VIOLENCE Against Women (RAPE)part 3

Firstly, the indecent dressing among the female folks cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to the causes of rape.

To them it’s just fashion but to the opposite sex it means more than a mere fashion.

The way some of our ladies dress these days one could not argue but to agree that it’s highly tempting.

We are in a free world but ones liberty ought not to be a stumbling block to another.

When it comes to indecent dressing ones freedom is a crumbling pebbles to oneself.

The male can’t pluck out their eyes because they don’t want to see their women voluptuous exposed breast, either would they go blind folded because they don’t want to get tempted by their alluring hips that they display in a body tight contour disposing, half transparent modern cloths, on the basis that they want to look sexy, that is good anyway but the demerit is more than the merit.

This modern way of fashion can be disputed that it triggers some body sex hormones of men to be secreted, which in some cases people that has high libido (a type of sex hormonal urge) cannot quickly suppress their some at times and it leads them to forcing an opposite sex to grab the other by force to have sex with him or her.

Come to think of it, if we say these predators called rapists were mostly induced by female indecent dressing. Then what about the innocent dressing of the under aged girls, that also fall victim of these rape?

This question bring me to talk about the second important causes of rape.

But before I proceed to the second point, it’s also paramount to let you know that some people rape for some other reasons more than sex.

Some rape for ritual purposes, while majority rape under the influence of drug abuse.

Talking about the cause of rape without mentioning the effect of drug in increasing the cases of rape, may sound like a mirage to some people, which I’m among.

Drugs and liquors that some of our youths gets addicted to this days contributes immensely to the high rate of rape crime in our modern life.

Some men get themselves intoxicated to the extent that they can’t take control of their emotional being, and they will resort to rape or some other their weird behaviors. At this point, no matter how kind a lady tend to be to them, she is most likely to be raped.

While some few younger girls are being taken advantage of, by some callous individual that are not under the influence of any drug but lack the courage to talk to an opposite sex.

Aside this, I have heard of someone expecting his girlfriend, and before she arrive, he took some sex enhancing drugs, with the reason that he want to satisfy her in the bed. But unfortunately to him, the girl couldn’t make it that day, guess what he did; he got to rape his sister. He was at the verge of raping her to death when their mother came home and intervened.

In addition to all this, the current selling point of our entertainment industry is nudity. And this is having a great effect on the upcoming generation. It is even more alarming on our children who watch movies and television out of their parental guide.

And hardly could one go through the TV channels without seeing a station where a nude adult is being shown. Talking about movies is like cracking a white joke. Some married folks are also in the habit of using their money to buy this romantic movies, leave it at the reach of their children.

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