VIOLENCE against Women(RAPE) part ll.

Rape ranges from father taking advantage of his daughters, with a threatening condition that if they didn’t succumb to his proposal that he will do this or do that to them, and this usual happen at the girl’s young age, when she has not built the strong mind to stand such threaten (that is incest) or statutory rape which means an elderly person forcing an under aged girl to have sex with him.

I will not be too gender biased either should I shy away from reality, but the truth be told, though some people will argue that women can rape a boy too, which is true a bit but women are usually the most common victims of rapes.

Base on the definition of rape, one can see that it is possible for a husband to rape his wife and vice versa. This could be tagged as marital rape.

The emotional wound of rape cannot be easily healed. Even the scars cannot be wiped off totally.

If you are opportune to talk to any rape victim, you would be surprised to know how devastating the experience could be, followed by ambition thwarted and other emotional trauma that follows it.

How could this nefarious act be eliminated in Nigeria? I still believe that no problem is void of solution.

But to get a suitable solution to any problem the cause has to be unveiled. Some of the causes of rape are:

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