedonism, etc.) Behavioral dependence addiction may not be as obvious and rapid in action as other addictions but it’s deadlier. It is chronic and has long term effects.
Take for instance, someone addicted to gambling may not really see the effect at the initial stage until his fat bank account emaciate. Sexual hedonism scattered many homes and rendered many infected with disease. Many had been accident victims by pressing phones while driving or walking along the road. There is nothing wrong with phones and television but the addiction is more wrong than wrong. Nothing is wrong with food but over-eating can leads to obesity.
Addiction is symptomatic.
• When can we say one is suffering from addiction?
Firstly, when one is being controlled by a habit, it has turned to addiction. That is, lack of total control over ones habit.
Secondly, man is suffering from addiction when he fails to admit that a habit is impacting him negatively. In other words he’s obsessed with the habit.
• How can we overcome addiction?
I’m not a psychologist, I’ll turn a liar by giving you 101 ways of overcoming addiction. But these steps are impeccable:
1. Admit it
2. Always remind yourself of the why you want to be free.
3. Be determined and disciplined.
4. Be opened to people who can render help.
5. Embrace God’s grace to help you.
Note: A behavior is not an addiction until it’s associated with a negative consequence.


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