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The outreach of WAR AGAINST PLAGIARISM has to a large extent been able to chase plagiarists into silence. Despite the fact that they still strike, awareness is quite a necessity.
Before any piece of art could be brought to reality, ideas and thoughts are necessary to spring up from the muse. We can thence say every piece penned down is a combination of ideas, thoughts among other attributes. It must be well noted that nothing is new under the sun. Nothing done is yet to be done, what makes it unique after decades is the refining, retuning and remoulding to portray a deviant niche.
An instance is Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie. The theme portrayed in the book has been written on over times, what makes it evergreen is the deviant craft.
Ideas are bound to clash. In the writers’ haven, tens and thousands of scribes might have a similar idea through the muse. Hence, we can say there’s no original owner of an idea – it only becomes original when executed i.e. publication. This definitely implies that someone might be writing a book with the same theme as the one you’re currently on. This is why it’s important never to trade off manuscripts carelessly except to trusted official personae(s).
Plagiarism comes to life only when we see two books on a theme, written verbatim in the same style, same diction and same plot. But yet argument have unravelled over times that clash of ideas do happen and hence, in such situation it shouldn’t be regarded as plagiarism.
This is to emphasise that no two ideas can ever be strategize through the same way. It’s noticeable that comedians usually bring up jokes of another comic star on stage but in a different manner. If there’s ever going to be a clash of idea, what matters is being able to remould, retune and redefine it in such a way that it’d be unique than the former.
Plagiarists are plagiarists and is not liable to hide under the helm of idea clash once he or she has been rounded up by the claws.
Hence, I can write :
Ada is a girl. She lives in Onitsha.
Another person can write :
Onitsha is the residence of Ada.

The only difference in the two sentences is the ability to redefine and remould a particular point. It only becomes plagiarism when it is written as :
•Ada is a girl. She lives in Onitsha.
°Ada lives in Onitsha. She is a girl.

Be self conscious.
WAP is watching.

Yusuf Balogun.
Initiator, WAP.

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