Good evening everyone
My name is E. D.
And we will be discussing on the topic why you will never make it
I will love the class to be a bit interactive so i will ask some questions along the line please corporate with me
We all have dreams of becoming successfully. Everyone wants to make a mark in the world, we want people to remember our names
True or false
If i ask how many people want to be rich and famous everyone will raise their hands but 90% fail
So we are looking at the reason
There is a saying which says
When the desirable is not available the available becomes desirable
Most of us live like this and give up on our dreams, we just settle for the available and become average
In university in first year everyone wants first class but by final year it has changed
Why is this
Lets look at some of the reasons why we will never make it
1 we will never make it because we choose to fail. We fail because we choose to
What do i mean.
Everyone will have set backs something but you have to be determined to make it
Skill and talent will take you far but determination will win you the price
Yes but the issue is this. When you fail you are not a failure but when you chose to give up you are a failure
We don’t make it because we give up too soon
Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb failed like 9999 times before he succeeded. This is one the most important steps
How determined are you
You won’t make it if you choose to give up
*we fail because of others*
We fail because we live our lives by the words and actions of others
We are constantly seeking approval and so we follow what others say we should do and leave our passion behind
In secondary school everyone wanted to be s doctor
Science class was packed but art class was empty. It was until they failed that people came to art
Why is this
It was because people have been telling us that to be a doctor is the best so we abandon our passion to please others
We become conditioned by society and family to think science is better so we abandon our dreams and live out others dreams No 3
We fail because we don’t do what we love
There is a saying that when you make your passion your job you will not work s single day of your life
What do you love doing
A man i respect so much told me this
The problem you see is what you are created to solve
What is your dream
Me am an accounting student
I love accounting, i like solving the problems and love to see the account balance. It gives me one kind of joy. Do what makes you happy
Lets look at Walt Disney
He was a cartoonist
That’s what he loved
Now he is one of the most famous people that lived
If i tell my mum or most Nigerian parents that I want to be a cartoonist they will take me to church for prayers
Another reason we will not succeed is we lack a driving force
What motivates you
You must have something worth fighting for if not you won’t fight for long
I want to use naruto as an example. (for those who haven’t watched it pardon me)
The boy was a social outcast because of something that was not his fault. But he had a dream to earn the respect of his village.
You don’t get better until you have a reasons to get better
So ask yourself
Why do i want to be rich
What use is money if you don’t have anything to do with it
To succeed you must have a driving force
Are you with me
Next reason we fail is something most of us don’t like doing
We fail because we don’t study
Study to show yourself approved a workman that needs not to be ashamed
The knowledge you have opens door
But we hate reading
Even i don’t like reading but its necessary
What makes a difference between today and yesterday is the new knowledge you gained today
Anything you want to get involved in you have to study
Research, do market survey
My dream is to build my auditing firm
So i have looked at the big 4 auditing firms
I learnt about why Arthur Anderson(one of the big 5 auditing firms until they closed) lost its position. I look up on the big 4s websites to see what they do
You needed to study
Go and read oh
Stop being allergic to books
Next reason
We fail because we lack challenges and rivals
There is a funny prayer one of my teachers prayed for us
He said may your way be rough
I didn’t like it or understand it
Now let me explain
If you are the best there is a tendency for you to become complacent and stop trying hard
I am not encouraging harmful competition oh
But sometimes you need people who will motivate you to work harder.
You should not struggle with others but friends help you grow
I was a victim of complacency in secondary school. Because I was doing so well i stopped reading that much especially maths because I was epic in it
Then i wrote GCE in ss2
And maths slapped my face with an E8
That taught me a lesson
Fire refines gold
So challenges refine you
A little sleepy a little slumber a little folding or the hands
You can complete it right
Without competition you become obsolete
Next point
We fail because we don’t start
Who understands this
The fear of failure is the beginning of failure
Sometimes we are so sacred we will fail that we refuse to start
We procrastinate and refuse to work towards it
As a writer i experience this a lot
I have a story idea and i want to write or i am giving a task
To start is the hardest part
I will just be like what will i write
Then someone like Judaisky or Zim will post his work and i will be like how will i write something like this oh
But I realised something
When I settle down and decided to write
When I put pen on paper
Words flow
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step
What do you want to do
Just start it
Do you want to start a business but are too scared to.
Just start
Do you want to learn a skill just start
Do you want to read a book
Oya start
Do you want to write
Put pen on paper and start
When you don’t start you have already failed
And now
The last point
We are almost done
You will not succeed until you place value on yourself.
What is your worth.
If you treat yourself like trash others will throw you away
You are not giving respect you earn it
People will not come to you until they see that you have what they want. What is the difference between buka and restaurant
Its packaging
Package yourself well
Place value on yourself and prove it
If you say you are the best prove it
Don’t make mouth prove it
When you go for an interview
Be about to tell the people that this is what you will bring to the table
Show them how useful you are to them
I heard a story about a man who came for an interview to be computer scientists. To help them in their online security and stuff
So they asked him, why should we employ you
He said because I hacked into your network and put my name on this interview list
He got the job because he showed them he was useful
But that doesn’t mean you should go and start hacking oh
I no send you oh
I don’t really watch football but I love Zlatan ibrahimovich.
The way he speaks is epic
Reporter “Zlatan how do you feel now that Sweden has qualified to the world cup?”
Zlatan “Zlatan was already in Russia waiting for his teammates,zlatan doesn’t have to qualify to the world cup,the world cup qualifies to zlatan”
This is confidence
Package yourself well
If you don’t have confidence
Lie to yourself that you do until you start believing it
Fake it to make it
Like i said in the beginning determination is the most important
It is good to be determined
So as i close
The only other thing you need
And this is compulsory oh
It is God
Without God you go no where


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